I remember arguing with people during the early days of GamerGate about the term “social justice warrior” or “SJW,” for short. They were dead set against using it and felt that the acronym caused harm to the fight against radical feminism. My main argument against dropping it was that it had already gained wide acceptance. I was seeing it pop-up on Facebook from people who weren’t deeply involved in the stuff I wrote about daily. Keep in mind, this was in the fall of 2014. Since then, it’s only gotten bigger. I see the term all the time, in headlines across the world. The SJW epithet is now widely used all across the internet.

Even Vox realizes how much harm it’s done to the people who wish to subvert society with their twisted cultural deviancy.

Over the past few years, Gamergate and male-centric Reddit communities have popularized the idea of “social justice warriors,” commonly abbreviated as SJWs. This disparaging label is an updated way to accuse progressives of extreme political correctness. The “SJW” label is a huge and successful weapon in the alt-right’s arsenal; it paints feminists as manipulative, oversensitive, shrill women who attack men with claims of sexism at the tiniest of provocations while rejecting their sexual advances.

The article itself is mostly hogwash, but I found that nugget quite illuminating. The people who wish to see us go away have begun to acknowledge the potency of our strategies. The ones who said GamerGate and its surrounding movements were worthless and powerless, now claim that we have a GamerGate president. I don’t see Donald Trump’s election as some sort of GamerGate victory, but I do think that the tactics and organizational methods popularized by the fight against SJWs in gaming laid the groundwork in many ways for the fight against Hillary Clinton and “progressives” in general.

They made us out to be laughingstocks for years, but now we’re the ones laughing. It’s a beautiful thing to see. And the great part is, we’ve only just begun.

  1. “while rejecting their sexual advances.”

    It’s all about sex with these people. Also, the whole “basement-dwelling virgins” schtick became old years ago.

    1. I’m pro-GG and I don’t even have a basement and I got a full time job. That must scare the left when we actually go out and do our jobs whilst they leech off vulnerable fools.

      1. you have to remember that the vast majority of what the soc just types write is projection so when they talk about things like parents basements, or getting laid. they are telling you about the sad state of their life

    2. For whatever reason they have to insist that all their boogiemen are one and the same: Trump voters = Gamergaters = MRAs = ….. etc.

      Sure there is overlap and most of these groups don’t like feminism, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same thing. I guess it’s easier to hate people if you purposefully keep yourself ignorant about what they actually represent…

      1. They are rapidly destroying their own narrative, while also keeping things like GamerGate alive and well (damn fools the media are) by doing that. The Alt-Right can’t be founded by multiple parties and have multiple meanings based solely on when it’s convenient. Even the normies get that.

        1. They are connecting everyone who opposes them in one way or another by lumping us all together. It used to be the case that they could turn someone into a pariah by “throwing them into the pit”, but at this point all the cool people are already there and the SJWs just keep adding more.

  2. It’s great to see that the SJW term works. Let’s hope it stays that way without getting abused, like the term “trolling”.

    1. Jim Sterling and MovieBob tried. In his failure to understand what the hell the term actually means, Sterling assumed it just meant “person you don’t agree with”. As for Bob, in one of the only moments where he actually responded to the many, many responses declaring him to be an SJW, he’s wondering if it means he’s some kind of super human capable of seeing oppressed groups’ suffering where others can’t…. yeah, no Bob. It’s bullshit accusations of others like that which earned you the title in the first place. Thankfully, neither of their attempts to redefine the term caught on, and these guys were eventually fired from The Escapist.

      1. Funny thing is, Bob was close in a way. SJWs do see oppression were no normal person would. The only problem is, the oppression they see is not real. It’s bullshit, lies, or in best case scenario 1st world problems.

          1. I found the article where he says it.
            Not quite as I remember it, and I’m aware he’s saying it partially in jest, but it still looks fucking retarded coming from him. He claims he’s capable of consuming and processing “ugly” media without negative effects….. yeah, the same asshole who accuses all FPS games as being “9/11 revenge fantasies” and constantly gets into a pissy fit about how ugly this “ugly” media is. This same person is saying he’s either “some kind of superior, next-level evolution of a human being” with the unique power to do this, or that everyone of “sufficient intelligence and self-awareness” should have such power with the implication that we all don’t know it. Either answer makes him look so full of himself as he once again looks down on everyone who doesn’t fall in line with his warped ideals.

  3. “while rejecting their sexual advances.”
    Are you shitting me? I’m not gonna make sexual advances to a nutjob.

  4. It’s even crossed-over to Sports, love it. Can’t believe the term has come this far though, I just didn’t realize during that August 2014 when I first learned about Gamergate and the term SJW. What a journey boys, fucking wild!!!

  5. The problem is, The SJW faggots see everyone as one enemy ie “gamergate president.” This is their coping mechanism that keeps them from accepting the fact that everyone hates them across multiple demographics. One enemy lets them maintain the illusion they are the good guys in the majority of opinion.

  6. GamerGate definitely laid the foundation. It was the Battle of Marathon that shattered forever the myth of “progressive” invincibility. People realized they could fight back, found ways of doing it, and won. Donald Trump certainly did benefit in one way or another while increasing the arsenal even more.

  7. Social Justice warriors were around long before gamergate, but it has gone up another level of popularity in the last couple of years. Before SJW’s were irritating, gamergate and things like the scientist’s shirt made everyone realise that the SJW was dangerous and had to be taken on

  8. Now hold on one second – How can he associate GamerGate and “male-centric” Reddit communities with the alt-right if the alt-right was coined and founded by Richard Spencer? Does Spencer have time traveling capabilities? Has new evidence come out to show that he supported GamerGate? Does Spencer shitpost on 4chan or Infinite Chan? The narrative is rapidly imploding in on itself. You can’t use a label to conveniently smear people and then both apply that label and declare it’s foundation for several different groups and purposes at the same time. People really need to be calling them out on that shit. Unless Literally Who and company are non-white and jewish now?

  9. They are right about that – if you want to fight against something then give it a name. SJWs (very convenient to use too) labeled everybody they disagreed with as some kind of -ist, but eventually people turned the tables on them – it was awesome to see.

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