Today, in the growing list of crazy ideas to come from Hillary Clinton’s pathetic candidacy for President of the United States, we have another stellar entry. The Washington Post suggests that the United States of America get rid of…wait for it…states. They didn’t have an idea for a new country name, however. If the Post editors were running the new entity, I would suggest the United States of Bullshit.

From the goofy article

[T]imes have changed, and we need to rethink the notion of the “United States of America.” Our states are no longer culturally diverse regions with their own respective identities; rather, they are artificially constructed geographic entities that certainly would not be formed today. Borderlines between states are especially nonsensical. Pensacola, Fla., is a lot more like Mobile, Ala., than Miami. Upstate New Yorkers are less than happy about being in the same tax pool as Manhattanites.

In fact, despite all the attention to divisions within the country based on geography (or race, gender, class or any other demographic measure, for that matter), Americans share a remarkably similar way of thinking and acting. (The so-called red-vs.-blue-state divide is a crude, media-driven concept that looks great on maps but has little basis in reality.) Regional differences have drastically dissipated over the course of the past 240 years, turning the once radical proposition of the “United States” into an anachronism that now has little or no real value…

A federation of states was a wonderful idea in the late 18th century, but represents an unnecessary and costly burden in the early 21st. Two layers of government — federal and local — offers a cleaner, more sensible and much more affordable system than our current one, a notion not unlike cutting out the middle layer of an overly bureaucratic, inefficient company. Eliminating this middle layer would save the American people billions of dollars a year, the kind of money that could go a long way toward paying down our national debt or preparing for our looming crises in Social Security and health care.

I guess this is taking the “kill the Electoral College” plan to a whole new level.

Whoa man *takes long pull from blunt* why don’t we just, like, kill the whole idea of federalism altogether? 

This has about as much chance of passing as the Electoral College gambit, but boy is it sure fun to laugh at these retards.