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This one is, well, it looks really painful…

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Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard doesn’t regret a tactical decision that may have contributed to the injury that forced her shock withdrawal from the Commonwealth Games.

The 40-year-old suffered an elbow injury – possibly a ruptured ligament – when attempting a Commonwealth record 132kg in the snatch when leading the women’s 90kg-plus division.

Having lifted 120kg in her first attempt, then missed at 127kg, Hubbard raised the weight another 5kg for her third attempt to break her personal best of 131kg…

It seemed to be a horrible tactical error to try and lift 132kg when she was already significantly clear of her nearest opponent, Samoa’s Feagaiga Stowers, who had lifted 113kg. Stowers went on to win gold with a combined total of 253kg, 10kg clear of her nearest rival.

But Hubbard defended the decision.

“I have no regrets about the attempts that I made, because I believe that to be true to sport you really have to try to be the best that you can.

“And I’m happy with the decisions we’ve made.”

The injury brought to an abrupt end to the transgender athlete’s debut at the Commonwealth Games which drew widespread attention and controversy…

[Hubbard] represented New Zealand as Gavin Hubbard before she transitioned in her mid-30s. The International Olympic Committee allowed her to take part in last year’s world championships after ruling she had undergone at least one year of hormone therapy and was recording sufficiently low levels of testosterone.

Or, as the tweet where I first heard about this described Hubbard…

Of course, here at The Ralph Retort, we take no joy in this incident. We absolutely refuse to laugh like demented madmen when viewing this clip. Such behavior is unbecoming of a professional writing outlet such as this one.