Good God, Donald Trump just went hog wild on Hillary Clinton at the annual Al Smith Dinner. While it happens every year, every four years the presidential candidates come and roast each other, and themselves. I watch it every time the candidates are there, but I’ve never seen a night like this. Holy hell, it was amazingly nasty. At first I thought Trump’s was rough on Mrs. Clinton, but then I heard her’s and I’m not sure which one was nastier. This is unprecedented.

Trump started out with the room in the palm of his hand, but as he got meaner, the journos and assorted Clinton backers started booing him. Then, it was Hillary’s turn. And like I said, I think her’s was even nastier. I guess you already know that the room didn’t turn on her. It’s a pretty good example of the double standard at play in the country at this time.

The best part of the show, though? Maria Bartiromo. Wow.

I’ll keep updating this with more clips throughout the evening, and will link to the full video when it hits. It really is a must see.