Associated Press Published Karen Pence's Private Email Addy, Then Refused to Take it Down When Asked Politely

Associated Press Published Karen Pence’s Private Email Addy, Then Refused to Take it Down When Asked Politely

A couple days ago, the Associated Press published a big story about Vice President Mike Pence having used a personal email while he was the Governor of Indiana. I said big, but that was more about how it was promoted than what actually came of it. They were of course trying to make the case that what he did was similar to the case of Hillary Clinton, however when you actually look at what they put out, it wasn’t the same at all. Plus, Hillary was dealing with state secrets and classified documents on her server. Pence was the governor of a mid-sized state.

It’s not the same.

Anyway, in the course of this reporting, the AP also posted the private email address of Karen Pence, who is the wife of the vice president. Her husband sent a letter to the AP asking for it to be taken down. For some seemingly malicious reason, this reasonable request has been refused.

That seems pretty fucked up to me. What’s the point of publishing his wife’s email? I guess you could maybe make the case if it was one of his political aides, or even Mike Pence himself. But this just seems designed to send abuse Karen’s way.

Ethan Ralph

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  • GuitarAnthony

    Sounds like AP was hoping someone would hack her e-mail.

  • Sockpuppet Nora

    Wow, what utter cunts.

    • D-Bone

      This is their way of “fighting back” cuz slander is really the only option they have and it drives them insane. lol

  • ash

    The corporate press is becoming a dangerous enemy.

  • Lost Question

    maybe someone from the AG’s should stroll down and make a few ‘polite’ suggestions

    • Quise

      Im sure they just may, only after their boss is done being investigated for collision with Russia. Priorities, ya know?

      • GodBowser

        Do you always up vote your own post because there’s no one else here wants to

        It does not bother me if I don’t get any up votes myself

      • Danlantic

        So I’m a half wit and a retard …
        But I know the difference between “collision” and “collusion”.

        I was going to excuse you voting yourself up because I once did that by accident. I added a reply apologizing to the forum at large. But since you have done it twice I guess you think you’re cool.

        I just looked at you profile. You have made 165 comments and gotten 155 upvotes. It looks like you discovered you could upvote yourself after your 10th posting.

  • AP=Associate Pricks…

  • Vewak

    Nice example of the AP acting like assholes just because they feel like it.

    If i was in Pence’s shoes I would be asking the POTUS to not allow anyone from the AP to by present for briefings or events until an apology is made. An apology would of course never come, but it would at least act as a nice excuse for ousting the cunts from some briefings and so on.

    • GodBowser

      If that happens they’ll have no one to blame but themselves

  • John

    How dare they!! Absolutely haram!!

  • Toastrider

    Ah, the Associated (with Terrorists) Press. No real surprise here.

  • Quise

    It is absolutely hilarious seeing all the Trump marks trying to equivocate and shuck and jive, attempting to pretend that this administration isn’t a group of oligarchs and idiots.
    Everyone knows that the half wits who comment on sites like this are the biggest group of fucking retards on the planet, but it will never stop being entertaining. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to a great spin piece from Ralph about how the Trump administration getting their “phones tapped” actually was the RUSSIANS getting tapped…..WHILE CALLING THEIR BUTTFUCK BUDDY DONALD TRUMP!

    • GodBowser

      Look everyone this wanker up voted his own post

      How butt hurt are you that Trump got elected?

    • Schwantz Stevens

      Dude who comments on sites like this calls dudes who comment on sites like this fucking retards.

  • GodBowser

    This made me wonder if any media outlets would be willing to throw any of their journalists under the bus if there’s any chance that they find themselves in hot water over something like this

  • exposethebad

    Well then, turn around is fair play, time to post all the AP’s information.

  • Mr0303

    The media going after Pence’s family? Who would’ve thought?

  • ExiledV2

    *shrugs* No law against it. Nothing they can do about it.
    If we want this sort of thing to stop, we need to make it illegal.