#DemExit: Tons of Democrats LEAVE THE PARTY in Wake of Ellison's DNC Loss

#DemExit: Tons of Democrats LEAVE THE PARTY in Wake of Ellison’s DNC Loss

I’ve been keeping my eye on the DNC proceedings down in Atlanta all day. To say it’s been boring is an understatement. The Democrats did do a couple notable things, though. One, they refused to adopt an amendment that would have forbade the party from accepting money from corporations and lobbyists. That should have showed Keith Ellison supporters where the day was headed. Because in the second notable thing to come out of the days proceedings, Tom Perez, the former Obama administration labor secretary (and the guy Obama was pushing for hard behind the scenes) was elected as the new DNC Chairman.

This represents a major victory for the establishment over forces sympathetic to former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders…and many Democrats aren’t taking it well.

Ah, I guess it’s better to call them former Democrats…

I literally couldn’t posted them all in one article. There are thousands of people vowing to leave the Democratic Party over this outcome.

I’ll come back later and update this post with more notable responses, but it’s safe to say all is not well over on the left wing of American politics. The Democrats are in disarray.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Mouth

    2018 is going to be a laugh…I can’t wait.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    The 2018 midterms were already going to be total death for the DNC, with the Sanders wing now totally demoralized and alienated we have a better idea of exactly what variety of shitshow we’ll be witnessing. The establishment Clintonian/Obamist will come off those defeats appearing to the Bernie wing as not only a faction of losers but as a faction of losers who are also wrongheaded and corrupt.

    All Trump has to do now to kill the democratic party is to keep a bunch of his promises and avoid fucking up completely. We should all beware getting too cocky though because frankly the democratic party should have died decades ago yet was saved by Lyndon Johnson’s opportunism. It aint over till it’s over. Never underestimate their continued capacity for slimy maneuvers.

    • Beaches

      “All Trump has to do now to kill the democratic party is to keep a bunch of his promises and avoid fucking up completely.”

      Remember, it is the Republican party you are talking about…

      • No, he distinctly stated “total death for the DNC” and “kill the democratic party”, but if you mean that Trump cannot keep all his promises without the help of the Republicans, yes, in that respect Trump does need them to NOT sabotage him, and themselves, as they seem prone to doing lately. Amazingly, the Republicans were handed a golden opportunity here, and it looks like they very well might be given a chance to get a super-majority in 2018, and yet they do seem poised to throw it all away and hand things back to the Democrats.

        Unbelievable, but true.

        • Typical

          The republicans don’t want to win. they want to be the opposition party, never able (read that as having to) to do anything, yet keeping their seats and pensions.

          • I can see how, looking at a filtered view of their accomplishments and lack of same over the last 8 years and, some might say, 16 or more years, might lead one to such a hasty conclusion.

            But if you look at the federal, state and local picture you will see that for a party that is trying not to win, they’re not doing a very good job of not winning.

          • Typical

            They get seats, get majorities, then play underdog with no power. State and local are different, because they are much more accountable.

        • The Goo-Goo-For-Globalism-GOP elements are so enamored of those cheap gardeners and maids, they will try to ruin Trump and even collaborate with the Commiecrats to get them.

          • There are indeed many rotten apples in the Republican party, many of whom are past their expiration dates – McCain being one example that comes to mind. Once we’ve reduced the number of Democrats to the point where this country has a future we do indeed need to start cleaning house on that side too – I’m sure you can think of others. And I’m not saying we can’t do both concurrently, but we need to keep our eye on the primary goal while we do, if we do.

            But usually that line about cheap gardeners, maids and even more so low priced produce comes from liberals, Democrats. But they’re the ones fighting for ridiculous minimum wages for menial tasks and they’re the ones, whenever someone gets caught hiring an illegal alien as a maid, cook, nanny or whatever, and paying them essentially slave wages, who are outed as doing that.

      • Maintenance Renegade

        Agreed, never underestimate the GOP’s ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. That being said the neocons are in decline and that’s a good sign.

  • Toastrider

    Perez is pretty much a bog-standard leftist, but there was no way they were going to elect Keith Ellison to chair the DNC.

    But anything that causes the Speshul Snowflake Party to fracture further makes me smile.

  • GeorgeLeS

    Don’t count on it. These are people who swore they’d leave the country, aren’t they?

    • You got it… this is yet another empty, meaningless gesture. For most of them anyway. Maybe a single digit percentage mean it.

      • Nanya

        If about 5% of them leave the party, well…

        5% of Hillary voters not voting for her would have changed the popular vote outcome.

        • Yes, indeed. Take away all the illegal immigrants who voted for her in California and New York and Trump would have won the popular vote. But that’s all academic, though Democrats can’t seem to figure that out. They whine about the rules only when the rules don’t produce the outcome they desire.

  • Yuno Gasai

    My message to the people saying they’ll leave the Democratic party:

  • Benschachar

    They refused to vote for Keith because of his anti-Semitism but the tears are still delicious.

    • Respectfully, I don’t think that was it (the refusal to vote reason) but yes, their bitter tears are amazingly refreshing.

      • Benschachar

        Well Keith’s anti-semitism didn’t do him any favors.
        I’m disappointed, honestly, because nothing would have been more hilarious (and enlightening to libs) than the minority leader Democrat, in the middle of a Presidential campaign, shouting an anti-semitic remark across live national television.

        • Keith’s anti-semitism didn’t do him any favors.

          It probably was a factor. But honestly, he wasn’t Obama’s chosen one, so he didn’t have a chance.

          nothing would have been more hilarious


          and enlightening to libs

          “Libs” are immune/allergic to enlightenment. They’re convinced they’re the most enlightened entities in the universe – and are not able to incorporate new information that conflicts with their desired belief systems.

  • nraendowment

    They could name their new party the AMP. American Marxist Party. Truth in advertising.

    • Or they could just be even more honest and go with the tried and true…

      Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei or an Americanized version, “National Socialist Worker’s Party”. It all boils down to the same 4 letter acronym in the end.

      • coolarrow

        Democrats being honest? Surely you jest.

  • Swagman

    Sweet sweet sweet tears – the mainstream won’t report it but it’s there big time. Dems in complete collapse and yet CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS, NYT, WaPo, et al ignoring and stuck on stupid trying to delegitimize Trump.

    • Ray_Van_Dune

      Destroying Trump is their only option, since they have nothing to offer America but more of what has already proven unsellable. Unfortunately they are quite good at character assassination, and if 2018 goes as bad for them as it could, we may have to worry about literal assassination as well.

      • Swagman

        True. The country is a powder keg right now thanks to the dems and their media wing. If there’s an assassination, the Consevative movement is a sleeping giant that will awaken and wipe out leftism in just about all corners. At least that’s what I expect.

        • Typical

          It would be so lovely. The problem is, they’ve successfully gotten the repubs to run “moderate” candidates we don’t want, it’s the same as us not existing when we don’t vote for romneys and mcStains.

  • Drumwaster

    Yeah, run farther to the left, that will work. American voters just need to be called a racist/sexist/homophobe/Islamophobe ONE MORE TIME in order to change their minds. The burning and rioting are also doing quite well at winning those hearts and minds.

    And the pussy hats? Keep those. Make them a central feature on the Senate floor. Get Nancy Pelosi to wear one during a weekly press conference, so that all the cameras can see. Show the world that “it’s not just the message, it’s the messenger”. Chuck Schumer would look good in one, too. Really SELL it.

    • I’m thrilled… THRILLED… about any significant portion of the Democrats splitting off to form an even more ridiculous, radical, far left wing party. BRING IT ON! That easier to defeat them both!

  • CoogsHouse713

    These brainwashed leftists talk a big game, but after a day of their impotent and useless social media virtue signaling, they’ll go right back to the DNC plantation and the “Trump is Hitler!!!111” lunatic brigade…just like always.

  • Nanya

    The ones closest to Ron Wyden* on the left can join those of us who hate the GOP and Dem Establishments in the New Right. Progressives tend to be SJWs, don’t want ’em.

    *Ron Wyden, Dem Senator from Oregon, fought against SOPA, PIPA and has been against the Obama Administration when it comes to things like NSA spying. If not for him, SOPA and PIPA would have passed and the NSA spying would be worse.

    • coolarrow

      Wouldn’t necessarily mind getting Manchin either. Sure he’s an opportunistic asshat, but he’s not a doctrinaire leftard.

      • Nanya

        I don’t want any progressives, since they give way to SJWs, to join the New Right.

  • Dhusk

    OH BOY a right wing propaganda site reporting on the supposed inner workings of the Democratic party. About as reliable as Catholic priests reporting on underage sexual abuse.

    • Aaron M

      ‘Oh shit, screenshots of Democrats saying things that prove the point. Better pretend they don’t exist and attack the credibility of the site as if they manufactured it all themselves!’

      Fucking LOL, kid.

      • Dhusk

        HEAVILY CHERRY PICKED screenshots of bullshit posts trying to push a false narrative. Try again, RWNJ cuck

        • Aaron M


        • Typical

          Tired of losing yet? Cause we aren’t tired of winning.

    • coolarrow

      OH BOY a left wing cockholster earning his pay from Nazi collaborator George Soros. Keep up the good work, Corntrollio.

      • Dhusk

        Oh gee, you got me, here I am sipping chardonay on my big pile of bloody money and laughing maniacally every five minutes while plotting the downfall of idiots who vote to put a reality show host in charge of the free world. Don’t sprain your shoulder seig-heiling your Trump body pillow throughout the day, brown shirt

        • Typical

          Don’t strain yours sobbing like a bitch over results of a free election you don’t like.

    • David Addams

      Except the article isn’t on the “inner workings” of the Democrat Party.

      It’s about the reaction from those that normally support the Democrat Party. The supporters are mad about what they just did and threatening repercussions.

      Their is a good chance they don’t actually follow through when it comes time to vote, but the vocal backlash should concern the Democrat party.

    • The DNC chooses between a blatant Clinton hack and a Louis Farrakhan follower for Chair, and a Commiecrat turned Dhimmicrat dupe troll like you calls us “right wing nutjobs”.

      It was bad enough when you and your ilk were performing political fellatio on Hugo Chavez and other Latin leftist goons, but even you have to acknowlege there is a problem.

      • Don’t bet on him – or anyone like him – admitting anything. Oh and you got a nice avitar there, but the top line of whatever the guy with the coffee is saying is cut off.

  • Tom Servo

    eh, this is gonna be like the people who vowed to leave the US if Trump won. It’s sad to say, but Clinton and her allies understand their young leftist stooges better than anyone.

    Clinton knows that she can smack them around, give them a black eye, and they’ll sulk for a while, maybe even move out for a couple days. But they’ll always come back, because deep down, they know they deserve it, and besides, they got nowhere else to go.

  • E Deplorabus Unum

    Give them all a house with a private beach. It worked for Sanders.

  • bernverdnardo

    Don’t worry Democrats, the turnover rate for DNC chairs is pretty frequent these days.

  • coolarrow

    To paraphrase Eric Cartman: “Their tears are so yummy and sweet!”

    • Typical

      And mah balls are extra vinegary for them to suck on.

  • David Addams

    The biggest irony is that this is a self-inflicted wound when it comes to the Dems.

    They’re the ones that have been running the education system and they have so mal-educated these people that they are now clammering for the

    • David Addams

      The thing is, both parties are facing revolts from their bases.

      The Democrats are facing revolt for not going far enough left (is that really possible?) and the Republicans for not being conservative enough.

      If the Republicans fail to repeal ObamaCare they will officially be a party of Big Government and will face a similar revolt. This would make them a left of center party.

      At that point it would be the Republicans center-left, the Democrats far-left, the Bernie Sanders voters far far left, leaving no party to represent the right.

      At that point conservatives will have no choice but to start their own party.

      And guess who wins when the opposition vote is spread between three parties?

      • Typical


  • Ray_Van_Dune

    The story on the DNC election in the local Librag-Bloviator read like it was written by the DNC. “Oh there was a little sore feelings but when Keith was named deputy lead everyone felt much better and then united against Trump! Yay!”

    It was almost as bad as David Axelrod on NPR this morning – I nearly gagged, and even Lourdes Garcia-Navarro seemed put off by his unctuous all-is-well platitudes.

  • The_Governments_koch


    Suck it.

  • Typical

    Yeah, and all those pathetic bitches will be right back voting for them and cheering them on in 2018, it’s just a bunch of bitch talk, they’d never join an alternate party, because they’re partisan idiots to begin with.