Kurt Eichenwald Insulted Mary Tyler Moore on the Day That She Died

Kurt Eichenwald Insulted Mary Tyler Moore on the Day That She Died

Kurt Eichenwald

I loved Mary Tyler Moore, so when I heard about her passing yesterday, it hit me a bit harder than most celebrity deaths. I vividly remember watching The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Nick at Nite when I was a kid. I guess I was sort of weird, in that I liked to watch classic television as a child. In fact, I probably watched more old shows than new ones, although I watched plenty of them as well. Anyway, to keep this article from turning into a long diatribe about my viewing habits, I will just reiterate that Mrs. Moore was a longtime favorite of mine.

Kurt Eichenwald is not a longtime favorite of mine. In fact, he’s a nut who I still have a hard time believing is regularly published by mainstream media outlets. Yes, I know the MSM is trash, but this guy is certifiable. Not only that, he’s a huge liar. Oh, and he doesn’t know how to give a proper tribute to the aforementioned Mary Tyler Moore.

Check out this insanity…


A Twitter user had a hope in response to this dumbass tweet…

Of course, TheRalphRetort.com would never suggest such a thing. I’m just passing that along to you. Another user had a suggestion for how Eichenwald could have reworded his asininity…

It would have been a marked improvement on the original.

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  • Toastrider

    Mary Tyler Moore had class, which pretty much put her out of Eichenwald’s range right from the start.

    She’ll be missed. Eichenwald won’t be.

  • KryptoTSD

    MTM had class. RIP, MTM…

  • One-Eye

    Mary Tyler Moore seemed universally loved.

    Mayby Kurt was just exhausted and not thinking straight after a marathon child porn-watching session. You know… for research.

  • von Stroop

    A lame blue-pilled attempt to whiteknight his wife. She secretly hates him tho as no gina tingles for years. And now her hamster wheel spins slower yet, possibly stopped entirely. Cucks gonna cuck. I predict divorce-rape in his near future. I loved MTM too.