REPORT: Antifa “U-Lock” Attacker From Berkeley Identified as College Professor Eric Clanton

There is an interesting report going around Twitter and it can be sourced to the sleuths over at 4chan’s /pol/ board. According to this report, the guy who was violently attacking free speech supporters at Berkeley (with a fucking gigantic metal lock, by the way) is none other than a college professor.

Here’s videos from one of the brutal lock attacks…

Yes, I know you all will be just as shocked as I am to learn that academia has a violent thug in a professorial position. That’s pretty much unprecedented!

Meet Eric Clanton, who has a degree from San Francisco State University (SFSU), although the only proof I see of him teaching there is this professor rating page. It’s been trolled to hell, so I wasn’t able to reach back and find real reviews. I’ll work on that.

He does teach at Diablo Valley College for sure, because here’s his faculty page from that institution. His alumnus page at SFSU has curiously been scrubbed since this digging began. I wonder why that could be?

His Twitter account has already been deleted by him, so don’t bother trying to look for old material there. But, if you click the archive link above, you can find a copy of the Google cache.

Here’s some photographic evidence from the /pol/ board…

I must say, this appears to be pretty compelling evidence. I will be back to update this post with more as it becomes available.

MORE: His OkCupid profile seems to lend even more credence to this report…

Some of his past work (A Feminist Critique of Human Nature Essentialism). I’m going to look at finding some of his research papers next…

Here’s a newspaper reports on this guy’s crusade for…wait for it…ethics.

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  • Jesse Newell

    Campus police:
    (925) 229-6464

    It’s a Silent Witness Tip line for those wanting to report anonymously.

  • Michael De Santa

    Hunt this commie son of a bitch down, and make him suffer.

    • squarepush3r

      he will surely do prison time

      • THYLTH

        jail time at least

      • clayusmcret

        Berkeley police won’t arrest him. The local DA won’t charge him. Only a federal charge could happen.

  • squarepush3r

    top kek


    We should stop calling him a “professor.” He is a grad student LECTURER whom I would hope is now unlikely ever to be tenured. This is at least 1st° or 2nd° assault. It is unlikely he is going to go to prison. But it is likely he will do time, assuming somebody can put a compelling package together for an investigator.

    • Fair point. He is on the faculty at DVU, although I’m pretty sure that’s in an adjunct position.

      “Eric has been teaching at DVC since 2015. He teaches introduction to philosophy with a background in teaching ethics, critical thinking, and comparative philosophy East/West. His primary research interests are ethics and politics. His work in political philosophy also centers on mass incarceration and the prison system. He is currently exploring restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective.”

      • THYLTH

        let’s hope he gets a chance to explore “restorative justice” from not just an authoritarian perspective, from a FIRST PERSON perspective

      • THYLTH

        in case anybody misses it, “restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective” means abolishing the institution of imprisoning criminals. These idiots actually think cold blooded killers can be rehabilitated by TALKING about their “feelings”

        • PhaseV

          I wonder if he came up with this self-serving theory to exonerate his OWN planned antifa violence? I can’t wait for rapists to come up with their own “restorative” theories exonerating rapists just before THEY rape.

  • Peter

    So his bike was unsecured for the purpose of using the u-lock as an assault weapon AND his apparel was not black block complete enough to prevent identification. He is careless and reckless. He probably uses just one password for all his accounts and I guess a fairly weak one at that. Probably not one for keeping secrets either. Probably indiscrete.

    • That Guy Who Goes There

      ” He probably uses just one password for all his accounts and I guess a fairly weak one at that.”


  • Satan

    Book ’em Danno. Good work

  • That Guy Who Goes There

    /pol/ deserves a Kekky award this year.

  • Alvaro Buendia

    will someone get a helicopter to pick him up?

  • Mr0303

    So a feminist professor in university is actually a violent thug.

  • Mr0303

    Major kudos to the guys at pol who did this research. Their investigation skills put the mainstream media and law enforcement to shame. With all the video footage one would think that it would be easy to identify more of these thugs and have them face justice.

    • Travis

      I don’t think they want them to face justice. At least not the Berkeley PD. I saw an article which said that (in lieu of actually arresting people as the violence was happening) the BPD was going to scour social media for footage of assault with which to press charges. Given that the antifa side all wore masks, and the Trump supporters didn’t, guess which side is most likely to be prosecuted. I guarantee you that those guys aren’t going to put in the effort that /pol/ did to try to identify the masked antifa members. IMO it all sounds like a way for the BPD to act like they’re doing something without actually having to prosecute any of the violent leftists.

  • skylinerd1

    Praise KEK!!!

  • Guest

    His rating page is being mercilessly trolled by 4Chan, funny stuff.′ defer=’defer

  • Anon69

    His name is Kane Cypher and he’s a secret agent, super badass, ninja who works for Antifa. I wouldnt fuck with him if I were you…he’s trained in the arts of fighting and hacking. This person is strong and dangerous, and ready to effing go. Fair warning… from…a….from a friend.

  • Charlie_Zim

    The charges, per the California Penal Code could be:
    245 (a)(1) PC Assault with a deadly weapon, not a firearm.
    245(a)(4) PC Assault that causes great bodily injury.
    203 PC Mayhem
    205 PC Aggravated Mayhem, if permanent brain damage.

    The following can be charged, depending on how the District Attorney fiels charges:

    664-187 PC Attempt murder
    187 PC If victim dies from the inflected injury. The murder charge can be first degree if Mayhem is proven, otherwise it will be second degree murder.

    • Lost Question

      I don’t know if a premeditated could be attached to that stuff seeing how he was armed and based on antifa past actions a good case could be made that he came there with full intent to cause bodily harm to those who who was not a black clad fascists

  • PhaseV

    Wow, Eric’s teaches “ethics”. Ethics is the part of philosophy that deals with moral behavior. I wonder if his lectures on morality involve whacking people with bike locks.
    >”His work […] also centers on […] the prison system”
    Sounds like he’s gonna get some practical experience.

  • Roast Chicken ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    /pol/ is full of real ass niggas

  • MC

    Did anyone call the authorities because that was attempted murder?

  • Mr5306

    Get this fucking scum in jail.