I was asked to tell you guys about a cool charity that’s raising money right now. Usually, I try to stay out of the charity game, but when I see a worthwhile one, I will spread the word. Plus, I’ve had bouts of the blues lately myself, so I figured why not try to help some sick kids have it a little bit easier? If you don’t have money to donate, that’s fine. I don’t either until next week. But when you get a little cash you can spare, consider throwing it this way.



If you watched the video, you know what these people do. They dress up as superheroes and go cheer up sick kids with visits and gifts. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me. Here’s a few tweets about it as well:




The last tweet features Stephanie, and she’s the one who asked me to tell you about all this. She’s a really cool person, and one of the most genuine people I’ve met these last nine months. She’s also volunteers for this charity (disclosure!), and looks pretty great in costume lol. So check her out as well if you feel inclined to do so.

I’ll be back later many times. I have a LOT to write today.

  1. Seems like a nice charity, though I don’t exactly understand why it costs anyone money to volunteer to visit people in the hospital.

    1. “Your donations today will be providing amazing benefits for the children in the hospitals! From new video game systems, to their favorite games, electronics, movies, books, comics… and so much more!

      The “box truck” you are helping us create provides us with abilities far beyond the extra time at every hospital visit.

      “Why is the “Mobile Command Center” so important? This vehicle will serve as a themed Heroes and Princess attraction for dozens of smaller charities serving children in our area! The outside of the vehicle will have large canopies on all sides, Meeting places and photo ops with the children on both sides. One side painted and decorated in the Super Hero theme and the other side is the Princesses theme!

      We are able to create an amazing fundraising event for those small charities that can’t afford the expense and draw attention to their cause, provide refreshments and much needed shelter during our hot long days!

      We operate in and around Tampa Florida. The summers here prevent us from helping so many local children’s charities raise money outdoors during those months. This truck you are helping to create not only enables us to be an important part of these children’s day, it allows us to BECOME the event for the charities. The truck itself serves as the central set piece for any small charity to build their event around.”

      1. Sigh. I’m a sucker for anything that helps sick kids. I’ve been contributing to Hand In Paw for a while, and I’ve kicked some dosh to Child’s Play when I get the chance.

        Giving worthy charities a shout out is a honorable thing, Ralph. Hats off to you.

    2. Um, because people have lives and this isn’t something they do for profit. And if you watch the video he explain the costs, which are largely in the inconvenience of time to change into character and securing personal belongings. I’m going to guess you’ve never done any extensive costuming/make-up, but it is EXTREMELY time consuming and requires specific set up. You can’t let the kids see you partially in character or it absolutely ruins the entire effect; that’s one of the reasons Disney designed his parts with a network of “underground” (really it’s the ground floor, look it up) tunnels and “back stage” areas, so as not to break the illusion he was creating. Break Disney’s character rules and they’ll break your legs, or so I’ve heard lol.

      1. I don’t get all precious about charities. I said it sounded like a good idea, but didn’t get where the money went. I volunteered at a hospital for 200 hours and there was no charity involved. I just was curious what it was actually about. Personally, I’d rather be extremely skeptical and demanding with where any of my charity dollars went so it goes to the best possible use. Not saying this is bad, I just demand an explanation of any charity before I’d even consider donating.

        1. Volunteering not the same thing as a charity service. Volunteers support existing functions and charities provide a variety of other services. Charities which raise money FOR hospitals and services are, by and large, typically bullshit and absorb most of the money into their administrative and advertising costs (ever wonder why people with communication degrees STILL keep getting jobs?).

          In the case of this “charity” group, they have a very concrete plan about what they’ll be spending the money on and how it will help them in their mission. There’s nothing nebulous about it, which is why it’s a good cause to donate to; transparency. They’re buying a mobile “command center” which, if you saw the schematic in the video, allows them to safely and conveniently store and transport their belongings, get changed/have make up and prosthetic’s put on, and do this all without anyone seeing them. I don’t understand your objection since this was CLEARLY covered in the video, so I’m going to have to assume you just didn’t watch it because, “TL;DR: I don’t trust charities”.

          Remember the old logic crux: Two things being similar does not mean they are the same thing.

          1. Silence, We appreciate the words of wisdom. Thank you for having a real grasp on what it takes. Sometimes people think it’s all rainbows and unicorns, when in fact it is a complex and costly challenge to do anymore than the basic hospital visits. We had to do more. We have visited children in hospitals for years and could only give a hurting child a simple “Hello” and a “Good to see you, Stay strong!”. We could never ask “How are you?” or “Why are you here?” Because we were powerless to help! I couldn’t take the pain anymore and had to create a Foundation fully capable legally to provide money and services to these children and their parents. It is an amazing thing to be able to ask the simple question “What do you need.” Solving problems instead of providing Super Hero band-aids is the greatest calling of our lives and this fundraising campaign is to better equip us to be able to ask THAT question 20-30 more times on every visit. Seems silly to say we need your help to get a truck, until you understand that each and every child we get to see is an opportunity to change a life and that’s exactly what we do.

            Like I said, Your words are appreciated. Thank you, Silence.

          2. No problem. You guys are actually going out and reaching these kids and doing a great kindness. I have much love towards causes that actually take direct action, instead of just please for money and piss most of it away into their administrative costs and pleading for yet more money (see the majority of not-for-profits). I also respect the fact that in your request for aid you have a very specific plan outlined. Transparency + non-nebulous plan of action = looks good to me. 🙂

  2. #gamergate helps out another charity, we really are shit at this hate group thing aren’t we.

    Seriously though, anyone who can help out such a good cause, i thank you for doing so.

  3. When I was a kid in the hospital, one of the few things that kept me going was the Console setup (TV, carts, etc) they wheeled in.

  4. Hey Ralph, Thank you for sharing us with your followers. means the world to us!

    Zachary Hurst
    CEO, Founder
    Makers United for Children’s Hope
    The Much Foundation

    1. I heard of you guys. You’re in acquaintance with some of the Chicago Ghostbusters, right?

        1. Huh, must be thinking of another charity group. Used to be a member of Chicago Division.

          1. I envy you. I have been a lot of heroes but I haven’t yet made it into the jumpsuit and powered up the proton pack. It’s a dream suit of mine. Need to make that happen someday…..

    2. That Spiderman “Future Foundation” costume took me a fraction of a second to recognize, but as soon as I did I was like, “woah, awesome”. Keep up the good work man.

  5. I met Chuck Dixon, The DC comics writer. He created the Bane character from Batman and he surprised me with how much he wanted to help us. He posts our stuff on his FB walls and talks about us a lot. I didn’t find out until later that he was born missing most of his face and started having surgeries as an infant and spent most of his younger childhood growing up in a children’s hospital! His support makes a lot more sense to me now. You never know stories of who you meet.

  6. Awww that’s so incredibly touching. :*-) I hate seeing sick children and I hate hearing when they don’t make it. People complain about their first world problems and life not being fair; well those kids certainly would have a damn lot more to complain about on the subject and as far as I know they handle it with grace and courage. The part about Gabe not making it and the heroes bearing his casket unmasked hit me right in the feelz. Brb, need to go deal with feeling human again.

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