Today is the one year anniversary of the GamerGate hashtag being coined on Twitter by actor Adam Baldwin. In honor of that momentous day, Adam has published an editorial over at the American Spectator. In it, he pays tribute to the last year, and gives his thoughts on culture and its influence over politics. Here’s an excerpt from the piece, followed by the link to the entire article:

One year ago, I coined the hashtag #GamerGate on Twitter. I couldn’t have imagined then the controversy that would follow. Ever since, I’ve been near the center of an online conversation that’s transforming an industry I’ve long admired, and worked within.

In helping to catalyze that conversation, my hopes turned to opening the eyes of young consumers: the people who help support the video game industry, as well as many careers in Hollywood. They’ve long been incredibly passionate, devoted friends and lovers of the art that we create — playgrounds where people can live out their dreams and aspirations after long days on the job…

Speaking on culture:

Politics are downstream of culture, and we are witnessing a change. A cultural shift, if you will, in American politics. Political correctness is evil because it stifles varying viewpoints through fear and intimidation. It has been running rampant on our college campuses, in our entertainment, and even in our one-on-one conversations. 

Iconic comedians refuse to do their routines in traditionally outspoken venues. Some of the most brilliant visionaries in entertainment have been metaphorically tarred and feathered because they refuse to bow down to left-wing authoritarians’ demands to make their content pander to someone else’s professed “feelings.”

(full article)

Mr. Baldwin has definitely been one of the most important figures over the last year. I suppose that goes without saying, since he was the one who coined the GamerGate hashtag in the first place. But again and again, he has stood up and spoken out. His following and celebrity has gained us new adherents, and served as a valuable platform for spreading our message. So I thank Mr. Baldwin for all he’s done, and I hope our second year is just as successful as the first.

I’ll be back later this morning with much more, including my interview with the inimitable Oliver Campbell. Check back in a few hours for that. I think you guys are really going to enjoy it.