This one should bring some joy to your evening. Recently, Antifa of Ottawa had an action planned for the Ottawa Public Library. Their reasoning? Well, I’ll let them explain it

Far-right activists are trying to organize at the Ottawa Public Library again, this time by giving a platform to the infamous anti-feminist, anti-immigrant uOttawa professor Janice Fiamengo. The so-called group uOttawa Students for Free Speech (UOSFS) is hosting this at the central library on Saturday, March 24th as their inaugural event, signaling their intention to promote public commentators who have had their events shut down due to their tendency to spread hateful ideologies. For those who aren’t familiar, we will expand here on both the UOSFS and Fiamengo and explain why this event must not be allowed to take place.

The uOttawa Students for Free Speech was first started in the fall 2017 by conservative Christian students who were frustrated by the de-registration of their anti-abortion club by the undergrad Student Federation (SFUO), on the grounds that their activities are violent and discriminatory (1). De-registration meant that their group could not receive the benefits allocated to SFUO students clubs, which consists mainly of limited funding and facilitated room-booking on campus. They rallied other disgruntled right-wingers who share a similar frustration towards “political censorship on campus”, “political correctness run amok”, “pc culture”, “social justice warriors” and other such tired tropes, and soon began talking about organizing public speaking events with the usual celebrities of the alt-right free speech movement who have gotten into the habit of getting shut down by protesters. It seems like for their first event, they chose a local flavour by bringing Janice Fiamengo out of the mothballs.

In addition to her academic career, Ms. Fiamengo runs a YouTube channel called StudioBrule. She’s been highly critical of feminists and leftist campus agitators, but I don’t really understand how someone could equate her views with fascism. Then again, when I think about it, I understand it quite well. Most antifa losers are actually communists who are interested in shutting down any free speech that challenges their warped worldview.

Thankfully, one of these cucks got their ass whipped this past weekend when they tried to start trouble at the library. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks. Dude got smoked by a librarian.

As usual, these antifa goons prove to have a lot more bark than bite. Get rekt.