Anita Sarkeesian

In what can only be described as a surreal debacle, Anita Sarkeesian had a Twitch stream earlier this evening. I guess you could actually say she was the lead commentator, because of course she didn’t play any games. She sat there and offered “witticisms” on the indie game they had featured, which looked inoffensive enough. The art style kinda looked cool. But she never did shit, and always let Carolyn Petit (the woman who took points off GTA V for misogyny, lol) do the actual game-playing. Apparently even a point and click game like this is too complex for Anita. 

Anyway, I heard about this stream and decided to join in. I figured that since we had such a good conversation with anti-GamerGate Joshua (@BeninCitizen) last week, that we could do the same thing with Anita Sarkeesian. To be honest, of course everyone knows she would never accept this, because she’s a fraud and a coward. They can’t take a risk like that. But, that’s all I asked: would she come on the show and have a civil discussion like we did with Joshua. I was immediately banned, and my comment deleted. This is very typical of the SJWs, but still, it was sad to see them fall into it with record speed. It was pretty hilarious to see some of their own number blasting them for being so petty. What are they so afraid of?

So they banned me for nothing, and so they could drop gems like this one, which is an candidate for dumbest statement in video gaming history:

Hell, not only Myst. There’s about 1,000 other games she could have mentioned as well. I guess she might not have had enough time, since she didn’t stream for very long, by my count. I might have missed some of the earlier laughs, though.

Just another evening of censorship and ignoring critics. I have a comment section here on my site that I have never censored, and I just recently cleared every single person from my Twitter blocklist. I may tell someone to fuck off, and I often do. But I am pretty approachable when someone comes to me with properly stated concerns. Even if they’ve trashed me on their own time, come correct, and we can have a discussion. That’s what I was trying to do with these SJW puppets. We’re the leading GamerGate site, outside of 8chan. Anita Sarkeesian should step up to the plate. Of course, we know she won’t. #FullMcIntosh and Anita the Fraud have too much to lose. But just in case she changes her mind, the door is always open.


UPDATE: Also, if anyone recorded this hilarious ass stream, please post it in the comments. I’d like everyone to get to enjoy, because it seems like she didn’t save it.