I want to write a short post about what my friend masterninja sent me. It was a GameSpot article from 2009. It was a through recap of a speech from Lawrence Walters “an attorney from free-speech and constitutional-rights specialist firm Weston, Garrou, Walters, and Mooney.” I read this article in stunned disbelieve. Take a look at it, and I think you will understand:

Walters–in his 2009 GDC session titled “Silencing The Censors”–identified political correctness as the new battleground on which critics of games will base their future censorship arguments. Walters said the industry should take this new threat as seriously as those who have called for the prohibition of games due to violence, sex, or drug use during the past decade.

“We are in a culture war here,” Walters said. “Like it or not, the video game industry is on the frontline of a war between the family values groups on one hand and the civil libertarians on the other hand. We didn’t ask for this–we’re just trying to entertain people with a product the public seem to want.”

“Just when the decency police and moral values group have been all but defeated in the courts–both of law and public opinion–a new threat has emerged from our left flank: political correctness,” he continued. “The leftist thought police are now wanting to impose their view of propriety on modern cultural discourse. We’re now seeing objections to racial slurs and sexist video game content that feminists and minority groups take offense to. Now without taking a position on the propriety on that content in modern video games, this trend is just as damaging to free expression rights.”

Walters pointed out legislation pending in New York that aims to prohibit sales to minors of games that have various degrees of profanity, racist stereotypes, derogatory language, and/or actions toward a specific group of persons as setting a dangerous precedent.

“Think about that for a minute. Would we ever in a million years tolerate the government passing a law that movies cannot have profanity, racial jokes, or derogatory language? That would eliminate practically every movie made,” he said.

“Now we can debate all day long whether racist stereotypes or derogatory language is even appropriate in video games, but that’s for us to debate, and not for the government to decide,” Walters said. “If this law passes, I think it will open the door for some very dangerous forms of thought control the likes of which we haven’t seen in this country.”

Walters says the best way for the game industry to combat its opponents is by becoming more proactive and not just by responding to laws that have already been passed.

“It needs to reveal its enemies for who they are–radicals on the left and on the right–and marginalize them. They need to speak with a cohesive and united voice on issues related to censorship and video game violence,” he said.”

I mean, this guys sounds like fucking Nostradamus. This is before Anita ever came onto the scene..Zoe was MIA, Wu was a completely loser. Bu this guy could still see the title way coming. By the way, this was printed in GameSpot, one of the top online gaming sites. I doubt they would have the fucking balls to try it again, but I hope so. I would like to see another interview with Mr. Walters. I’m sure he has some more valuable insight. Do the right thing, GameSpot.
  1. This was apparent to me as early as 2004 on college campuses. While the Bush administration was putting out its threat narrative of terrorism, meaning that we had all better gather under the Republican banner or the terrorists would win, the college authorities were pushing out their Christian theocracy / capitalism / patriarchy / colonialism threat narrative, meaning we all better gather under the Progressive banner or the evil theocratic / patriarchal / white supremacist corporations would win.

    Fast forward ten years. The Obama administration utterly failed the working class and has continued the exact wars that it promised to end, but the gay marriage issue turned out to an easy victory, as far as civil rights victories go. So the low hanging fruit for “Progress” (sorry, it’s become something of a religiously messianic term to me) on social issues mostly related to sex, gender, sexuality, and sexual identity.

    Now the Tumbler Generation – raised by the Baby Boomers to be utter narcissists – is coming of age, and value comfort and safety over everything else. And as their feet hit the ground for the very first time – online, on the job, in gaming – they realize “oh no, this all has to go.”

    So were dealing with a generation primed to accept censorship – even demand it. It’s truly terrifying.

      1. The Fatherless has never been called Based before and is not sure how to handle the honor.

        I hope “thank you” suffices.

        1. It’s cool man, I just thought your spiel was right on, good summation of WTF is going on.

    1. To add to that coming from the Tumblr generation (I don’t use it but I’m pretty much in the same age as most of these people also I apologize for my generation). We were too young to remember the Bush days. We were focusing on just being kids and teenagers. But then Obama came in around when we were reaching late high school years and has stayed through our college years. So since our high school and college years we’ve pretty much have had the Bush is a nazi narrative shoved down our throats for a while. Aligning with the republican party is said to make you a homophobic, sexist, racist person. Part of why it is said (I don’t remember I think one of my professors said it which as you said the left runs completely unchecked on college campuses) that my generation is the most liberal. For the record I’m neutral, to me it’s same bullshit different leaders. Let’s not forget my generation’s childhood was roughly around the time the everyone gets a trophy for trying bullshit started. So we’re finally seeing the repercussions.

      1. it is nothing new… the main goal of the elite is to groom hypersensitive people who can easily be tricked

      2. I’m 31. What fucks me up about people even 5 years younger than me is that they don’t remember a time when this country was not at war. There actually was a time when this country had balanced budgets and no wars.

        1. Exactly. I’m 23 and I was in the second grade when 9/11 happened. Problem was we were too young to understand what was going on. Like you said we don’t remember that time before.

        2. Actually, we’ve never had a balanced budget. The “freshman republican congress” ran on making evil terrible Clinton have a balanced budget in the 90’s. What we had was a situation where we budgeted for a ton of debt, but were predicted to only have a half ton of debt, so the spin masters went around telling everyone we had a “Surplus”. Both sides tell differing lies to attain the same almost slave like control of us regular folk.

      3. I don’t think it’s as bad as you’re saying really.

        Currently back in college, finishing up stuff I should have done some years ago. There’s of course, a general sentiment of political leftness, yeah. BUT I smoke, and so go out on smoke breaks. I overhear plenty of conversations from random folks. And a lot of the time what I hear is severe disagreement with the lines being fed to them.

        Granted, I also hear kids talking about their genders studies courses and standard SJW stuff too, but it’s not as monolithic as I was expecting as a returning student.

          1. Well obviously the SJW side, because a bunch of them are teachers pushing the various “studies” that probably shouldn’t be taught because they’re not about art or aesthetics (English,Music Visual Arts, Theatre), they’re not a real science (literally any Physical science, or any field of study that adheres to principles of logic – so toss in Economics and Philosophy) and they’re not vocational training (Business etc).

            But until you figure out how to convince administrators to remove the “studies” programs from the curriculum without cutting history classes too (because that’s the closest field of study) I don’t see how you’re going to be able to stop said organization.

            It is sad though. In the past, there used to be a bunch of groups that were aligned with the left, but you’d also see stuff like Young Republicans or ROTC and stuff that tended to oppose their views. Those are all gone, and there’s only the apolitical or the one political option if you want to join anything extracurricular.

        1. It really depends on the courses. For example I was a Film major and creative writing minor. Luckily with the practical classes such as editing and field production the teachers new what the hell they were talking about and there is only the right way to do it and the wrong way. But then you step into the theory classes and it’s straight up hipster SJW territory. My horror class was a joke because the teacher just kept saying everything in horror represents a penis and the hipsters and gender studies people were eating this bullshit up. Then there was the creative writing department. That whole department can just burn to the ground for all I care. I learned absolutely nothing from that department. That place was a hipster SJW breeding ground. I only had 2 teachers in that department I liked. Everyone else had their had so far up their own ass it disappeared to some other reality. Then there was my creative nonfiction teacher who happens to be the most narcissistic prick I ever had the misfortune of meeting. Sorry for the rant I just wanted to fill in from my perspective.

    2. It would be bad enough to have these coddled little narcissists running around trying to re-define the cultural values of Western Civilization at the best of times. Look around though at the wider world and what all it going on, unless a whole lot of things change over night we are definately entering what will be the most grueling period of human history since AT LEAST the end of 1945.

      You can smell it in the air it’s so bad, the world is about to eat it’s own asshole again and I just don’t think we’ve got what it takes as a national or international culture here in the West to handle it. Shit is about to get really fucked and our pants are down.

    3. Bwaha. I question your “raised by the Baby Boomers”, as I’m on the younger edge of that age group, and the Tumblr generation I believe is a bit younger than me (that is, Baby Boomers often have grandchildren now). But that’s not important; either way, those around my age have their own name, “Millennials”, and this is what comes up when you do a Google search for that word:

      Millennials Are More Racist Than They Think. Just look at the numbers.

      (Not sure how much to trust the site, but the title alone.. it’s a top result on Google!)

      1. racist my ass, that is another way of saying, if you are not an SJW kind of folk, then you are racist!!!!, just because I don’t fellow their far to the left dogma does not mean I am racist, neither are you my friend and by the way I am what you call a minority , #Notyourshield, these SJW’s and feminazi’s can line up, pucker up and kiss my so called victim black ass.

        1. The article itself says that Millennials tend to ignore the existence types of racism (not sure I’d use the word “racism”, but what’s described certainly exists), pretending it doesn’t exist, and therefore make it worse. It sounds to me like it’s describing SJWs, not non-SJWs.

          1. Yah, but the author of the article did use the word ” racism ” didn’t he ???, he did not describe it as how the typical Millennials disregard it as irrelevant in most cases to the huge dislike of our crazy SJW’s fuckers, he is making a point and I answered to that.

      2. Good point. I say “Tumbler Generation” because it’s so vividly descriptive of who I’m talking about, although Millennial, born 1982-2000, is the proper term. But, frankly, being raised by nihilistic gen Xers, even further removed from depression era true grit, us even worse.

        1. I dont think that the Depression Era generation of Americans had “true grit” as much as a collective sense of identity. Look back at the media of the time and, as in Britain during the darkest parts of WW2 such as the Blitz, the message was “we all pull together”. Even in JFKs day the message was “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” In the 80s that all changed with Ronny Raygun at the head of the table, and the cult of Individuality really kicked in. You went in a decade from a nation of We to the nation of Me.
          Americans are now obsessed with being an individual, and it permeates your society from the individual even down to state and national politics – all this “states rights” bollocks where states in the south get to send the national courts “Fuuuuck Yous!” care of twats like Roy Moore, or Scalia in the SCOTUS using it as his personal fuck tool to piss off the Democrats. You, as a nation, have a fleeting sense of collective nationality that only comes out on occasion and soon evaporates, and is usually just the tool of choice for cynical politicians to exploit. The Americans that built the Hoover Dam were a whole different people to the Americans who now bitch about paying taxes to pay for the upkeep of infrastructure.
          It is the generation that grew up in those bleak years of the 80s with the “Fuck you Jack, I got mine” attitude hammered into them that shat the narcissistic snowflakes and buttercups of the SJW dungheap into this world and set them loose on society with their fucking Twitphones and their iPrats telling them just how important they are and how vital their low rent low IQ fucking parrot owpineeyuns, duckyface selfies and retarded brainfarts are and how simply everyone must be interested in them.
          And believe me, my own country is just as bad thanks to Ronny’s behind closed doors fuckbuddy Mad Maggie Thatcher.
          Its fucked up and frizzy haired on top chum, but if theres a generation to blame its mine for falling for Ronny and Maggies shite.
          Anyway…… now for some music that sort of sums up what I have ranted about. I loved this song back when I was an angry youth in Docs and leathers, and love it now Im an angry old giffer

          1. Basically, yeah.

            But I’ll say as a point of order that states rights goes back before my country was founded. The states created the fed, not the other way around, and its good in theory to allow people to vote with their feet if one state fucks up its laws, assuming the fed doesn’t fuck it up everywhere.

            I think you’re conflating individuality and selfishness. Hardship makes people tougher and more politer. I don’t think it’s a political top down change of culture coming from elites. Power is more diffuse than that. I think affluence has turned people into selfish shortsighted idiots.

            Honestly, you gotta admit they were tougher back then. Can you imagine the folks over at This Is Thin Privilege standing up to Hitler? Or, for that matter, standing at all?

          2. Agree with you there chum, and think we just have slightly different senses of what we mean by “individual”.
            I agree the people were tougher back then, but that was down to their lack of all the life easing cackola we surround ourselves with now (for better and worse). That sort of pluck is still around – back in the 80s I worked a long line of shitty supply labour jobs to pay my way and scrape a living…I wasnt one of the ones with the brick size mobiles and shiny suits. I see it still in many of your countrymen and women who slave away and dont give in. But I also look at my nephew staring glassy eyed into his Twitphone and locked into his own self important world and just shake my head.
            And I agree with you that it is good and important that states have a voice and rights. The problem is that its going too far when Iran 47 states representatives can commit a blatant act of treason and like they have just done and get away with it, or some fucking shitwit who was thrown out of office once already like Roy Moore gets to stick two fingers up and tell the nation to fuck off. Its time to get back to E Pluribus Unum mate before the whole shebang falls apart.

          3. I’m more worried about your nephew than my stupid politicians. Slap that phone out of that poor kid’s hands.


            And, in case you’re wondering, no you can’t have your colonies back. 😉

          4. Oh mate….I stick my foot down and ban him from sitting at a table with me to eat if he has it, and rag on him when he sits with us in the living room. Makes me sound like a grumpy old man….but hey. What the hell.

            As for getting the colonies back…..hmmm.
            Sure you dont want us to take NASA off your hands? Go on…. let us have NASA. And Arches, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks…..and Monument Valley would be nice too. Some of those lovely empty desert roads as well, although you can fucking keep those shitty State Troopers who lurk along them. Talk about no sense of humor.

          5. Nah, we’ll keep our empty spaces, and you can keep yours too, even if the only ones left are those found between your giant British ears.

          6. Sorry to derail you on the middle of such a good rant, but you Brits might want to abstain from making comments on our system of governance, our country was founded on individualism and states rights. We have this concept called federalism that we fought a war about, but the future historians realized would be easier to stamp out critical thinking by associating it with slavery only.

            You British subjects don’t even understand our concepts of sovereign citizenship, let alone stand anywhere close to being able to criticize them.

            Also, your childish way of calling them behind closed door fuck buddies just puts your ignorance and immaturity even more on display.

            I think you are just assigning the worst possible motives for people opposing things. Take your Hoover Dam example: Why should I, a person who will never go to or benefit from the hoover dam, be forced to pay for it through taxes, rather than for infrastructure in my own state? The problem with this whole “you don’t want to pay your fair share” thinking is that it should be on those that will benefit from a project whose moneys should fund it, I have no issue paying a toll if I drive across it as I didn’t contribute and am now using it, but I live over 1000 miles away, it’s not a project for my state’s benefit, I shouldn’t have to fund it, those who benefit should. In another example, why should my taxes for the transportation administration be paid to subsidize a cheaper fare for some wall street worker’s (private corporation owned) subway ride, when my bridges I drive on are crumbling?

          7. So as a “British subject” I am incapable of understanding the concepts of other political systems? Really? So I am equally incapable of understanding the political concepts of Marxist/Leninist Communism as was in place in the USSR, as I never lived there. Or Maoism as Im not a Chinese national? Or Fascism as I never lived in 1930s Spain, Italy or Germany?
            You do show that sort of ignorance though, as you refer to me as a “British subject”. We Brits are citizens chummy, and not “subjects”. Only Americans of a certain political bent and certain sneering ignorance refer to Brits as “subjects” as they are incapable of understanding what the term “Constitutional Monarchy” actually means. Let me put this in simple terms for you. The term “subject” is an abstract concept. I am a British citizen living under a Parliamentary Democracy, not a fucking serf, and the Queen has fuck all power in any real sense to tell any British citizen, or its Parliament, what to do.
            As for your last paragraph…well that just shores up my case for the prosecution. You do understand what the Hoover Dam does dont you? It isnt just a tourist attraction you know. And what about citizens in Nevada who pay tax dollars that go to paying for national infrastructure in your state? Should they moan about that? You seem to be exactly the sort of NIMBY I was talking about. The phrase “A house divided ….” applies to societies as a whole chum, not just petty politics in Washington.
            As for that war you refer to, remember mate its the ones who fought for states rights above the nations rights who fucking lost. Maybe your history books gloss it over as a war over slavery, but the ones I read dont.
            And as for Regan and Thatcher…. fuckbuddies is the least offensive insult I can muster for those two fucking disgraces to the name “human”.

          8. It must be so terrible going through life so bitter and angry, but yeah, Nevada residents can worry about their own electricity. When projects management gets to such a high and detached from the local level, it just brings in mismanagement and corruption. But as you’re clearly a string central government can do no wrong type, im sure you don’t agree.
            And actually, you can’t think of something more apt to describe such contemptible people is part of your issue. I simply think they are people who hold different priorities than me and have a different outlook. I don’t think you are contemptible for your views, you just like big government meddling, that’s cool I guess. It’s your childish insults that foster my contempt for you. And sure you can comment on the government of other countries, but it doesn’t help that you don’t understand the fundamental 8th grade education version of how it works.

            Beyond that there’s a House of Lords and a House of Commons, I really don’t get British government, so I couldn’t comment on their function, I see that you guys like to prosecute people for Twitter posts though, so I’d time down the acrimony if I were you.

  2. It was a through recap

    in stunned disbelieve.

    Wu was a completely loser.

    come now ralph… at least let one other person glance over the article…

    1. He’s probably too busy thinking we could have stopped it while banging on the floor and shouting “damn you all to hell!”.

      1. we couldn’t have, No way in hell we could have stopped it, even knowing what we know now, absolutely %100 sure of it guys, the proof is in the putting, No one would had believed the far left to be so authoritarian and dogmatic as they proven the past few years, at least here in the west, in particular the good old US of A, land of the free, at least supposedly, I am in my late forties, I started with SPACE WARS one of the first games guys!!!, I am still that kid !!!, I am a gamer , been a gamer , well die probably with a Joystick in one hand the other on my chest because of heart attack, 🙂 :), but seriously, these fuckers we are dealing with are stronger politically & culturally then NRA, Methodist church, The Catholic , Mormon church, the whole Christian right put together with all the labor unions thrown in the mix, they only other group that has more power is the NAACP !!!!!, even then they draw a whole lot of supporters and misguided allegiance from them too, WE TALKING FEMINISM HERE , No exaggerations fellows, don’t take my word for it research it yourselves, let me remind you that most people of your generation and the two generations before were and are liberal out look supporters or left of center for the most part !!!!, heck you can not tell us apart from them until you see the libertarian/ pro free speech/ anti-dogma & anti-authoritarianism aspect we all share as #gamergate , we got our battle cut out for us guys!!!, on the other hand I truly hope they picked on the most informed, aware , hard headed when sure to be right kind folks in gamers and #gamergate , I really hope so, these ideological demagogues, SJW’s authoritarian, mother fuckers are no better then Jack Thompson or the whole assholes on the far right, fuck them both, we need to let them know they picked on the wrong people this time.

        1. Meh, I’m not too sold on that. SJW hold no power in my country and even in the USA they’re getting their asses kicked now that they’ve been more exposed to moderate people.

          Just look at that recent debate with the president from FIRE where the majority of people agreed the left was stifling free speech on colleges, look at how the vast majority of people in the USA, one of the centers of social justice, don’t self identify as feminists. And, more importantly, look at gamergate where a ragtag group of internet dwellers who only like to play video games are turning the tables on the Orwellian SJWs who’ve had decades to hone their mind control techniques and have WAY more resources at their disposal.

          I’d say that from the moment devs like Mark Kern started listening to GG the battle for video games turned in our favor. Developers speaking out against the SJW narrative was basically D-day for GG.

          But now Americans have to clean up the rest of their country, starting by the colleges, or they’ll eventually lose in a cultural war of attrition. It doesn’t matter that the SJWs have no power in gaming if the colleges are indoctrinating people like they have for the past years, eventually the brain washed SJWs will reach a critical mass and be able to completely take over your country. (in a worst case scenario)

          That’s the problem with gamergate, I’d say. Too focused on video games to attack the root of the problem. You could fix that by talking more about stuff like this: http://www.thefire.org/please-report-to-your-resident-assistant-to-discuss-your-sexual-identityits-mandatory-thought-reform-at-the-university-of-delaware/

          It’s ridiculous that little to no people ever talk about this STRAIGHT UP BRAINWASHING. Fuck man, no wonder the USA had a problem with cults, nobody there seems to give a shit about education.

          1. You missed an important point there though, we did pass the critical mass point, that is way I believe they are so powerful, look , let me level with you , I am biologist , I don’t hold any degree’s in political science or political philosophy of any kind, I read though, boy do I read, it’s my hobby after chess & gaming, these people SJW’s, haven’t just infiltrated gaming, they are in every powerful nook & cranny for the most part and they are gaining, this asshole ( Jonathan Macintosh) & his ilk are all over the place, let me leave it at that, cause we obviously don’t see eye to eye on this point at least which is way although I am for #gamergate and a die hard libertarian, if I had to bet, I would put my money on Anita’s & her cronies, Intel & $ 300million are tip of the ice berg.

          2. I fear you are right my dear sir
            My opinion was that this shit would never happen in Holland but now that i look closer i do see it over here and we are fucked if we dont fight it

          3. I know of the stopping anti feminists laws,i think they already voted on for a few weeks back

            Would not stop me tho
            I am aloud to speak out my opinions and the Netherlands isnt going to change that law (the politicians would loose backing if they do and there are elections coming up, it looks like the PVV (party for freedom/Geert Wilders) is going to win the elections)

          4. The EU is slowly considering making criticizing feminism illegal.


            The thing is, the more the people in charge fear an idea, the harder it is punished.

            Do you think criticizing feminism would be illegal if it was in a position of strength?

            No, they’re aware that they are losing, so they’re going to crackdown, provoking further dissent as people rush to find out what’s so bad about the forbidden thing, provoking further crackdowns, provoking further dissent, etc. etc…

            The EU is dealing with a tide of right-wing alternatives, (Swedish Democrats, UKIP, Party for Freedom, etc.) and now the left is coming too (SYRIZA, the British Green Party, the Scottish National Party).

          5. I don’t think they have reached critical mass because people are still fighting back and winning. There is still hope, and you can see that from organizations like FIRE, teachers fighting for due process and free speech in colleges and gamergate.

            The critical mass I was talking about is when the SJW college graduates reach near 100% and everyone with any meaningful power or voice is an SJW. Anything less won’t work, since those people are so delusional no one else will take them seriously after they get exposed for what they are.

            Just look at shit like shirtgate, it shows how crazy they are and every time something like that happens more people are “red pilled” and join the fight. Not to mention the fact that SJW tend to lash out to everyone around them, so they will eventually make so many enemies they’ll collapse eventually. Don’t believe me? Just look at Brianna Wu, once one of their greatest figures, now hated by SJWs for even daring to have a temporary truce with a pro GG dev.

          6. We are on the same side my friend and I absolutely hope I am not trying to discourage you by no means at all when I say we have already passed the critical mass threshold, they will lose in the end no doubt about it, but what I am worried about is at what price???, It might take more then just #gamergate + the majority of the atheist movement + MRA’s + all the anti-feminist segments of the general public put together to take them on!!!, What I am alluding to is a major shift in the ” feminism is equality ” narrative as a result of a catastrophic event like a war with another major power or a an environmental disaster, on a massive global scale, ..etc, what I mean is something that force’s the current world social order to reset the Dynamics of social priorities out of necessity, feminism is a first world, rich dominions problem to begin with, the past has a predictable way of repeating itself, history proves it, when the whole ideology these marixist/ Orwellian style SJW’s are about is as hallow as cheese , shallow, antagonistic to reality and the human condition regardless of the gender( male or female), it’s bound to fail in the end, it might take time but logic dictates that fact, meanwhile and back to the original point, do a simple thing to find out just a glimpse of what we are up against, Google ” gamergate news ” , go back as far as 20 pages if you like!!!!, all these anti-Gamergate articles, Tv shows, Academie!!!!, Do you think these people are idiots or is the propaganda & number of people who are brain washed & still being brain washed had already passed the point of critical mass???!!, Something in math & logic tells me, you, I & anyone who’s not unhinged by ideological idiocy or mental retardation/ naivety or whatever causes this who knows!!! other then indoctrination ???, is an exception to the rule , the simple fact is all these people who are duped says something, the number of people is astounding!!!, either we are so Egotistical, detached from reality and they are right or We did pass the critical point, after all history proved you can brain wash the masses to believe anything if you do it right by complete immersion from a young age, everywhere, everyone, all the time, till they don’t know any other way or anything else, have a good day Sir.

          7. Sorry,I typed it on my smart phone at work on my lunch break, so I had to do lot’s of corrections, often.

  3. It’s scary that Gamespot predicted this. Gamespot! To quote Randy Marsh, “WE DIDN’T LISTEN!”

  4. Pretty damn accurate. This quote stood out though.

    “Just when the decency police and
    moral values group have been all but defeated in the courts–both of law
    and public opinion–a new threat has emerged from our left flank:
    political correctness,” he continued. “The leftist thought police are
    now wanting to impose their view of propriety on modern cultural
    discourse. ”

    Thank you! People got so worked up of the Social Conservative moral crusaders, they forgot to watch for the batshit cracy Progressive moral crusaders.

  5. Thorough, but not surprising, at least like me who came from a fairly-right mindset. Remember that idiotic ‘War on Christmas’ by Bill O’Reilly? Or the ‘War on Women’ featuring Hillary Clinton? While I won’t champion that fat bastard, he was fighting against the social justice types that we are now cursed to look upon. Whether people wanted to admit it or not, these cockroaches came from the far left. Why do people think the media, that is the non-Fox News or Breitbart ones, came out swinging hard against GamerGate? Because they saw it as an attack on their monopoly on culture.

    In any case, now that the cat is out of the bag, I hope people won’t be too surprised that their ‘heroes’ and institutions they cared about will turn on them.

    1. They still think they’re safe in their positions but they’re wrong because this identity politics crap is far too alienating.

    2. Human beings are a very group centric species. As bad as racism and such are, part of it is an evolutionary holdover of our tribal beginnings going back to hunter gatherer days. The politicians have learned to take advantage of this, and capatalized on it b painting every thought not in line with the official stance as those fo the enemy. That way, they can actually modify your opinions because they realize your need to identify with the tribe is more of a subconscious imperative than your convictions. They only have to get a fraction of people to shift belief this way to keep themselves in power.

      The best thing one can do for themselves is simply question everything. Seek out both sides of an argument and try to recognize the bullshit in each, because both sides will twist facts and statistics to sell their point of view. Everything you hear is trying to sell you something, it’s always on you to try to find the fine print.

    3. Pretty much this. As someone who is pretty right leaning on some stuff, I saw this stuff coming years ago, and by the very same people.

  6. I didn’t even notice the corruption of the gaming sites before the late 2013 or so, when I started looking for gaming.

    Should’ve stumbled upon this years ago, at least then I would’ve tried to organize a prevention group or something.

  7. Thanks for the shoutout man but i just found it on twitter!

    Anyway this stuff is crazy everyone there must have been like man this sounds like a conspiracy theory!

  8. I just watched Christina Hoff Sommers’ newest video about how the Anti-Defamation League drank Sarkeesian’s Kool-Aid. I have the same position as Mr. Walters, and wonder just what it will take for gamers AND DEVELOPERS to finally stand up to and REJECT this nonsense. In my several decades on this planet I’ve never seen someone gain as much power and influence over an industry and culture they have no connection to as Sarkeesian has, and if she’s allowed to continue her agenda it’s possible there could be federal mandates in the offing, controlling the content of video games, and by that point it will be too late: public opinion has already been poisoned on an unprecedented level, no politician wants to be seen as a racist/sexist for opposing such measures in the name of “diversity”, and the average citizen will have very little power to do anything about it.

    These people are DESTROYING video games, and they are too self-unaware to see it.

    1. want my twopennethworth?

      She and FullMcIntosh will fuck up as sure as eggs is eggs. Look at them – so self absorbed and self assured they are damn sure to fall victim to their hubris like many before. They are, for now, in their McCarthy at the peak of his power phase, but be sure like McCarthy they will tumble down, and take the whole SJW HUAC shitshow with them.

      My bet is some bright spark will hack their emails and show the world how they are sniggering away behind closed doors. Ditto Quinny and Liftshits and Fagbutts and the rest.

      It will be like Wikileaks for SJW Shitwits.

      Keep the popcorn handy chum. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but that bright and shining frabjous day is there on the horizon, its gleaming golden rays leading us on.

  9. I think anyone paying attention to what happened in academia saw this coming, what I’m surprised by is how quickly the gaming press welcomed it. I think seeing as journalists are humanities majors perhaps social justice ideology was always there, laying dormant until it became viable.

    More recently those who used to be part of the Atheist skeptic communities saw the feminist push into the space implode but it took down the big tent approach with it. I’m actually thankful since it dispelled some of the delusions about the loose community it created, a lot of atheists are anything but skeptical or even fucking secularists. All the humanist organisations are full of shit imo and many of the atheist groups that were formed are merely replacement churches for apostates that quickly demand a new type of ideological conformity.

    What gets me more about the left authoritarian approach is its slyness and dishonesty. Instead of fighting with legislation and argumentation they avoid being approached completely and rely on manipulation of discourse and establishing a narrative. They don’t stray off script because they never have to defend their ideas, objectification is a thing because they say it is and their friends in academia published junk work saying it exists. That askasocialscentist reddit post the other day was pathetic, but the rot has set in deep in the arts(sociology is not science) and we are left fighting the legacy of 40+ years of corruption and negligence. Any smear they throw out like sexism, racism, white supremacy and homophobia have a sociological definition that can be exchanged at anytime. Not enough black people in 14th century Bohemia, that’s racist and white supremacist, not that the developer is a nazi or subscribes to race theory but by the tortured logic of whatever bat shit Theory their dictionaries say it is. They employ the same Motte-and-Baily approach with equality, privilege and feminism, they never want terms to be pinned down because that would mean having an argument.

    Do not go along with it. Do not try to beat them at who is the most minority friendly, least privileged, diverse, pro-LBGT, do not use the words like objectifying, don’t even bother pointing out most of them are white. I know most of them are weird college educated white guilt ridden flaky manlets, but their ‘white’, ‘rich’ and ‘male’ status is only a bad thing if you agree with their narrative on the need for better ‘representation'(another nonsense word). The more you engage in these comparisons the further away from addressing ideas you get.

    1. but their ‘white’, ‘rich’ and ‘male’ status is only a bad thing if you
      agree with their narrative on the need for better ‘representation’

      The point is, that even assuming their narrative is correct…

      They are still wrong.

      1. Chino is totally right!
        I admit that sometimes when I debate with some far left progressive SJW I pretty much twist myself into a knot and fall into their trap. There’s no point in trying hard and finding solid arguments against their false theories because they will always changes the goal post, essentially “you argument doesn’t care, my argument matters more.”

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