I’m going on the air at 12AM EST to talk shit with some of my friends, but I had to come write a short post here on my main outlet, you feel me? OK, I’ll stop talking like a rapper. But, if I was gonna compare Kotaku to a rapper, I would pick Meek Mill. It’s not because I hate Meek, since I actually kinda enjoy some of his work. It’s because they’ve been getting blown out left and right ever since they decided to whine about allegedly being blacklisted by Bethesda and Ubisoft. I mean, I’m just gonna talk about Boogie fucking ’em up, but he’s far from the only one. Maybe I’ll talk about the rest tomorrow when I have time. Does this make Boogie the Drake equivalent? Perhaps.

Anyway, let’s head to Big Boogie’s Twitter feed. He’s been calling these corrupt fuckers out for the last 24 hours or so…

Then the billionaire creator of Minecraft, Notch, jumped in. Like I said, everybody is piling on the rotting Kotaku corpse…

But Based Boogie wasn’t done yet. Today, he opened up a can of whoopass on Jason Schreier…

He STILL wasn’t done, though. He even made a video about the whole thing:

The funny thing is, I remember Jason telling Boogie he was fucked over on NeoGAF about a year ago. The whole scummy crew over there tried to force Boogie to denounce GamerGate. Look, I’ve had my problems with Boogie in the past, but in general, he’s a good guy that was put into a tough spot. Corrupt outlets like Kotaku were threatening to blacklist him over his support of gamers and he was understandably upset. But he didn’t have any reason to be, as it turns out.

Why? Because Kotaku doesn’t have any real clout in the gaming industry. They’re fucking useless when it comes to influencing real gamers. In fact, most gamers don’t give a shit what the press says at all, unless they are all shitting on a game in unison or something like that. The vast majority of enthusiasts pay attention to YouTube, Metacritic, and the like. They don’t care to read the latest SJW shit take from the likes of Schreier. It just doesn’t matter. The most important thing to them is very simple: Is this game any fun? Yes or No?

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, I will go ahead and add some more reaction to Kotaku’s cry session. Then, I’ll go ahead and setup the stream I’m about to do…



There’s more, but I don’t have time. It’s 10 minutes til showtime, so I might have to come back and update this shit later. If you feel like tuning in, feel free. If not, I’ll see you later this evening.


  1. I’ve been following Boogie’s YT channel for years, and he’s chill as fuck. If he’s telling you to go fuck yourself, then you certainly have it coming.

    As for the Kotaku mess, I’ve been keeping tabs on this over on reddit, Twitter, and Facebook, and the consensus is pretty much, “FUCK KOTAKU”. I just over a year, we’ve turned the tables on Kotaku and publicly exposed them as the never-ending garbage fire stinking up games journalism.

    1. And it’s not even just merely stinking up games journalism either.

      They’ve pretty much indirectly labelled and slandered all male gamers as “sexist”, “misogynistic” and “rapists” for liking a bit of sideboob in a fictional video game. Not to mention doing the same thing to developers who include a bit of fanservice in their games. Which of course leads to indirect censorship, as Anita Sarkeesian and her brigade of SJW feminist followers knows full well.

      I hope Kotaku rot.

      1. Does any one remember what we have been saying at the beginning of this whole fiasco!!, we did not start it, but we sure going to end it, let me repeat our chant on twitter back then, the Hell with ” KOTAKU ” :

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    2. Penny Arcade recently posted a comic putting Kotaku on full blast, and as expected, now they’re persona non grata on Kotaku’s “Sunday Comics” line up.

      I think there’s a word for this…um…grey-itemizing…uh….ebon-categorizing? Wait a sec, the word will hit me any second now….I got it! Hypocrisy!

      Here’s the comic that caused Kotaku’s ruptured colon: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic

  2. Let it burn, let it burn,
    Can’t hold the internet back anymore.
    Let it burn, let it burn,
    Turn away and slam their front door…

  3. Down with Kotaku. Down with their constant attacks against gamers. They will not be missed, in fact I can’t recall ever using their web site, I’ve only seen the Twitters people put out about their biased reviews and attacking gamers.

  4. This kind of continued fruition is more proof of one of my bigger reasons for generally ditching GamerGate, that being that it’s not really necessary anymore. The SJW ship is sinking, the SJW forest is on fire, the SJW pooch is thoroughly screwed. Most of the continued posting in the GG tag is just redundant and obnoxious virtue signalling by people who cling to it as an identity.

    The mortal damage was already inflicted several months ago and I don’t need to do a fucking thing anymore except watch it unfold and shitpost. In August 2014 fighting SJWs felt like taking on a tyrannosaur with a bb gun. In November of 2015 it’s more like walking leisurely behind Liberty Prime while he hurls nukes and screams in Trey Parker’s voice.

    1. as character (im not spoiling who or what says it) in hellsing abridged put it “it could be more on fire.”

    2. Indeed, Gamergate has seeped into the common thought, even among non-gamers

      Just like I predicted. Let us keep planting the seeds of anti-social justice

    3. The ditching of GamerGate is both good and bad.

      Good because the ‘normals’ and ‘neutrals’ are waking up and speaking up against this SJW/feminist nonsense, and is slowly becoming common thought.

      Bad because as soon as the anti-SJW/feminist atmosphere starts dying down (without GG this is far more likely to happen) you can guarantee that the SJWs will start rising from the woodworks again.

      In my opinion, GamerGate needs to be kept alive and retained in order to keep those miserable cunts knocked firmly down onto the ground and to make sure that the SJW-shitfest doesn’t happen again.

      And also, we are nowhere even near in the clear yet either. Mainstream media and news outlets love SJWs/feminists and hates GamerGate. Long way to go.

    4. Single best post about not being part of the tag anymore I’ve ever seen. nice to see folks who think we’ve won. As of late, I agree with you on this. A lot of the big thinkers, doers, and creators in the industries in question have started telling these people to fuck off, while prominent names within liberal circles have also started rejecting the identity politics and safe space culture. At this rate, we’d probably get more done if we supported the SP/RP movement in SFF.

      That said, I do very much enjoy this stage of the war. The majority of damage one does to the enemy, the corpses they pile high, occurs when the enemy is in rout and you can lance them in the back as they try to flee. This is the stage where you go for the kill.

  5. I think it has best been summed up by those who’ve said that Kotaku wasn’t providing anything worth publishing when they leaked that Fallout stuff. It was for the scoop and pageviews and any pretension of “public interest” is bullshit.

    Gizmodo found this out the hard way by buying that lost iPhone and their subsequent blacklisting by Apple. You don’t leak corporate material that could potentially benefit competitors and expect no ramifications.

    Kotaku isn’t some bastion of independent reporting. They’re a tabloid pure and simple.

  6. i hate to dissent but I wasn’t a huge fan of what happened here

    why shouldn’t any news outlet report on leaks? to me the relationship of gaming sites and them is ‘we give you a game, you review it’ a simple quid pro quo. is it really OK to cut them off of this basic relationship out of unjustified anger?

    then again, it’d be nice if Bethesda and Ubisoft explained precisely why they’d blacklisted Kotaku (i hear they’ve semi-blacklisted polygon as well), it may just be hatred of the social justice narrative

    1. I think that’s a fair question, so don’t fear dissent.

      To me I think it’s down to whether a company (in this case, Bethesda) wants it known what properties it’s working on. I think it’s at the discretion of Bethesda whether they trust a publication or not and with whom they have a rapport.

      If I were working on something secret and a publication leaked details of it so my competition could see it, I’d evaluate my relationship with that publication.

      1. i guess; it really comes down to whether or not they are entitled to the working relationship. and I guess on that score I am wrong and they aren’t

        1. It’s been the way in the enthusiast media for a while: maintain the relationship and get the material to cover. This isn’t unique to videogames, and certainly Gizmodo has felt Apple’s wrath for leaking info.

    2. Gawker’s a Third Wave shithole. As far back as 2009 their io9 science fiction site run by a transgender guy and a lesbian were putting out articles like “When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like Avatar?” If you were a gaming company would you want to be associated with that Nazi shit? Finally io9 has been merged with Gizmodo or something. It’d be better to merge them with fucking Stormfront.

    3. “is it really OK to cut them off of this basic relationship out of unjustified anger?”

      It’s not “unjustified anger” though is it?

      They are given video games to review. Instead, they’re using video games to project their agenda and dictate to people what is acceptable and what isn’t, and also telling us how male gamers are “sexists”, “misogynists” and would-be “rapists” for “keeping and harassing women out of gaming”.

      Not to mention hitting developers with the same stick if they include a bit of side-boob and lingerie armour.

      “it may just be hatred of the social justice narrative”

      Even if it is, good.

  7. Lol so full of shit. “They never blacklisted people” What about The Fine Young Captitalists. Better yet I said this on KiA, didn’t the Gamesjournopros do the exact same thing? I think it did.

  8. Gawker rebrands as a political site, despite there being an overwhelming number of political sites and kotaku’s getting blasted from every side. It’s been a good week.

  9. Kotaku tries to use the victim card here but it doesn’t work. Its not only pro GG people.
    Everyone hates these motherfuckers!

  10. Last weeks South Park, and this weeks episode will continue it, BLASTED so called “native advertisement” in a really amusing way. All cannons are pointed at these corrupt bastards.

  11. It still makes my skin crawl how a hipster/SJW/rad fem-infested media turned a consumer revolt about corrupt journalism into lies about “hating and harassing women”. What makes my skin crawl even more are all the ignorant pieces of shit who bought that narrative and self-righteously attacked people in the name of their religion of SocJus/Feminism. The reality was, however, that most of these lunatics aren’t even really gamers, but social media obsessed cunts that want the gamer label, but don’t like the culture.

    1. Does any one remember what we have been saying at the beginning of this whole fiasco!!, we did not start it, but we sure going to end it, let me repeat our chant on twitter back then, the Hell with ” KOTAKU ” :

    2. The same thing happened in science fiction at the same time. It started around 2009 when Twitter went big but really went nuts in 2012. It’s no coincidence Sarkeesian started her first Kickstarter the same month the president of the Science Fiction Writers of America John Scalzi had his white male privilege piece at Kotaku. He still runs his mouth about what assholes Americans, whites and men are.

      It was all the same shit; SF hated women and gays and black folks and always had and “marginalized” them and blah, blah. The SFWA president after Scalzi was just as bad and now the newest is a lesbian who supports every anti-white, anti-male, anti-heterosexual fuck in SF. Just like in gaming, a lot of them aren’t even writers; they’re Twitter fucks who light up whites or men all day and then actually get on panels at SF conventions.

      I’m hoping Milo turns his attention to that nest of rats because they’re as strong as ever. Unlike gaming, there’s really no activist Twitter community like GG to oppose them and ride herd on them. There’s a hundred fucking people like Harper, Wu, Quinn and Chu over there and there’s a lot of cross-over with gaming. That fuck Kluwe was at the last SFWA Nebula Awards and they all love Black Lives Matter.

      1. Vox Day has staked his claim in the sci-fi/John Scalzi cesspool.

        Milo’s got his hands full trying to get a speaking gig that doesn’t get cancelled or bomb threated into oblivion.

        1. Just remember this: the first blacks-only “safer-space” these college students are asking for right now I ever heard of was created by some fat black lesbian named K. Tempest Bradford at the WisCon feminist SF convention. That room is every year now and there is a blacks-only dinner off-site that goes with it. Bradford is just a Twitter fuck like Chu, Harper, Quinn and Sarkeesian. She doesn’t write SF or even blog regularly. All she does is start campaigns like to not read “cis white men” for one year. An SF writer named Chuck Wendig wrote the new Star Wars novel tie-in. He personally lobbied Disney for permission to put in gay characters. SF is fucking up even more stuff than anti-GG. This shit starts small and then gets mainstreamed right out into the public arena. Black James Bond, lady Thor – it never fucking ends.

      2. These people have it in their mind that “whiteness” is “inherently” anti-minority. Because they are insane, professional victims. That’s the short of it. Not a single one of them has a legitimate claim to oppression and they themselves are nothing more than bigoted, racist, sexist cunts empowered by hatred they have conflated with righteousness.

  12. Awesome, Boogie was always reasonable, but more importantly game designers are starting to speak up. Kotaku is nearly dead.

    Next on the list – Polygon and RPS.

    1. It’s almost cute. Like watching a small child smear its faeces on the wall then calling you over to look at his ‘art’.

  13. Boogie seems like the nicest dude on earth. Only a bunch of sociopathic cunts like those at any Gawker shingle would try and hurt him and his business.

  14. when you have one of the most honest and publicly polite youtubers calling you out, you know there are issues. I’m glad Boogie is doing well, neutrals are the people that keep the world running while the extremists try to end it.

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