I had a dinner to attend and then came home and crashed out. So I missed most of the drama after Milo dropped his article. I haven’t even had a chance to catch up on emails and comments yet. Instead, I woke up and came directly over here to report about all the craziness started by Big Randi Harper. She’s saying now that her son is on Twitter, and is using that as a talking point to smear Milo, since he mentioned that he would be talking about the rumor that she tried to sell her child in the next installment of the trilogy. 

He never said that he would be talking about the name, age, or location of her kid, but Randi used this as an excuse to go on the offensive against Milo. She even unveiled an account that she claimed was her son, but we of course have no way of validating that. Knowing her, there’s a good chance that it’s bullshit:





Oh, and here’s some more doxing Randi perpetrated that was discovered last night. What a wonderful individual. I’m super glad she’s going to be the one to stamp-out Internet harassment:


I wonder how many more discoveries are out there? I’m banking on one or two being revealed by Milo in these upcoming articles. I’m gonna go look on Twitter and see if I can find more fallout, but for now, this is the main portion of drama. Harper has dragged her kid onto Twitter to be her shield…if you believe that’s actually her kid. Plenty of folks do not.

Looks like I was right about the prediction for part two. The Master just sent this out right before I was about to publish:



UPDATE: More from Twitter…8eCi45K



UPDATE II: More proof that’s not really her son…