The Daily Dot has a huge story out this afternoon, and I think it deserves some major attention. So, I’ve delayed the next post in favor of an excerpt of this post. No matter what you think of Milo Yiannopoulos , this takedown stinks to high heaven. And it stinks even more after you read this about the so-called “Reagan Battalion,” the main group responsible for this attack…

Employees at four of the publications listed by the Reagan Battalion—the Daily Caller, the National Review, the Federalist, and the Blaze—said their companies have no affiliation with the Reagan Battalion. “We have no affiliation with this site at all. Looking at it, I assume this is just his way of promoting websites that he likes,” Leon Wolf, managing editor of the Blaze, told the Daily Dot.

“No relation at all,” said Madeline Orr, a spokeswoman for the Federalist, of the Reagan Battalion. “Never heard of them, and ‘the Federalist’ logo they have on their site is not our logo. Looks like a knock off.”…

An archived donation page, which appears to be exactly the same as a hidden donation page on the current Reagan Battalion website, suggests that the site was managed and paid for by an official PAC registered with the FEC under Stop Trump PAC…

The Stop Trump PAC named on the donation page was established in March 2016 in opposition to Trump’s presidential bid but was quickly forced by the FEC to close down in June because it used a political candidate’s name in its own PAC.

The donation page explains at the bottom that it was paid for by the Stop Trump PAC and lists the website Interestingly, that site now redirects to the Indivisible Guide. Indivisible Guide is a grassroots group, backed by progressives and some Democrats, that is being characterized as the Tea Party of the left…

Curiously, on July 11, 2016, just weeks after terminating its FEC registration, the archives show that a page appears on the Stop Trump PAC’s website dedicated to the Reagan Battalion, although it contains no information on the group.

Further complicating matters, the named treasurer on the FEC records for the Stop Trump PAC is Nathan Lerner.

Lerner is now the executive director of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, previously known as the Keep America Great PAC. Co-founded by Lerner and Scott Dworkin, the Keep America Great PAC aimed to raise $20 million to mobilize voters who were not pleased with either Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. As the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, the group “now exists to hold the Trump White House accountable,” according to its website.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lerner for comment but has not received a response.

So, to recap: The Reagan Battalion bills itself as a coalition of conservative news outlets, many of which take a critical stance of Trump. Reagan Battalion lists in its contact information a website for the nonexistent Stop Donald Trump PAC. That group’s web presence has largely been deleted, but archived copies show it was paid for by the Stop Trump PAC, a registered political action committee created by a progressive activist and the website of which now links to the grassroots group Indivisible. 

More thoughts on this soon…

OK, I’ve had a chance to see some of the responses to this post over on Twitter. A few people are saying it doesn’t matter, how can I defend Milo, etc. First thing, I haven’t once defended the content of Milo’s comments. In fact, I think it’s foolish to even attempt to do so. However, where this attack is coming from, who planned it and implemented it…all that is very important. How can you ignore than an outfit that calls itself the Reagan Battalion and lists all these conservative websites on its home page is in fact a Democrat operation with no affiliation to any of those publications?

Leaving that part of the story out is just insane and it lets these frauds off the hook. What ends up happening to Milo is beside the point. These people need to be outed.


UPDATE: More goodies from the “Stop Trump Pac” that preceded the Reagan Battalion…


(archive, TRR story link)

  1. Because of course. We had a uniparty in this country for decades, it’s totally unsurprising to me to discover more clintonian bullshit stinking up the place.

  2. All the dumb as shit TRUE CONSERVATIVES got taken in by a democrat smear job. Do you think they will apologize to milo now.

  3. This event has actually turned me against the right. Rubin talks about the regressive left, this is the regressive right. Because a lot of what’s come out that douche canoe McMullin is involved as well.

    1. I’m reaching a point where Trump could go full Vlad the Impaler on the Neocons and Clintonians and I would just cheer it on. How are we supposed to maintain a democratic process or a civil discourse when half the people in power do nothing by act subversive and the entire media is a propaganda spewing gaggle of political activists?

      1. I’ve maintained from the beginning my biggest hope was that Trump destroys the republicunt party. I’ve wanted to see them die since they anointed Romney.

    2. We are the new Right.

      We are liberals, conservatives, moderates

      We hate what the government has done, hate the disgusting attitudes from both entrenched sides and want change.

      That is what we are.

      1. Indeed. We need to purge the old guard they have done nothing but ruin our future. I realized I was longer with right when I began noticing they were in as much of an echo chamber as the sjw’s.

        1. This is the full manifesto I wrote up about the New Right.

          For those who can’t call themselves part of the left and hate how the right treated Milo…
          I declare, on this day, that we are part of a new movement, the New Right.

          We are Liberals
          We are Conservatives
          We are Moderates
          We despise the entrenched globalists
          We despise the corrupt government
          We demand change
          We demand honesty
          Political Correctness can bite it.
          Open discussion is the only way to discover the truth.
          We support the rule of law
          We support individual freedoms.
          We are not racists, sexists, xenophobes for our beliefs.

      2. Please remember to add forgiving to that list. We don’t think (with all we’ve seen of Milo) that he was advocating for pedophilia. We understand how it came out, but (with what we know about Milo) can understand that he was trying to laugh off some serious pain and talking about a terrible event in his life.

    3. It’s not so much the right and the left; it is the elite who own both parties, pitting the right and the left against each other. While they are using ostensibly “leftist” tactics, the goal of those tactics is totalitarian rule, which has always been embraced by the extremists of both the right and the left. Most people are essentially moderate, but the government and the media are cooperating in an all out effort to scare and shame more of us into embracing or demonizing one side or the other, thus creating instability which is useful to them. They can do whatever they please if we are all busy fighting each other.

      I get tired of people saying, “Don’t kid yourself. Trump wouldn’t be a billionaire if he weren’t ‘establishment.'” There’s no doubt that he’s a well connected “insider” in parts of the establishment, but he is not owned by those at the very top of the power structure in the US. If they had much control over him they would welcome his charisma and his popular appeal the way they did Reagan’s; they would be more than happy to make use of him. Indeed he would be a godsend to them. Instead they are taking unprecedented measures to discredit and destroy him, and the only possible reason is that they can’t control him. They can’t bribe him with promises of untold wealth after he leaves office, and they can’t scare him with the threat of ignominy – people have been mocking and rolling their eyes at his egotism and shenanigans for decades, and it doesn’t bother him a bit.

      When I heard he might run I laughed out loud. Months later I picked up a Republican primary ballot for the first time in my life, and I voted for him (while my beloved grandfather was likely spinning in his grave.)

  4. I knew it. The “Regan Battalion” was wolf in sheep’s clothing or controlled opposition. It was a very clean and organized hit. The word “Reagan” was the kicker because the “muh true conservatives” still idol worship him.

  5. Shocking! Not really though.

    In context there is nothing damaging about Milo’s comments. I disagree with his views, but he’s obviously not defending paedophilia.

    1. Yeah he defends pederasty, shameful really , but as long as he isn’t a pederast himself i don’t mind, he is just a misguided fag.

        1. The problem in owning his abuse is trying to paint his abuser in a positive light. Maybe we shoudn’t be judgemental but he should have know better.

          1. What’s George tiaki and Bill Maher’s excuse. Why have they not lost their endorsers. Do we really want to live in a world where we missed speak, not thinking through what we say and have our lives ruined over a momentary lapse in judgement.

          2. Yeah they should get screwed as well for advocating for pederasty and molestation, but to adress your post, we already live in that world, Milo’s pederasty remarks was just an excuse to bring him and his allies down, nothing more, nothing less.

  6. If the videos where Milo endorses “relationships” between adult men and boys are fake, that is one thing. If they are not fake, which I suspect to be the case, then Milo still needs to go.

    1. What is your definition of a ‘boy’? The slang term which are young men (and he is pretty explicit that is what he means)? Or the pediphile definition?

      I’m sorry but I live in this reality, not the made up one where these things don’t exist. I’d rather talk about them and solve them than condemn any mention of them…

    2. He endorses pederasty because he liked the experience. Shameful, but at the same time sad, because he was raped by his dad, he is now a fag.

  7. So those on the right who’ve thrown Milo under the bus have just associated themselves with a democrat smear campaign which again is associated with Sarah Butts. Let that sink in. All those “principled” people shunning Milo have done so while associating themselves with Sarah F*cking Butts of all people! That might not be the company they have chosen, but it’s the one which is now sticking at them, and it suits them sooo well. Golf clap! Hope you like your new buddy!

    1. Aside from crowing about Milo’s fall from grace, how is that delusional pedophile behind this? I see Nyberg/Butters tweeting about it, but what is his connection to the Reagan Battallion?

  8. Milo’s comments dont need defending because he said nothing that defended pedophiles. He wasn’t supporting pedophilia, he used the word ‘boy’ in reference to a 17 yr old which in UK is over the age of consent. As for not “outing” ppl at the “Hollywood” party, that would be slander. That was a bait which he didn’t fall for. As for not outing his own rapist, he doesn’t have to do that to tie that person to his life now. Lies are being spread and it’s disgusting how all the people who knew him best are not speaking up for him. IF he truly is proven to support pedophiles I will 100% be behind whatever action is taken against him. As of right now this is a smear job, plain and simple. His “friends” should know that.

  9. I don’t understand why so many on the right are continuing to play the useful idiot. The establishment can do this to ANYONE. People fret about the government suppressing free speech well *this is the government in action*. These are our rulers.

    1. What does the government have to do with any of this? Milo worked for a private company (Breitbart), signed a book deal with a private company (Simon & Schuster), and created his own little media empire. Getting booted by a private employer or losing a book deal isn’t suppression of free speech.

      1. The government is that which governs. How do people not understand this by now? The governing class is not bound by the first amendment. People like you don’t believe in free speech, you believe in the first amendment. You’re like an opponent of gun rights who nominally assents to the first amendment right to hunt, but not engage in self-defense.

        1. “The government is that which governs. How do people not understand this by “now?”

          And Breitbart and S&S do not govern, They don’t make laws. They’re private companies, able to hire and fire as they please.

          “The governing class is not bound by the first amendment.”

          The governing class is not the government and your sentence makes no sense. Breitbart and S&S are not in any sense “the governing class”. The governing class would be legislators, judges, bureaucrats, and other members of government.

          ” People like you don’t believe in free speech, you believe in the first amendment.”

          The American right of free speech derives from the 1st Amendment. Without the 1st Amendment, you do not have a legal right to free speech. No, the law does not recognize a “moral” or “natural” right to free speech.

          1. How dare you speak your mind. You could be snuffed. All you’re legally owed is the streetcorner, and you could be imprisoned for public disturbance. You vermin, opponents of free speech, who believe in the first amendment, despise it in spirit. You worship only power. I spit on you. Go get ball gagged.

          2. I’m always amused by people who think that free speech exists outside the law. The universe does not care about or protect your free speech.

  10. Not that I’m surprised that this is the work of slimy Democrats, but what does it matter? No one forced Milo to say the things he said, and no one forced him to do some outright stupid things (like going after Leslie Jones) that provided ample ammunition for liberals to accuse the right of racism and bigotry.

    Again, this is the danger of putting people on a pedestal. In this case, the retard wing of the right anointed a guy who was more interested in his own popularity than the cause. A guy who spent more time talking about how much he loves black cock than talking about issues that matter. A guy who was not a good spokesman for the Trump movement, who admitted his fans didn’t care about things like policy or the direction of the country.

    And here’s the thing — Milo used his sexuality and his preferences as a shield against criticism. His argument was, “I’m a gay man who only dates black men, how can I be racist?” And the irony is that that’s a play right out of the SJW playbook — identity politics, and identity politics by association.

    Well, that didn’t work for him this time, and it’s going to be the conservative and free speech movements that suffer. Because trust me, liberals won’t let anyone forget this for a very long time. Now who’s the next fame whore the alt-right is gonna rally around, Tomi Lahren? Good luck with that.

  11. Don’t worry, you S.O.B.s just made the Milo MORE POPULAR! HAHAHAHAHA!
    These old tricks don’t work so well on millennials. They are more forgiving and don’t watch MSM.

  12. you need to put on your galoshes and rubber gloves and head on down to /pol/ – there’s a lot more to this game than you’ve shown.
    This coordinated hit was announced as “incoming” late sunday night.
    Just remember don’t piss in the /pol/ – lurk if you have to. But asking questions there will get you links, memos, data etc on a lot of the actions that happened “EVERYWHERE” spontaneously.

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