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List of top DNC donors who also got plum ambassadorships…




2009-04-28-combined-ofa-dnc-hosting-proposal 2009-04-28-custom-development-proposal dncarchitecture_mc dncarchitecture_mcv2


I am requesting the DNC’s support in transitioning into a role as a redistricting technical consultant to the DNC, allowing me to spend more time working directly with Democratic legislative caucuses in the states. This arrangement benefits all involved.


The DNC is in a strong position for redistricting. The DNC’s data resources will be of incredible importance. We have favorable contracts with important redistricting vendors; we have done preparatory work on some of the major challenges in redistricting data, such as projections of population and voter trends; and have strong relationships with national organizations involved in the process.

However, our relationships with individual state legislative caucuses – where the work is done — are weak. Working through the state parties – while necessary – adds a political complication that is hard to overcome, and limits our ability to directly provide leg caucuses with the data and services they need. Being able to work with both legislatures and the DNC would ensure that the DNC’s contributions are used and appreciated, and that states make the most of the resources available to them.

I would propose continuing to assist the DNC with development of its core redistricting data products and services: 1) state-by-data datasets containing population and voter statistics at the census block level, integrating the official 2010 census numbers, and projections for 2012 and 2014 for these numbers; 2) Training and recruitment of technical support staff, including GIS and data training; 3) assistance working with national organizations, state parties and legislative caucuses. I suspect this work would take 75% of my own time through April.

In the period April-July, I would likely need to spend more time working directly with states. They will need technical infrastructure – computers and plotters and networks – in addition to redistricting databases and GIS software. I will find contract staff where necessary to work individually with states on a full-time basis, and ensure the DNC is fully staffed and covered when I am not available.

Later in the summer, I suspect the focus will shift towards preparing for litigation. Data will be a crucial part of these cases. Lawyers and expert witnesses will need to understand how we constructed the data and what the important pieces are. In places where Republicans control the process, we will need to provide strong arguments that they are going beyond reasonable bounds in gerrymandering districts along racial and political lines. Where we control the process, we’ll need to show that our districts do not dilute minority influence, that our districts are purely partisan gerrymanders (so far protected by the Supreme Court), and not in violation of the myriad other opaque precedents that currently govern redistricting. The growth in Hispanic population – lacking equal growth in citizen voting-age population – will result in new legal challenges that will require massive amounts of data research and preparation to defend adequately in court. Redistricting case law, which is clear in only a very small number of instances, will likely be re-examined in the 2nd half of 2011 in both state and federal courts, with data underpinning every argument.


I am convinced that by working as a DNC consultant in addition to a redistricting consultant to Democratic legislative caucuses, I could provide a crucial link between the Legislatures and the DNC – a relationship that is not assured at this time, and would be immensely valuable to Democrats’ success in the redistricting process by maximizing our resources.





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  1. Getting Trump elected isn’t enough, I hope he understands that he needs to launch massive investigations and thereby dismantle the democratic party. It’s complete cancer. It’s really quite interesting that the Clintons first got involved in national politics during the Watergate investigation, it’s pretty clear they took the opportunity to copy down Tricky Dick’s playbook to use for their own ends.

    1. I’m a registered democrat (I’m a homo and an atheist) and I’m so disgusted with my party right now. It used to be so much simpler when I could just hate on the rich 1%ers and the insane evangelicals. Now I have to hold my nose at the stench of the corruption coming from the Democratic Party.

      1. The duopoly is an enemy of we the people whether you’re left, right, center, black, white, religionist or atheist, the only people it serves are those you justifiably hate, the top one percent…who have NOTHING to do with the WORKING rich who may be some of the best among us.

        1. The 1% would include restaurant owners. As long as one gay cakke lay unbaked the leftist fight against the crony 0.000001% can wait

        2. Yep. This election cycle has been an eye opener.
          We should probably drop the false divisions that have been foisted on us to keep us divided, and join our partisan rivals to go after the establishment.
          We can always go back to bickering after we take out the trash.

          1. I’ve reached out to a few libs I know, and they all agree that the establishment has gone off the rails.
            I like Trump because he’s not “one of them”, but a better leader could really pull us all together. Whoever it is, is not part of the establishment.
            I’ll keep looking for that person, but vote for Trump in the mean time. He’s the best choice we’ve got right now.

      2. The thing is it’s not going to get any better so long as they keep getting elected, they’re not incentivized to clean up their act unless they start getting hammered in elections and courtrooms. Burn it down and start over.

          1. Quit being so “politically correct” and understand what is going on here. Geez………

          2. No, he spelled it right… BERN would have indicated the same ole same ole based upon his actions since he stepped aside…

      3. There is a middle ground between the corrupt Democrats and the corrupt Republicans, my friend. His name is Donald Trump. Give him a chance. He aims to fix it, I promise you.

      4. As long as one man in a dress is barred from little girls bathrooms the leftist fight against the 0.00001% can wait. check out Gay Patriot

      5. Then you need to get out and spread the word and let everyone look at these documents and understand who the really bad guys in Washington are. If change does not happen now we as a nation are doomed.

        1. Instead of a redistributing algorythm, there needs to be a corruption algorythm that ties all those sneaky turds together & connects the dots.
          A map for hunting them down.

          1. Now that is a BRILLIANT idea. Now we just need the right geeks on board to take on the project. There has to be a way to tie these SOB’s together and expose them.

          2. It’s an ugly place to go, but if they succeed on electing someone who flat out said she won’t be representing at least 100million citizens because they don’t agree with her leftist ideals,…..
            If she thinks we’re “irredeemable”, that means she has given herself permission to repress us. Open unapologetic tyranny.
            Its a bizzare testament to leftist hegemony that we are even having this conversation.

            I’m sure they have already compiled their lists of people who will be persecuted first.

      6. As I am sure you have noticed the stench of the hate mongering from the Trump campaign isn’t any more pleasant. Check out Jill Stein reading her platform was the first time I have felt a sense of hope for our political system.

        1. well, if all you do is view the man through the lens of the vitriolic left and the hydra/propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, the msm and its online water-carriers then of course you believe the ‘hate-mongering’ trope… Jill Stein has no shot.

      7. as progressive who has been voting dem since i turned 18 in 1992 after supporting bernie sanders and being appalled at how much a fraud the primarys truly was.i am on ssi and donated money to bernie.i am considering something i thought i would never do.consider voting for trump to help stop clinton.remember wall street and neocons actully prefer clinton over trump.consider this if you like me hated bush his crowd supports clinton not trump.Trump opposes TPP which obama sold out many of those who worked for his election and reelection.only hope for future of dems is for clinton to lose and clintons lose their hold over DNC.

      8. I’m a registered Republican, but lean more Libertarian. You’d be amazed at how many of us don’t care that you’re gay or an atheist. We just care that you live your life out freely and peacefully. Many of us don’t care if you want a gun, pot, and a boyfriend. Just the loudest seem to care. Those people are fucking lunatics and we hate them too. 🙂

      9. Come on over to Trump. We are not homophobic and you have the right to believe in anything or nothing at all. We just want a President that loves America and will work for us so we can remain free.

      10. While your at it, why don’t you leave the Dem Party so they can’t change who you voted for or purge your registration? After 45 years as a dem that’s what I did. The whole system is corrupt – dem or rep.

        1. Um, 8 years of George Dubbya Bush, the man who tripled the national debt, brought the USA into a war of ideology with no exit strategy and sunk the fucking economy while ensuring all the fat cats had golden parachutes beg to differ. Oh, and there was all that anti-1st Amendment shit he got up (free speech zones). You might really have a grudge against Obama and the Dems, but Dubbya is still, objectively, the worst POTUS the USA has ever had and he wouldn’t have got there without the 1% and the evangelical bloc.

          1. Worst POTUS? Nah. That’s Woodrow Wilson.

            REsegregated Federal Service and kicked all the Black People out? Wilson.

            Created the very first propaganda arm to get the US into WW1 and the first cases of “Anti-Americanism” to be arrested? Wilson.

            Despite the fact that the US didn’t want to go into WW1 (and had almost no real effect) still put us in anyway? Under a pretext that by no means was worth it (sinking of the Lusitania, a UK ship smuggling weapons into UK that Germans warned Americans not to get on but a few did anyway is not enough reason to go to war, but whatevs . . . WAR!) Wilson

            Presided over the creation of the Income Tax, thus creating the constant growth of the federal government into what was known as the Military Industrial Complex (and is now usually known as “The Security State”)? Wilson.

            Woodrow Wilson is easily the worst POTUS and not only was he himself deplorable, but most of the problems he started through his asshole presidency are things we’re STILL dealing with today.

            I mean, his failures at the negotiating table after WW1 (because he was prioritizing currying favor in order to try to get his dumbass league of nations up and running) are in part what led to the crippling debt Germany faced after the war, which can directly be seen to cause the German discontent that led to the rise of Hitler.

            Man was a beast of just how bad a POTUS can be!

          2. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Should have said “worst in modern history” maybe? lol

          3. Yeah but it’s not 1%er or evangelicals, the problem is globalists. All of the problem people are globalists. The Clintons, Bush, Obama and Soros. To name a few.

          4. Sorry I missed this. Bush was never on the right’s side. He was a globalist who did globalist things. End of story. Obama, Bush Sr, Bush and Clinton were all garbage globalists.

          5. Bush was a Neo-Con, which still makes him politically oriented to the Right. He’s a shitty, greedy, globalist douche bag, but still Right-of-Center. 😉

    2. like seriously
      I’m not american so all we see here about your parties are what’s on the media, usually from entertainment

      and the republicans are always painted as the rich old evil white men party ala mr burns but man, this election has really shed some light on to the democrats
      they are corrupt to the bone
      they rigged it with sanders, they got this crazy cozy relationship with the (((news))) going, they take soros money to reshape the electorates, and now also pay to become ambassador plans and stuff
      their corruption keeps getting exposed and it’s crazy

      1. Everyone in politics is dirty, just like big business and banking. Basically a “follow the money” game.

        And yes, the Republican “establishment” is undeniably the party of rich, self-righteous old white men as well as the socio-economic gambit of crazy-as-fuck religious people who will throw their money at the Party because “Jesus”. The “Rights” path to authoritarianism is dismantling government in favor of a “free market” (read as: crony capitalism) in which oligarchs seize power (which has, for the most part, happened sadly). Interestingly though, since the rise of Trump, you’re seeing the rise of a formerly disenfranchised working class (who happen to be mostly white, but hey, white people are the majority of the country and get a voice regardless of what SJWs think).

        The Democratic “establishment” is super cozy with big business and the news media and is the party of “poor oppressed minorities” while ironically people like Hillary Clinton are fabulously wealthy. The Dems are basically a self-flagellating race to the bottom that loves to champion an imaginary little guy via Identity Politics and advocates authoritarianism via a nanny state.

        1. The people of the US have never been more divided since “identify politics” came on the scene. Frankly it benefits everyone in power. Not just the dems. The more divided we are the easier we are to rule.

          1. You got it. Exactly right. The Dems and Republicans are just cover names to keep us divided. They are both in the same game together for power and control over us. They see us as pawns on a chess board in this corrupt gamee. We need to clean house and start over. The large internment camps built around the country can be used to put the corrupt politicians in.

        2. We can see where the DNC’s activities are getting really frightening with this data…well most of us regulars here already figured it out a long time ago but this leak contains a regiment’s worth of smoking guns that completely vindicates our “tinfoil conspiracy theories”.

          The democrats have become so intertwined with big media, big social media and big data that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. The silicon valley billionaires are trying to orchestrate a totalitarian plutocracy wherin they rule and they’re wearing the democratic party like an Edgar suit to get there.

          We were told by wikileaks when this series began we’d start seeing shit that constituted felonies, conspiracy, sedition and outright treason. Well here we are and they certainly delivered. The question now is whether we can seize back the white house and fix this shit in the courts or if the situation will continue to worsen until it implodes into a civil war.

        3. I agree with most of what you’ve said,except that the Republican establishment is rich old crazy white men. The Democratic establishment is just as rich and crazy,they have been able to portray the Conservatives as this a lot easier though. They are hypocrites.

        4. thanks to clintons both partys are now corporate and neocon.GOP pretends it is party of relgas conservatives while dems pretend they are party of progressives,minoritys,and poor people.

          not all whites especilly white men are evil racist sexists.clintons and their paid trolls are going after trump supporters the way they did bernie supporters.

          at least republican establishment allowed trump supporters to have their vote counted and it be fair how unlike the dems who fixed the entire primary for clinton.

          I am defently no republican i just now hate clintons and their corruption more.

        5. Party of the poor oppressed minorities… hehe… try the party of the destroyed cities in our country, where most of the poor oppressed minorities live… great policies for decades and in many cases half centuries under the dems have lead to absolute bedlum for those communities… and they just keep on, keepin on… go figure.

    3. You sound like you want a civil war. Seriously you have no idea how outrageous of an overreach you are discussing here I bet.

      It would be far better for the democrats to clean up their own parties and keep losing elections until they do.

      1. Knowing what we know now with the proof we have now it’s clear their shadowy social engineering network has to be dismantled. These assholes have been conspiring to destroy our democracy and subvert our constitution. If they choose to defend their illicit social engineering mechanisms by force I have no qualms about seeing it all destroyed by force and them along with it.

        They’ve broken the law and they’ve violated the key principles this nation was founded upon.

        1. Yes, but unless we follow through and not look the other way, all of those found guilty need to be punished to the full extent of the law. That means fined and imprisoned without exception.

      2. I’m cool with a civil war. This country is too large and diverse to have concentrated power in one location ruling us all.

    4. Instead of an IRS wench being slapped on the wrist, he needs to do an equal number of leftist orgs as payback starting with SOROS to equalize things.

  2. We are going to need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to investigate the DNC so appropriate reparations can be determined.

    1. Here here, as long as they disband when they are done… we want to see massive parts of the federal bureaucracy disbanded and abolished… the weight of these organizations upon the American peoples ability to express their freedom as the creator intended has been greatly diminished. Throw the reigns free!

  3. Donna Bazille’s statement is hilarious! It basically says, “Don’t trust any of these documents until we verify them.” Like they would ever admit to anything they did. LOL

    1. Exactly! “I have investigated all the allegations into my wrongdoing, and I have discovered nothing to conclude there was any impropriety.”

  4. This is a prelude. Assange is in disbelief that hillary is still viable. He was certain that she would be hiding in embarrassment from earlier leaks.

  5. Something better damn well be done to prosecute these bastards! This is pure illegal activity!

  6. Need to stick Giuliani & Christie on each and every bit of corruption like this. Get the illegals in jails home and fill them up with every person involved in this and similar things currently in government jobs. File each count separately and no time served concurrently.

  7. Trump is part of the 1% and will help no one but himself. The only genuine and honest person in this race is Jill Stein. Green Party not part of the corrupt establishment.

        1. Cutting military spending by 50 percent and closing over 700 foreign military bases; cutting U.S. financial and military support to Israel because, according to the platform, it is a “human rights abuser”; unilateral nuclear disarmament; labeling genetically modified organisms, an idea that both scientists and economists oppose since it would wrongfully scare people, cause economic damage and possibly lead to a rise in food prices; and banning the use of drones.

          Other platform “ideas” are ridiculously vague, such as the one that states that “America’s youth should not be put in jail for offenses they commit.”

          There are also pie-in-the-sky type statements that offer no actual methods of implementation, such as the one that states we should “end discrimination against former offenders who have paid for their crimes.” OK. How? Or the one that says we should “establish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, human rights, and nonviolent support for democratic movements around the world.” Again, how would that work?

          Some ideas go even further, sounding more like communism than anything we’ve seen in a free economy. The platform states that “the unemployed would have an enforceable right to make government provide work.” It also says that they would “outlaw scabbing on striking workers” and “impose an immediate moratorium on foreclosures and evictions.”

          Stein has taken some other pretty dangerous positions, such as questioning the integrity of our vaccine system.

          But the biggest problem with the Stein candidacy and the Green Party in general is how untethered to reality they both are, as if they can win over electorates and pass legislation if only they’re completely true to their purist principals, which are sometimes, frankly, delusional to begin with. Promising 0 percent unemployment, for instance, through a “Green Revolution” and government control of the economy not only ignores economic realities — it ignores political, ideological and constitutional ones as well.

      1. No she’s not. People like to attack and discredit her without justification or with lies. She has compassion, intelligence and. concern about the future and welfare of our society and it’s people. She is the only one who is not going to take us into more wars and bring more equity in all areas.

    1. Don’t be an ass. How can Trump be doing it for himself while he already has money, power, fame and more? He’s not really gaining anything if he becomes president besides a title.

      One of the main reasons I think he actually is doing it for the country and the people.

      1. You’re delusional if you think that. He has fame but not power now. Trump loves power and being President is the ultimate in power. Just like Hillary it’s an ego thing.

        1. I’m remarkably ok with that, I’m going to benefit, what does him getting power hurt, except your jealousy? Greentards want us living in the bronze age.

        2. Wait are you saying Donald Trump has no power, even now? And I am the delusional one here?

          One of the richest people of the world has no power?Probably richer than a lot of the world leaders at this point. Seriously you are crazy.

  8. The DNC screwed up and the first thing they did was blame Trump. Gosh, he wasn’t even interested in politics in 2004, not until everyone in America got fed up with the way Obama and the DNC were running the country did he even throw his hat in the ring. I hope all those people that are voting Democrat finally realize what these people have done to this country. A big ad needs to be taken out in every major newspaper in this country and all this information needs to be printed so every citizen can see what a-holes they have elected to make the laws which they must live by. Trump has got to make it to Washington to stop their evil crooked ways.

  9. Lol I bet Hillary is shitting herself right now… Well she would be anyway with or without the leaks.

    Have you seen one of the new leaks where the DNC which are manipulating the main stream media? We know already, but now there’s more proof of it and to which stations and shows they are doing it on.

    This shits golden and there’s lots of it. Then there’s October to come.

  10. We will continue working with authorities until those responsible are brought to justice

    Either your computers were hacked by Russian agents OR those responsible for the hack can be brought to ‘justice’ by American civil authorities – WHICH IS IT SHITLIBS?!?!!!

  11. “The FBI and DOJ will be opening investigations immediately into allegations of corruption uncovered in the WikiLeaks dump” said no one EVER. I assume they will work nonstop to investigate the leaks themselves, however.

  12. OFA-DNC campaign finance violations seems to me the sharpest sword.
    First, it neuters the operation.
    Second, it creates huge fines.
    Third, it implicates personnel.
    Fourth, it can be leveraged into allegations of purloining public monies for political purposes.
    Sixth, it’s just plain fun.

  13. When the establishment Democrats hate you and the establishment Republicans hate you, you must be doing something right.

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