Breitbart Faces Major Backlash After Firing Katie McHugh Over London Bridge Tweet

Breitbart Faces Major Backlash After Firing Katie McHugh Over London Bridge Tweet

Breitbart News is facing a major backlash among their core readership on Twitter after firing firebrand Katie McHugh over a tweet she made in the aftermath of the London Bridge terrorist attack.

Here is the tweet in question, followed by the response she gave to a critic…

I’m on record with a more moderate approach, as I don’t think it’s completely realistic to imagine that we can or even should get rid of all Muslims in the West. I hate to go full “Not All Muslims,” but yea, Not All Muslims. That being said, I don’t think there is anything out of bounds with people criticizing Islam in general, as it’s pretty fucking clear that there are major problems with the religion worldwide.

No other faith is killing innocents in the same numbers, the organized (and state-approved, in many cases) subjugation of women is a real problem, and importing these values to Western nations should not be allowed. If you want to come and be a part of what we already have going, I’m very cool with that. But bringing hateful Sharia-style thinking should not only be forbidden, we should actively seek to deport the folks with this mindset that we’ve already let in.

Regardless, this post isn’t really about my personal opinion, but to offer one more, I also like Katie McHugh. Lots of other people do too, and Breitbart is taking it on the chin for this decision.

That last tweet from Ricky Vaughn outlines the real danger. Agree or disagree with McHugh’s tweet, this sort of thing ends up giving the left veto power over who writes for Breitbart. Hell, I’ve hosted plenty of guest editorials on this very site that I don’t personally agree with. Leftist outrage means nothing to me and it should mean nothing to Breitbart as well.


Here’s the word from inside Breitbart

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow announced McHugh’s departure internally Monday morning. After this article was initially published, McHugh herself confirmed she was out, tweeting, “Breitbart News fired me for telling the truth about Islam and Muslim immigration” and posting a link to a fundraising page started to support her on the fringe right website WeSearchr…

McHugh’s comments prompted outrage from a number of her own colleagues. Breitbart employees who spoke to CNN Sunday characterized McHugh’s remarks as “appalling,” “terrible,” and “dumb.”

And from Katie McHugh herself…

Breitbart News fired an editor for speaking frankly about Islam and Muslim immigration. If there were no Muslims in London, there would be no Muslim terror attacks, period.

I said nothing wrong. As President Donald Trump says, if we don’t get smart, it will only get worse.

It’s also interesting Breitbart News chose to fire me rather than colleagues leaking to CNN.

I will continue to follow this story and will update you all as events warrant. If you would like to donate to Ms. McHugh’s WeSearchr fund, you can do so here.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Mouth

    PC culture seems to have infiltrated Breitbart. They’ll be Buzzfeed tier trash in a decade…with all their diversity hires. I used to visit that site daily…now? Oh, maybe once or twice a month. Sure as fuck won’t be spending anymore time there.

    As for the Muslim thing…yeah, all Muslims. Until their religious text goes through a reformation I don’t trust them as a whole. The religion has a political element to it that does not mesh with western values and is at the core of this radicalization problem. Anyone who says they’re killing is because we drop bombs needs to do some reading, study the history and political goals of Islam.

    • John Dough

      I don’t know.. not thrilled with her tweet, maybe a suspension might have been in order, however. No, not all Muslims. Mouth, I served my last tour in Iraq leading a small Combat Medical team up north in Iribl. The Kurds were fantastic, they had Christians Churches and they intermingled to were I could only tell the difference if they wore a cross or if they did their prayers. Otherwise, everyone got along fine. They treated us well, and were respectful and even had women Kurds guarding their outposts on the roadways. So, no, not all muslims, just the shitbags the Europeans are importing by the millions, that’s a different story altogether.

      • MikeyParks

        You were in their land. I think this discussion is about the Muslims who’ve swarmed western countries a brought their culture of death with them.

        • John Dough

          yes.. it’s about the shitbags that the Europeans are importing… but that does not mean “Muslims” are bad. I will say that I think most muslims are bad, but not all, and certainly not many of the Kurds, though I’m sure some are. But the Kurds have a very diverse religious culture, while only numbering between what, 30-40 milliion world wide, they have members of quite a few religions including christianity and muslim and are pretty tolerant. so, my only beef is saying all muslims, I’ll gladly concede that the ones crying for Shria and that won’t assimilate are douchebags that should be eliminated though.

          • mike5586

            Yeah it’s great that you like Kurds. Why can’t you like them and visit them in the middle east instead of telling whitey that they should have no problem with them moving wholesale to their nations?

            Yes “all muslims” because everyone deserves to have their own space, and everyone includes europeans.

          • John Dough

            Mike5568, please don’t bring your hateful racist bigoted rhetoric into an otherwise intelligent converstaion. However, since you asked the stupid question, and added strawmen arguments, I shall indulge you this one time. I don’t like Kurds per se, I do like the ones I’ve met and interacted with, so get that straight, I’m sure there are some awful kurds out there.

            Why can’t I like them and visit them in the Middle east? I can, just like I can visit Sweds, Irish, Nords, Germans, and other assorted people in their respective nations. Now, on the other hand, I can also visit them in my Native land, America… and you know what, I’m okay with that, even if some of my people think they are all invaders. I don’t mind present day America and it’s immigrants and hold them no ill will for the atrocities of their forefathers.

            If Everyone deserves their own space, then all Europeans should get the fuck out of America. Britons should get the hell out of England nad give it back to the Natives they invaded. Don’t be a dip shit. Immigration has been going on for a very long time and it’s okay. The problem is not Immigration, the problem is Integration, respect of the Law of the Land and learning to accept and adopt the culture of the land. Oh and the language.

            So, you fucking bigoted asshole, stop feeding the leftist trolls with your racist concepts and rhetoric and accept that the problem is not “All Muslims” it is “Muslims who preach hatred openly, who refuse to Adapt to the culture, who refuse to adhere to the law of the land, and who promose Violence.” It is a problem of liberal Leftists who excuse minorities because they are minorities without regard to logic and reality and probably worst of all, ignorant loud mouth Bigots who embolden the hateful left to have there way.

            Luckily, I ain’t a racist bigot like you, and I ain’t an ignorant and apologetic leftist asshole. I am a true and honset Patriotic American, who will fight the left ferociously without succumbing to blind and hateful racism like you.

            Frankly, you are as destructive for Europe as the Lefist lunatics. Now, I’m done talking to you, because it is clear you are an idiot and I won’t waste any further time on you.

          • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG
          • mike5586

            Please stop using leftist buzzwords and faux morality and expecting me to take anything else you say seriously.

            You might as well hold hands with the left since you agree with their nation killing policies. Absolutely disgusting.

          • John Dough

            Sir, I said I was done with you, I do not engage with Racist Bigots. Good Day.

          • mike5586

            wew lad.

  • T.J. Wood

    This is the kind of person that should become editor in my opinion.
    She isn’t wrong and people need to open their eyes, if muslims want to live with us then they need to stop killing us.

  • BoredbyMSM

    “McHugh’s comments prompted outrage from a number of her own colleagues. Breitbart employees who spoke to CNN Sunday characterized McHugh’s remarks as “appalling,” “terrible,” and “dumb.”

    These sniveling Cucks are the people who need to be fired from Breitbart – even an inattentive moron should have noticed by now that constant terrorist attacks is NOT a natural part of big city life – it’s the natural result of Muslim immigration.

    You never see shit like this happen in Warsaw (Poland) or Bucuresti (Romania), it’s always incities that are full of Muslims.

  • TheOnceAndFutureKing

    They think they’re being strategic by not giving leftists grounds to call them Llama Phobic, when all theyre really doing is just cucking out.

  • youareivan

    i was disappointed with the way breitbart treated the fiendish gay dandy milo yiannopolis so i haven’t been hitting up their site as frequently. i don’t feel like what he or mchugh did was so unforgivable to warrant firing especially considering that the people most offended by this aren’t breitbart customers and would find some other reason, often imaginary, to dislike their content anyway.

  • The Puppetmaster

    Any organization not explicitly right wing will become left wing.

    • Des

      Any organization not explicitly left wing is accused of being extreme right wing.

  • Des

    No pointing out the truth of islam is allowed on Breitbart comments forums either. I’ve been trying to post that the RoP version of islam that we’re fobbed off with isn’t islam – straight to ‘pending’ then removed.

  • MikeyParks

    I’ll say it: Adios Muslims! Go east, go home, and stay there. Then you can cut off each other’s heads and kill women and children – and each other – all you want. You’ve brought nothing to the party but death.

  • Sun Tzu

    Politically Correct breitbart fires journalist for speaking the truth. It makes me sick.

  • teapartydoc

    Andrew would be shifting his pants with rage.

  • Mr0303

    Not too surprised to be honest. After their spineless lack of defence of Milo when the media was smearing him they showed how much they value their employees.

    From where I stand nothing she said was controversial or worth losing her job over.

  • Alexander The Great

    She shouldn’t have gotten fired for advocating for a more radical immigration policy, but she should be more careful in telling the difference between Indians and Persians.

  • Tom Piper

    I might remind folks that there where over 200 terrorist bombings over a 60 year period in England and mostly London due to the “situation” in Northern Ireland and that doesn’t even take into account the huge number of bombings and killings in Northern Ireland alone.

    Thousands of innocent people died in this long running carnage and many of the bombing attacks included multiple bombings on the same day or individual bombings over several days.

    Nobody advocated banning Irish or Catholics. McHugh sounds like an irish name so maybe she should think about what her people have done over their grievances.

    McHugh’s stupidity and lack of knowledge of history fuels a virulent racism as she’s trashed pretty much every ethnic group out there.

    • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

      Pay attention to your own numbers. 200 IRA terrorist attacks over 60 years versus 200 Muslim terrorist attacks in the last 2 years.

      It’s nowhere near the same. Stop with the apologetics.

      • Tom Piper

        That’s more than 200 bombings. There were hundreds more attacks mass shootings and killings.

        Stop with your bigotry.

        • RevDr. Robert Foster, AbC, EfG

          The words are in English, but they’re not making any sense.

          In what way is my comment saying I’m refusing to change my mind about something?

        • pauldrake

          Islam has killed over 200 million people in its history. The great historian Will Durant stated “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.” You want to compare that the Irish, who for most of their history have had little but one misfortune after another in their own homeland. What a pathetic guilt ridden comparison.

          • Tom Piper

            I’m calling bullshit on the 200 million as a made up number. However, even if it were true it pales in comparison to wars and mass killings by Christians and non-Muslims throughout history.

          • pauldrake

            I’m calling bullshit on you. Wallow in your own guilt. Nowhere in the world today are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Animists, you name it engaging in the kind of merciless carnage that certain members of the “religion of peace” are. By the way, the 200 million figure is a very conservative estimate. Study some history.

          • Tom Piper

            Oh, when you throw out your bullshit number it’s something that happened in the historical past but then you shift to today and ignore the historical past of non-muslims.

            You’re pretty selective on what’s historically significant and what’s not to cover your bigotry.

          • pauldrake

            Those pejorative names you liberals like to throw around have zero intimidating affect on us anymore. They don’t scare. Get confronted with logic and facts and out come the insults. Racist, sexist, bigot, misogynist, whatever. The history of humans is a sorry one indeed. Everyone has committed acts of atrocity on others at one point or another it seems. The major religious groups have gone beyond that. Except for the Muslims and if you are willing to take an objective look at will see this is nothing new. Just a continuation of the warlike creed born in the Saudi desert centuries ago. I’ve already given you way too much of my time so run off to your local meeting of Stalinists and leave us sane people alone.

  • Carl Harrison

    People who blame Islam are basically Nazis.

  • John

    She sounds like a douche, i expect that kind of tweet from a crazy libtard, not her.

  • Schnauzer

    Most of what come from Breitbart offends half of the USA ..also what she said was the Simple Truth…maybe it’s just me but I did not see anything mean about her statements..good luck young lady ,WE are sorry for the candy ass who terminated your employment…🇺🇸

  • Design Masters

    That’s like saying if there were no Germans in Europe then WW2 wouldn’t have happened and million of Jews wouldn’t have died… rather than saying if there were no Nazis in Europe then million of Jews wouldn’t have died.

  • mike5586

    Why not go further than “all muslims”?

    Let’s be frank: There’s nothing racist about whites not wanting to be minorities IN THEIR OWN HOMELAND.

  • Celerity

    They were only entertaining because of Milo, who is long gone. Can’t say I’m that surprised. Even Islam gets the following right – you destroy your enemies, not surrender. TFW Brietbart is more backwards than Islam.

  • Grust

    Well I think I’m with Breitbart now. Wonder what I’ll do with the extra time on my hands.

  • Silence Dogood

    She’s right you know – you can’t have Islamic Terrorism without Muslims. Simple fact of reality.

  • Charles Lufkin

    BOYCOTT Breitbart’s.They have become squishy TRAITORS.