I knew this story was bullshit as soon as I heard it, but apparently the rubes at BuzzFeed were too stupid to even put up an “alleged” in front of this bullshit accusation. First, let’s examine their original post, which does now have a new blurb at the top that talks about the young woman’s arrest.

A Muslim woman was verbally and physically attacked on a New York City subway Thursday night by three drunk white men who repeatedly yelled “Donald Trump” and attempted to remove her hijab, police said.

According to Yasmin Seweid, a business student at Baruch College in Manhattan, nobody else on the train came to her aid during the incident.

The 18-year-old told the New York Daily News that she had just left an event on campus Thursday night when three men approached her on an uptown 6 subway near the 23rd Street stop.

They yelled President-elect Donald Trump’s name over and over, and said to her, “Look, it’s a fucking terrorist,” Seweid said in a Facebook post on Friday.

She said they also yelled, “Get the hell out of the country!” and, “You don’t belong here!”

Now, they’ve been forced to run a big correction, which I’m quite certain will get nowhere near the attention of their first post. But, I will give them some small credit for at least running it. That’s more than I can say for the news operation of The Huffington Post. Still, it’s not much comfort in the grand scheme of things. Most of their idiotic readers will miss the new report.

A woman who told police she was attacked by drunk Donald Trump supporters while riding the New York City subway was arrested Wednesday for allegedly fabricating the entire incident, authorities said.

Yasmin Seweid, 18, told police and the New York Daily News that she was harassed by three drunk white men who shouted the president-elect’s name while attempting to remove her hijab on Dec. 1.

“Look, it’s a fucking terrorist,” she alleged they said in a Facebook post. “Get the hell out of the country!” (Her entire Facebook account has since been deleted).

The Brooklyn-born woman also alleged no other commuters came to her aid.

“Trump America is real and I witnessed it first hand last night! What a traumatizing night,” she wrote.

Police had said they were investigating the incident, and on Wednesday a NYPD spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that Seweid had been arrested for obstructing government administration and reporting a false incident.

Sources told DNA Info New York that officers had spent “significant NYPD resources” trying to verify Seweid’s story but could not locate witnesses or video of the incident.

To be fair, she’s still innocent until proven guilty on this charge. I don’t want to be hypocritical here. Although, it doesn’t look good when your own father is throwing you under the bus, which is what happens later in the post. This continues the trend we’ve seen surrounding the supposed hate crimes in the wake of Donald Trump’s election win. Many of the accusers have been arrested, almost none of other incidents can be proven, but the media continues to spread them anyway. They’re playing with fire here, and it’s going to end up getting someone killed…maybe a lot of someones.