Guest Editorial by Dave the Sandman

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, his great work warning against the evils of totalitarian regimes, George Orwell invented a new language based on ideas and practices he had seen put into action in states run by dictators like Stalin. To think the wrong thing, to doubt the state, became ‘ThoughtCrime’ in Orwell’s new language ‘NewSpeak’. The hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance of holding two mutually exclusive beliefs became ‘DoubleThink’. And the term he made up to describe the act or removing a person from history, including from film and photographs, was to make that individual an ‘Unperson’.

We have seen over and over again how keen SJWs are to make people who disagree with them Unpersons, whether it is having staff at universities fired, having speakers invited to debates non-platformed like Milo and even Germaine Greer, or even our own loveable lulzmonster Ralph lobbed out of a seminar at the hands of a batshit crazy psychotranny. Wherever there is a dissenting voice or opinion, or just a person too weak to stand up to their bullshit, there the SJWS make another Unperson.

While over in the USA highly privileged students and the children of families worth $20million playing the oppressed minority card are busy having their ironically racist ‘Two Minutes of Hate’ meetings where they weep and gnash their teeth while publically harassing and haranguing academics and staff, over here in the UK students make ‘Unpersons’ through petitions and letter campaigns, preying on the craven cowardice of University staff and boards. Dr Tim Hunt was one such victim, his career destroyed in a firestorm of social media outrage fuelled by the lies of an identity politics obsessed academic[1].

Well the latest example is one of the UK’s most famous historians, Dr David Starkey. If you watch history documentaries made by the BBC or Channel4, there is a good chance you will have seen one with him in it as he is one of the most public and broadcast of historians. With 22 published books, 11 TV series, and even his own history phone app, it’s fair to say that he is an academic A lister celeb. Perhaps that is why when Cambridge, his alma mater, were looking for celebrity names to help put together a fundraising video they asked Dr Starkey to help, and being grateful to his old university for helping put him where he is now he enthusiastically agreed. The video was made, and released on the University website.

And that is where our cast of usual suspects, the braying mobs of self-righteous and highly privileged outraged opressionistas and SocJus scumfucks enter stage left. You see in their unwelcome, hysterical and frankly delusional opinions, Dr Starkey is “widely known for his racist, sexist and classist comments” and his views “do not represent a community composed of people from all places and walks of life”. Hint….this is Cambridge University they are talking about. Think Yale and Harvard with even snootier rich kids.

Of course, Dr Starkey is also famous for speaking his mind, and not giving two fucks about pissing off SJWs and putting the spoiled little brats in their place. His run in with professional whiner and serial liar Laurie Penny has become the stuff of viral video. Gotta give it to Dave, when he delivers a put down he wears a set of brass knuckles.

And so, for the sin of speaking his mind, and not caring whether he offends the precious sensibilities of snowflakes and buttercups attending the best universities in the land, the Crazed Crybullies of Cambridge have demanded that Dr Starkey is removed from the fundraising campaign and an apology issued to alleviate their critically bruised fee-feez. They have demanded that Dr Starkey is made an Unperson[2].

And the sick part? The University caved in. A craven surrender, followed by a grovelling mealy mouthed apology. With the click of a keystroke Dr Starkey was gone, consigned ironically to the history he so loves.

But Syme was not only dead, he was abolished, an unperson. Any identifiable reference to him would have been mortally dangerous.”

Now I don’t do Twitter, and so can’t do this myself, but if you do have a spare moment and fancy telling the University it’s time to stop caving in to these eternally outraged SocJus scum, why not send a nice tweet to ‘@Cambridge_Uni’ and tell them #ISTANDWITHSTARKEY? Why not include that nice meme at the top as well?

Go on….dont let the other side have all the fun. Get your mob on!

  1. This is sick. Starkey is the man. That pwning of Laurie Penny will be felt by her grandchildren…. Or would be if she ever had them

    1. Isn’t Ms. Penny a fan of Sappho? Also, I’m pretty sure she’ll be harboring many cats soon. Anyways, I think she’s going to be surrounded by pussy one way or another.

      1. Don’t you mean parasitically? they take healthy people/students infest the host body in the end all that’s left is a hollow headed corpse full of SJW fluff and the remains of what could have been called a mind that now resembles fishing net made of pudding because it’s so soft and full of holes. Is recovery possible? yes however it becomes significantly harder the longer the parasite has free reign, there seems to be no standard treatment, harsh reality usually works well but the parasite usually causes the host to avoid or insulate itself from reality.

        a experimental treatment know as reverse privilege theory is still in the beta stages but has shown positive results (

  2. SJWs/feminists: “widely known for his racist, sexist and classist comments” and his views “do not represent a community composed of people from all places and walks of life”.

    These comments are actually coming from the same group of retarded scumbags who are openly racist and sexist towards Caucasian men.

    Simply unbelievable.

    1. You know I’m getting more and more convinced that half of these problems are due to their parents not braying their arses whenever they threw a tantrum instead of throwing money at them.

  3. just create a counter fucking petition every time these fucks come up, and always repeat the same thing

    “these douches were never your target audience, this is a TERRIBLE look for you”

    1. You know why gamergate was so sucessful in pulling ads from shitrags like Gawker and Gamasutra? Because gamergate was mistaken for a SJW movement. Petitions and boycotts only work if you are on “the right side of history”. I’m not trying to discourage you tough, it’s a sad truth.

      1. fnd, I think that’s what we need to try and change. Tell these people that those petitions are meaningless, show them the examples of people that fought back and are successful. When companies start ignoring them, not apologising, we start winning

        1. It may be a problem when most companies “too big to fail” are pozzed with SJW ideology. They must sell their souls at some point :tinfoilhat:.

      2. Indeed. And it’s simply more evidence that IA/Jim/MisterMetokur was right all along in his final speech before leaving GG.

        SJWs/feminists. You cannot reason with them. You cannot debate with them. They do not operate through facts or logic. They show no remorse. They have absolutely no morals whatsoever. They do not have any respect for anyone.

        The way to successfully fight back against these retards is to be aggressive and to attack through facts and logic. It’s proven to be successful, as the ad-pulling from shitcunts like Gawker has shown.

        I hate to use the ‘pressure through lynch-mobs’ method but it’s becoming clearer and clearer now that it is the only way to win. The important difference is that GG would be attacking through facts and logic. Unlike the lies, deceit and slander the SJWs/feminists attack through.

        But no… GG is too busy in-fighting amongst themselves from the ‘moderates’ and ‘SJW-lites’, who want to foolishly accept and reason with SJWs/feminists. And the ‘ethics-only’ brigade only add to the detriment.

        By trying to be the ‘moral’ and ‘reasonable’ ones all the time means no pressure is applied to SJWs or mainstream media, so they can easily brush GG aside whenever they take the ‘passive’ stance. It is also the reason on why the MRA/MRM has been a complete failure for the last few decades.

      3. Please supply some evidence for that under Sagan’s “extraodinary claims” standard.

        GemerGate was assumed to be dorky 14 year olds who like tech. But it included such guys after they had graduated with computer science degrees and one of them said, “I order computers by the skid for my company. I’m going to tell them to buy another brand.” The only way to intimidate a company like BMW is to prove to them you are a customer or buy cars in that class and are a potential customer.

        1. Pretty much, when SJW’s wants their way firing people and bullshit boycotts they try to appear as polite as possible.The difference is that we don’t pretend to be polite(because we are polite) and our aim is true.

  4. Starkey beats Penny even by the insane stated standards of identity politics, apparently he’s a gay man originating from the working class and at his age therefore lived in Britain in a time wherein being a gay man was still illegal. Yet he’s being thrown under the bus in favor of an upper class public nose picker.

  5. It frustrates me to no end that nowadays we can give multiple real life examples of 1984. I’m actually somewhat angry at the ignorance of the “proles”, who are careless enough to not notice them, which leaves those of us fighting against the narrative with an uphill battle.

    I am also disgusted that the malicious monsters are attacking scientists who dedicated their lives to advance human knowledge. Matt Taylor – making advances in space exploration – “sexist” shirt. Tim Hunt – trying to cure cancer – “sexist” joke. David Starkey – famous historian – problematic. Richard Dawkins – famous biologist – too white. E=mc^2 – sexist equation. Not even literature is safe from the SJWs – they are removing Lovecraft’s name from awards, complaining that there are too many white authors in the syllabus and labelling classics as problematic. Their latest pushes are gaming, comics, movies and television.

    I wish people were more Darwinian and excommunicate those who actively try to destroy our culture.

  6. Other things memory-holed by Third Wave Feminism:

    The Ottoman Empire
    The Ottoman Empire’s trade in European slaves
    The 7 century Islamic Arab/Berber occupation of Spain
    The colonialist and Islamic ethnic Mughal Empire of India
    The African Slave Trade in Africans
    The Islamic Slave Trade in Africans
    The Aztec and Incan Empires
    The majority native army which conquered Mexico City under Cortes
    The colonization of N. France by the Vikings
    Those Viking descendents colonizing England
    The Japanese attempt to colonize all of S.E. Asia
    The death penalty for homosexuals in almost 10 Islamic nations
    The Northwest Ordinance
    Any anti-Jim Crow laws in America
    The American states which NEVER had slaves
    The military draft
    The male suicide rate of 4 to 1 vs. women
    Their own racism and sexist supremacy

    1. This is so similar to socio sexual theory it doesn’t really surprise me: White males are too civilized and “nice”, but nice=creepy so while the “alpha males” from third world murder,rape and kill right now, it must be whitey fault(rationalization hamster). I have seem this in action when anti-white academics feared prison guards while being sympathetic to murderers and rapists in their “studies”.

  7. Starkey is gay. So much for “only the straight white man is evil”. These asshats will find out that if they would successfully destroy their opponents (which they won’t, I mean look at these pussies) they would go after the men under their own ranks. These cucks do what evil SOCJUS feminazi skanks do cause they think they lose their virginities. Newsflash cucks: IT WON’T HAPPEN!

    There is a great movie from the 80’s. Its called the class of 1984. It was practically a premonition of Social Justice warriors. Their slogan is “we are the future. Stop us if you can”. SPOILER: They do get stopped!

    Same thing happens to SOCJUS pimples!

    1. the movie had the wrong idea of soc jus warriors, they are all healthy/fit, not enough rainbow dye, they have metal things on them many of which are sharp, the guys are missing their soc jus standard neckbeard and fedora, and there is a guy standing in front of of the woman and we all know soc jus men are spineless cucks.

  8. Meet Connie St.Louis. Lert’s remember that the “academic” who took down Tim Hunt was indeed, an academic because she teaches a master’s course in science journalism. She has a resume of “award winning” “documentaries”. I put the last in quotes because she only produced one (for the BBC). She got a £50 000 advance to make a book of it and 10 years later has produced nothing. She has no awards. She has a degree in biology from a college so insignificant she won’t say what it is. And more. To sum up: She is a washed up journalist living the maxim, “Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.”

    So she has shored up her position by SocJus warfare.


  9. The rest of his peers should see this as the warning sign it is.
    They’ll be coming for them soon unless they join the mob.

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