This is probably the biggest night of the election season so far. The media feels like there’s blood in the water where Trump is concerned and they’re moving to knock him out of the race. To be honest, that was to be expected. The media has been trying to knock him out for months to no avail. What’s even more disgraceful is the way Republicans are turning on him as well. Many of them were previously anti-Trump, this is true, but a lot of his big endorsers such as Paul Ryan are throwing him under the bus as well. The comments themselves are pretty much just locker room talk, but when I heard them I knew it would be big.


I didn’t think it would be huge because it’s important to the country, or anything like that. I just know the media and I know what they like. This is a salacious tale that even the dumbest viewer can take in. There’s no excuse for people on the right to be acting like pearl-clutchers, though. Keep in mind, this is the same day when excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches were released. One of those excerpts has her pining for open borders and basically a EU-style setup here in North America.

If you’re on the right and going at Trump instead of harping on the many revelations released about Hillary today…real, important stuff, not pussy grabbing talk…then you are a cuck.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of cucks out there…

One week after explaining why he planned to vote for Donald Trump, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman said it is time for the Republican nominee to drop out of the race and allow vice presidential nominee Mike Pence to represent the party.

His reversal came in reaction to an explosive video that emerged Friday showing Trump bragging about groping and kissing women.

“In a campaign cycle that has been nothing but a race to the bottom — at such a critical moment for our nation — and with so many who have tried to be respectful of a record primary vote, the time has come for Governor Pence to lead the ticket,” Huntsman told The Salt Lake Tribune.

And more

Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk called on Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential race in the wake of vulgar boasts he made about women in a leaked video tape.

Kirk, who withdrew his support for Trump in June, calling him “too bigoted and racist” to be president, also urged the Republican Party on Friday to “engage rules for [Trump’s] emergency replacement.”

It’s going to get worse before it gets better, I’m afraid. My only concern is that there’s a limited amount of days left before the election.

While I was writing this up (the site issues seem to be fixed now) Mike Lee, the Republican senator from Utah, called for Trump to drop out.

Even in the face of this massive deluge against him, Trump has vowed to continue with his campaign. The next debate is on Sunday night and it promises to be an amazing spectacle.