If you’ve been reading this site for any decent length of time, then you know that I tend to have a lot of guest contributors. I just had one the other day, in fact. Jack Outis is a guy who has written many of these guest posts in the past and at the top of all his posts, he describes himself as a “proud neo-troll.” He literally does this for every single one of his posts. Truth be told, I don’t even know what a neo-troll is, but I always just laughed at it and moved on.

Well, apparently the distinction between me and my guest writers is not something David Futrelle of We Hunted The Mammoth seems interested in making, as he labeled me a neo-troll on his site last night. Not only that, he said I’m a “now former GamerGater,” when that’s also incorrect. To the dismay of many of my critics within the movement, I have never quit GamerGate. In fact, it’s a point of pride for me. No matter how many haters have tried to drive me out over the last 20 months, I’m still here. Yes, it’s true that I have diversified the content on TheRalphRetort.com, but in no way have I ever quit GamerGate.


Owens also gave an interview to The Ralph Retort, a sleazy anti-“SJW” internet tabloid run by a guy who describes himself as a “proud Neo-Troll,” in which she threatened to release alleged information on Quinn and Harper that would cost them “everything.” She made similarly threatening allusions on Twitter, suggesting she was on the verge of launching what she called a #gamergatesequel against the two…

It is, ironically, true that internet abuse is a business. Not to Quinn or Sarkeesian, who never asked for any of the abuse they’ve gotten, but for those who’ve made a sometimes handsome living targeting people like Quinn and Sarkeesian — ranging from YouTube blabbers like Thunderf00t and Sargon of Akkad to the odd (and now broken up) couple behind The Sarkeesian Effect to, well, Ethan Ralph of the Ralph Retort, a now former GamerGater who built his site by pandering to the GamerGate troll army.

This is nothing new for Mr. Futrelle. In fact, he regularly spreads mistruths about my partner on the Killstream program, Janet Bloomfield. I guess I should feel honored that an SJW attack dog has seen fit to spend so much time mislabeling me. I actually love all press, even this variety. Still, I would hope that basic accuracy would at least be a small consideration for this hack. I doubt he will update his hit piece, but let’s sit back and see if he has any sort of integrity whatsoever.

The rest of his article spends time attacking Candace Owens, which is par for the SJW course as of late. I wonder why they’re spending so much time going after Candace? Is it because she’s a threat to the narrative? All these middle-class white people attacking a young, up-and-coming black female entrepreneur ought to tell you guys something about what these thugs truly view as a threat.

Follow the money and follow the grievance politics.