If you’ve been following Twitter today, then you know that the Denver Comic Con has been tying itself in knots all day over its stance towards GamerGate supporters not only attending, but also wearing the GamerGate gear when they do. It should go without saying that I support the rights of attendees to wear whatever they want, much less GamerGate gear. But the guy running their social media couldn’t just say the same. He had to qualify and equivocate. What’s so hard about just coming out and saying we support free speech and free expression of political or social beliefs?

Here’s the rundown, in case you missed it:



What the hell is wrong with these idiots who run the social media accounts? I guess it just flows from the top, judging by what’s happening when GamerGate shows up to conventions. Of course what he said makes no sense anyway. First they say no don’t wear the shirt, then they say yes wear the shirt. Then there’s something about “prove your point.” I don’t fucking get it. To me, it looks like they’re trying to keep their options open in case they want to kick your ass out. By keeping it vague, they’re able to muddle things.

But there was nothing vague about saying GamerGate was sending out death and rape threats. As we know, GamerGate has never actually been tied to any such act. We’ve seen third party trolls have a field day throughout this whole thing. I’ve been doxed, been hacked, had shit sent to my house…all kinds of stuff. Thankfully, that’s as far as it’s went. But there are GG supporters who’ve been swatted as well. There is no reason for our detractors, and the media, to keep repeating these lies…and yet they still do.

What to do in the face of these attacks? Go to the conventions, wear your GamerGate gear, and record everything. Get these fuckers on camera, and keep em there. It will be your only backup against their lies. As I just said, they don’t mind telling obvious falsehoods in order to smear our cause. They will lie about individual incidents just as quickly as they have about the rest. So be prepared.


  1. Record everything. Document everything. Archive everything. I can’t stress this enough.

    I don’t have any GG gear, but I’m definitely going to be wearing some kind of recording device when I go to FanExpo in September.

    1. Be sure to have a hidden camera. And possibly a backup camera just in case. Or have some you know to record everything from a good angle.

      1. Best strategy is:

        1. Obvious camera/microphone.
        2. Hidden camera/microphone.
        3. Hidden microphone.
        4. A buddy similarly equipped.

        The only way get all the copies is to strip-search everyone fingered by SJWs, and everyone around the person fingered by SJWs.

        Even then, there’s no guarantee they’ll get everything, especially if people mix-n-match (i.e. more then one back-up or leave a part out). They’ll be missing some extra back-ups or they’ll be stressing out over whether a part was left out or or if they missed it.

        And SJWs see gators under the bed, they’re paranoid beyond all reason.

        The only choices are:
        A) Tell the SJWs to go fuck themselves
        B) Beyond-Comcast-tier PR nightmare.

        1. Getting fingered by SJW’s? Now that’s a scary thought, LOL. I’d tell ’em to go fuck off. But yeah, Once these pansies are poisoned with fear by, which they are, for no good reason they’ll become stupid, which they are. And that should make it eezy-peezy-lemom squeezy for the people recording the situation.

  2. Actually harassment ISN’T defined by the harassed. That’s just what Feminists and Social Justice retards CLAIM. In reality harassment is defined by the LAW and the intent of the individual engaging in an action. What that cunt was really saying was “anyone who disagrees with my social and political beliefs will be censored”. In short: He’s a fucking FASCIST.

    1. Just another example of the extreme left trying to redefine words to mean whatever they want them to mean. Taking a photo of someone in public? HARASSMENT! Saying hello to a woman? RAPE! Disagreeing with a trans person? TRANSMISOGYNY! Telling a minority that they’re wrong? WHITESPLAINING! Wearing a GamerGate shirt? OMG YOU ARE WORSE THAN 30 HITLERS AND 12 BILL COSBYS!

      1. It’s sad because on the one hand you have the lying, manipulative scumbag professional victims and on the other you have rational, usually civil people. But there can be no civil discourse because the opiate of the masses, as these people’s beloved Karl Marx put it, has shifted from religion (although confirmation bias still reigns supreme) to “creating an equal and safe space”. Except these people don’t want equality, they want equity in a system devoid of merit.

        If everyone would just sit down and look at the EVIDENCE and comprehend the logical fallacies of the aGGro’s in their arguments, then there would be no need for any of this nonsense. The hypersensitive douche bags would simply go start their own “Atheism+” versions of everything, wither and die in their echo chambers, and the rest of us could carry on having a grand old time with our senses of humor intact.

        1. “It’s sad because on the one hand you have the lying, manipulative scumbag professional victims and on the other you have rational, usually civil people.”

          That truth has been a real eye-opener for me.

          I’ve been around a BUNCH of sites – both GamerGate pro & con – reading articles, comments sections, tweets etc.

          You know what I’ve found? A TON of discussion by intelligent, reasonable people who either support GG or are at the least anti SJW. The level of insight and logical thought has been nothing short of amazing to me given the usual nature of the internet (which I’ve been on for a LONG time).

          The only real trouble spots are YouTube comments. There’s plenty of accurate and civil discourse but the trolls and juvenile minds are evident in much greater numbers than say this comment section.

          What baffles me is with so many intelligent, logical (dare I say moral?) folks tuning in to this mess, why haven’t the SJW’s and the looney “Three Musketeers” (Anita/Wu/Zoe) been driven out/back yet?

      2. I guess they realize how retarded “triggered” sounds when not used in the specific context of PTSD (I would love to watch soldiers with actual PTSD confront these hypersensitive perma-victims), so they’re trying to switch to “Harassed”. I actually suffer from PTSD among other issues (not from military activity, fortunately), and certain things do “trigger” me, but that just causes anger and depression. Anyone who actually knows what that’s like should recoil in disgust at these pathetic, weak, dishonest charlatans. 🙁

      3. Yeah. Oddly enough, I see these kinds of people massaging definitions in order to justify their own intolerance. Racism used to be to discriminate based upon race but now it’s some vague “power + prejudice” definition which neatly allows them to discriminate against those they’ve labelled as the enemy.

        Yeah. Because an irrational prejudice is somehow more acceptable because it’s not a prejudice that fits their neat and convenient new definition of “racism”

        Prejudice is still intolerance.

      4. As a brown man it would take a lot for most on the sjw side to claim they are “more oppressed” then I would be (at least face to face, internet is another story). It’s something I have seen before where some would be too afraid to speak up even if I say something so outlandish it warrants a slap to my own face. For them to come at me they need to find something that would deem me a threat to their safety, ie: what I support/like.

        I talk about gamergate, well paint me a woman-hater despite being a loyal lover to my female friends and also being a man who defends his mother from anyone who would want to harm her. I love video games: well I’m still a man-child virgin living in his parent’s basement despite the fact I have a job, pay for my room’s rent and have had a couple of girlfriends in the past and PS can still afford to purchase my video game material with hard-earned money.

        It’s safe to say that if I try to talk about anything people don’t like then I come across as the threat to public safety. And yet these are the same people who would support hitler or bill cosby if either one of them were to say gamergate sucks. How lovely is that?

  3. “Harassment defined by the harassed”?

    Yeah….this means that anyone can claim that wearing a shirt with GamerGate or Vivian James on it is “harassing” them. I’ll bet you $100 that SJWs will do this is order to get GamerGaters kicked out, even if they’re not even so much as even LOOKING in their direction.

    I won’t be surprised if some Antis will try to pull false flags by going to the Con in GG gear and start some shit.

    If anyone GGers are planning on going: RECORD EVERYTHING, don’t go alone, and if approached by Antis, DO NOT ENGAGE THEM – try to get away and contact the nearest con security staff member. If the Antis try to claim it was YOU doing the harassing, you’ll have video and a reliable witness to back you up.

  4. First….do it the right way. Either get one of those head mounted cams, or get yourself a $50 pair of video glasses. Ive used them for work and they are the beans. Discreet and effective should be the bywords chaps and chapesses.

    Second….so a GG shirt is harassment made from cotton now is it? OK….fine. I suppose, as its a comic con, Cosplay will be allowed? I would love to turn up then dressed as one of the Nazi vampires from Hellsing, complete with fangs, Stahlhelm, jackboots, Iron Crosses, Totenkopf badges and sodding swastikas on my sleeves. Or maybe an undead Nazi from Outpost or Dead Snow. Its not the type of undead Nazi that matters as long as Im wearing swastikas and deaths heads. Would that be triggering, y’fucksters? But….its Cosplay! Oh, and some feminist once said something nasty to me on Twatter, so I will be getting triggered and screaming harassment whenever I see some fat slag with rainbow coloured hair within 50 meters of me.

    1. You see, the shirts are made of cotton, and the slaves were made to pick cotton, so the sight of our shirts will trigger many of the SJWs….even if they’re white and didn’t even fucking exist then.

    2. We have a huge camera/audio store in NYC that has plenty of small cams that are quite inconspicuous and can still capture clear images provided there is decent lighting. Then there are the button cams/ audio recorders that are affordably priced.

      We of course do have a spy shop in NYC as well but everything seems to be overpriced.

  5. We should create T-shirts that say “I’ve been harassed for supporting ethics and anti-censorship.”

    Gamergate knows what that means. Anti-gamers knows what that means because they are disingenuous liars. There is no logo, no mascot, no Gamergate, just words describing what happened to them. Anyone trying to claim that is harassment will look even more crazy.

    On the other hand, we need to stand up for our rights. Call out the liars and get the truth of Gamergate out there.

    Anyone ejected from a con for wearing a T-shirt with Gamergate on it, a picture of Vivian James, or cosplaying as Vivian James will erupt into a big fiasco and make the con look extremely bad.

  6. We have GG women being kicked out of expo’s for no reason, pro-GG minorities of Not Your Shield being openly mocked and derided by SJW’s in a way that would make national news if the roles were reversed, messages of hate from anti-GG’s wanting to cut our throats, punch us in the face, etc. … and yet, despite all that we’re the hate mob because the SJW’s have figured out that no rational argument will ever trump a professional victim.

    We have now reached a point of absurdity that is truly surreal. SJW’s are behaving like fascists and getting away with it because mindless drones (like the lemming in charge of DCC’s Facebook account) are parroting these imaginary claims of violence as gospel.

  7. The media really has thoroughly brain washed the masses. But the masses can be woken up. It just takes time.

  8. I read that as “I don’t care if muslims are not all terrorists, that is what the world thinks and we are not responsible for our ignorance. We do not want THEM at our convention”

    Feel free to replace muslim with any other group/stereotype combo (libertarians/crazy, jews/greedy, DND players/satanists etc)

  9. Harassment is defined by the harassed? Alright then, for everyone going, please walk up to the nearest con assistant and tell him that [x] famous panelist (preferably someone you know is anti-gg) just harassed you.

    It doesn’t matter what they did, after all, harassment is defined by the harassed, correct?

  10. My take away “We don’t need to do any research” IE everything we just said is an intentional lie and we knew it.

  11. I’ll take an optimistic stance and say the initial reasoning was that they believed gamergate was a hategroup, then were corrected. Now they are saying, wear it, prove you’re not there to harass people, but be mindful of the liars that initially gave them that perspective to begin with.

    It sucks but really what it comes down to, if you’re going, take the challenge. They are forewarning you indirectly that there WILL be people who will be doing false reports, that if it comes in full mass they will HAVE to take seriously.

    Again optimistic viewpoint.

    1. I don’t think it’s even close to that stage yet.

      They’ve made numerous, rather significant errors but it doesn’t seem to matter…

      1. No surprise it doesn’t seem to matter. For it to matter the SJW crowd would have to have a sense of shame, decency, or self respect, and they have none.

  12. Don’t need to do any research… the fuck is wrong with these people? The only thing I saw from DCC here was a giant “WE DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY”

  13. I smell bullshit here. By “…who started it”, I bet they will expel the person with the GG shirt, even if it was ranting Antis that started the trouble

  14. You know, the shirt-pimp AND the smartass in me says “everyone go in a Gamer Gate shirt!!!” and wear body cams.

    But really, I think the SJW cult will be just as offended by great art, humorous art, and cute art. So, really, even if you do not get a Gamer Gate shirt, have at least one person in your crew recording video when you go forth into the wild convention season this year!

    These people are nuts, and I’m doing my best to make them hate http://www.shirtlords.com 😉

  15. Just some friendly advice, make sure you have video AND audio so you get everything said or done in your presence if and when it’s needed. This is really important now. They’ve made it this way because of what happened in Calgary.

    If they try to confiscate your stuff, do not hand it over. Most states allow you to record without disclosing. I forget where exactly to look but if you Google around you can find it listed, just to make sure you can do so in Colorado.

    If they try to kick you out, ask them why and get it on camera or on a recording device(again you should have both). Get a specific answer from them on record. Tell them you want a refund as well, especially if you just got there. Bring a friend or more with you, or meet up with other GG supporters there and show these people that we’re not harassers like they’re been lying and saying we are for the last 9 months now. Have a good time and stay positive.

    Generally, be yourself.

  16. While the Denver Comic Con’s statements make sense on paper, the counter-argument is that the issues surrounding the forcefully progressive culture war aren’t by any means limited to GamerGate. It’s one thing to say “We welcome GamerGate in; just don’t wear GamerGate shirts.” Yet if the likes of Anita Sarkeesian are being kowtowed to by demagogues in high places in popular culture, how long will it be before some of the newcomers to these conventions feel put upon by seeing female cosplayers in sexy costumes? Before “GamerGate” was widely-said, Leigh Alexander had the gall to associate wearing Super Mario Bros paraphernalia with misogyny and terrorism; how can people be sure what constitutes looking “safe” if that sort of imbecile gets a voice in popular culture and some other major voices take her side? Granted; it’s gone now, but it was there, and I understand why people were alarmed.

    Frankly, “Safe space” is a pipe dream when it’s something this big. I’ve written that I actually approve of exclusivist groups http://entertainmentexaminer.blogspot.com/2015/02/in-defense-of-in-crowds.html that define their modus operandi according to a limited set of tastes. They’re good for the people who pursue their unique passions. Yet Comic Con has grown bigger and bigger, incorporating more and more fandoms, and at some point, it needs to be decided to whom it caters and to whom it doesn’t, or there’s going to be conflict.

    It can be argued there already HAS, actually. Remember when Twihards clogged up the line for the convention, at the expense of other people? http://cinemassacre.com/2009/07/29/the-twilight-line-of-doom/ It inspired a huge crowd of people to bring anti-Twilight signs and chant slogans against it at subsequent comic cons. (I can’t find the videos of that anymore) While that conflict isn’t exactly political, it in essence illustrates the point that couldn’t help but be politicized: These events are too big. They try to cater to more and more people, and the effect of that is that guests are starting to get pissed off. Conflicts are inevitable.

    1. Presumably Sarkeesian Conmaster spreader of hate herself and associate of aGGro threats and harassment would be welcomes with open arms. It’s these left leaning organizations that want everyone to be in denial about their politics.

      1. Sarkeesian rides in presumably because enough people still assume “feminism” means the old, sex-positive, egalitarian sort, but if she pisses enough people off, I think she’ll be banned, too–and if she takes too much initiative from her newfound profits and keeps spewing louder and louder, she’s GOING to piss more and more people off.

        The fact is that much of the media knows audacity sells. Sex, violence, swearing, exploration of moral gray areas; they all make their purveyors money, they make their audiences happy, and they all will be fed up with a Negative Nancy twatting at them. They get enough of that shit from the protestors outdoors, tempers could easily flair at Anita.

  17. I don’t know about anyone else but I always enjoy myself when I’ve been threatened with precarious expulsion and maligned as a hate group and forced to record every second of my time at an event. Heck last month I went to Precarious Expulsion Hate Group Record Yourself Con at Guantanamo Bay and had a fabulous time me and the guys in orange suits back together again under the watchful eye of a totalitarian authority with questionable moral integrity. The real reason @DenverComicCon don’t want consumer revolt #GamerGate visible at their event https://archive.is/14nUf

  18. “Prove our point”? I read this as “do it and we will kick you out” in bullshit-speak. I would have had more respect for the Con as a whole if they honestly just said : “Listen, we don’t want trouble so we are asking you nicely not to wear them.” or even “We are neutral on this but we would like to ask of you to not wear this.”

    But no, instead we get the whole “prove you point” fiasco which comes off as condescending and provocative. It’s like they are beginning to start controversy. If anything people save those Denver comic con posts because I sense a major helping of bullshit coming our way.

  19. Hmm, I got an anime convention coming up in two weeks. Should I do a social experiment where I have a GG print made for sale? Should I see how far this spreads through conventions?

  20. Ahh media perceptions…funny how no one trusts th’ media until it delivers th’ boogeyman they want,,,what’s obvious to us is hidden to them as they’ve only used th’ media’s caricatures of us to define us..we are aware of who we are…they are not…this is a handicap,,,and a strength…fear is tricky stuff,,,but their fear is what will undo them as th’ Ralph/Wu incident shows and Calgary,,,,donated a tiny bit to th’ Honeybadgers,,,wish i could have afforded more,,,but every little helps as this story proves..they will expose much with their case i hope…till then, everyone keep on keepin’ on…

  21. So you say you don’t want to get involved and yet bash an entire movement with no evidence. And when evidence is given to you you say you don’t want to read it because you don’t want to get involved. Yeah how is that view of the inside of your ass, that must be such a cozy place.

  22. I’m completely baffled. People just keep perpetuating the same kinds of corruption all the fucking time. They listen to the liars who claim they are telling the truth simply because they are playing the victims, then state they will not do the research because it’s not their fucking responsibility to know who’s actual fucking fault any of this shit is.

    Whoever the fuck goes to DCC donning the GG banner, please do us as much justice as possible. Be as fair and polite as you can, and record everything.

  23. I am glad I went to engineering school and not comic convention management. I would not want their job, completely thankless.

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