As you’ve probably heard by now, the Clock Boy scammer is now demanding $10 million from the City of Irving and $5 million from the Irving School District. I’m also assuming he doesn’t really care where the money comes from, so long as he gets his massive cut. But, let’s be honest here, it probably wasn’t his idea. His dad looks like the mastermind behind this swindle. Just who is his father, you ask? Some of you already know, but let me fill you in, just in case.

Mohamed ElHassan has competed twice to be the President of Sudan. He lost both times, of course, so I guess that’s why he’s trying to extract a ransom from Irving, Texas. He had planned on stealing from the Sudanese people originally, but he’ll settle for Americans. The guy also has a tendency to spread 9/11 truther propaganda. What a “standout citizen,” which is how The New York Daily News described him. Here’s more from Breitbart

The Arabic post was translated for Breitbart Texas by Raymond Stock, Middle Eastern political and cultural affairs expert, a former Guggenheim Fellow with a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from the University of Pennsylvania. He also taught Arabic and Middle East Studies and spent twenty years in Egypt.

Troubling statements in this Facebook post further the ideology of 9/11 conspiracy theories. The translation suggests that the 9/11 terror attacks were bogus, an inside-job, reading: “That the war against terror is nothing more than an illusion made in America—as al-Qa`ida was made in America, as well as what is happening now in the Arab East at the hands of the West.”

The post also alleges that the United States created 9/11 to manufacture the “war on terror.” Translated, the words read: “The events of September 11th were planned precisely to launch the war on Iraq, and 50% of the American people are becoming aware of that.”

Musing, Mohamed draws a parallel to his “clockmaker” son, asserting Islamophobia at the core of the clock incident, ignoring federal and state zero tolerance and/or safe school act policies behind his son’s arrest for bringing into an Irving, Texas, high school a perceived “hoax bomb.” According to the English translation, he instead writes: “Moreover, what happened to Ahmed Mohammed would not have occurred were he not Muslim and Sudanese.” He insists that it “shocked the West, and made Obama seek to honor him, rather than his terrorizing his fellow students.”

The link has the full translation, which doesn’t make things any better. Honestly, the whole thing causes me to get even more pissed off, because when I first saw Clock Boy, I actually thought he had been singled out unfairly. That was before I read the bit about the first teacher who saw the “clock” telling him to put it away and not show it to anyone else. Well, he didn’t follow that directive, and it was probably because his pops told him to cause a ruckus with that thing, one way or the other. In that case, mission accomplished. As this redditor says, the shit just doesn’t add up. The only reason it ever did, was because of the mainstream media trying to push a narrative in order to move clicks:


Master Milo summed up my thoughts quite nicely, as you can see above. Fuck paying these clowns one cent. They’re over in Qatar now anyway, and it’s all paid for by the the dictators royal family. Why the fuck do they need an extra $15 million, besides the obvious reason that’s it’s better to have $15 million than it is to not have it. They say it’s because of mental anguish, but fucking hell, I would like to receive some of that kind of pain

What, precisely, did Ahmed and his family “suffer”?: Twitter shout-outs from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio, and Jimmy Fallon band-leader Questlove; Facebook messages from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and actor George Takei; an invitation to intern with Twitter; a visit to Google, where he met with U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith; a trip to the United Nations, where he took a selfie with the prime minister of Turkey; a red-carpet photo-op with Sudanese dictator (and mass murderer) Omar al-Bashir; a visit to the White House, where he chatted with the president; a Muslim of the Year award from the Council on American–Islamic Relations; and, finally, a fully funded secondary education at the Doha Academy in Qatar, where the family is now living.

What torture! Don’t you guys feel sooooo sorry for poor Ahmed? I have to say, the only thing this family has accomplished is poisoning the well for Muslims who might face real discrimination in the future. Many Americans are going to be less likely to believe them as a result of this hoax. Good job, guys!