Another day, another advertiser pulls out of Gamasutra. This time it’s the University of Advancing Technology, aka UAT. It seems they made their decision last month sometime, but we’re only learning about it today. Here’s the advertiser email that’s floating around on Twitter:


UAT Says:

University of Advancing Technology ceased advertising on Gamasutra as soon as we became aware of their [sic] being an issue with negative journalism. Having one of the oldest programs in the nation, we are very sensitive to issues of this nature.

So, there you have it folks. Gamasutra has lost one more advertising partner, and this train doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Good thing Leigh Alexander is apparently unbowed. Instead of contrition, she’s digging (and possibly drinking) in further tonight:



A person with any type of honor would have resigned weeks ago. Good thing Leigh doesn’t have any, because I don’t want to stop now anyway. Continue the email onslaught. The results speak for themselves. Gamasutra is on its last legs.


UPDATE: Meanwhile, on Planet Denial…






  1. Leigh Alexander is now toxic to any gaming site, I think her arrogance about her career is just posturing at this point. She is the type never to go out gracefully, watching her throw tantrums
    as here career goes down the toilet is going to be fun.
    Schadenfreude for the win”

  2. I have to admit I admire that this nutjob is going to go down swinging. I also agree that the captures of her tweets will do nothing, She is just like Faraci in that she takes immense pride in being an antagonistic asshole. Some people are just like that. Like the Internet Aristocrat has stated many times these people are some of the most smug, self righteous and arrogant assholes you will ever have the displeasure of meeting.

    I am sure her next career once her site goes under will be to sponge off her cronies via Patreon until she can find a job at another SJW friendly site and the circle of idiocy will start all over. This woman will never have a career as a real journalist, just as a bitter, agenda driven hack until she eventually becomes the reclusive cat lady in the neighborhood everyone hates.

  3. “the funniest part is the think they’ve hurt my career”

    No, Leigh – you’re doing that all by yourself. Please make your self some more martinis and continue to vent your bile on Twitter. You’re doing most of the work for #GamerGate!

  4. I feel bad for Gamasutra. Why they continue to support someone like Leigh Alexander, I’ll never know. She’s toxic, vile, spews more vitriol than anyone I’ve ever seen. She’s made racist posts, sexist posts, you name it. She also takes pride in ruining the careers of others. I don’t know why anyone would support or condone the actions of a cruel person like that.

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