I happened to be on Twitter for the Ft. Lauderdale shooting incident earlier this afternoon. And since I also recently signed up for Playstation Vue, I even got to watch cable news at the same time. The following is my live recounting of the event, which thanks to Paul Joseph Watson over at InfoWars, got a lot of eyeballs.

More on this to come, but since I went full reporter mode over on Twitter, I figured I might as well chronicle it here, too. My thoughts are with the victims of this senseless tragedy.



The gunman was wearing a uniform and a military ID with the name Esteban Santiago, a 26-year-old man born in New Jersey. Investigators confirmed to ABC News he is the shooter in the attack and was being interviewed by the FBI.

According to the Army Criminal Investigation Division, Santiago was a combat engineer and honorably discharged from the Army National Guard in 2016…

Authorities said in an afternoon press conference Santiago was a passenger on a Canada flight and had a legally-checked gun in his luggage.

Witnesses said the gunman shouted “I’m not Jewish,” repeatedly, as he held a “long gun” and opened fire indiscriminately.

Another witness said it was a 9mm, so I can’t say for sure what type of gun it was.

Photo of Esteban Santiago




They add that in November 2016, he walked into an FBI office in Anchorage claiming that he was being forced to fight for ISIS. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

In 2011 or 2012, he was investigated by Homeland Security Investigations for child porn. Three weapons and a computer were seized, but there was not enough evidence to prosecute, according to law enforcement sources.