Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure

Noted dog-fucker (allegedly) and self-proclaimed pedophile Sarah Butts has been throwing a fit on Twitter over me using an affiliate link in the Mike Cernovich interview. For the record, I wasn’t paid to run that interview. I was given a review copy of the book, but that is pretty standard practice. Also, I clearly have it displayed on the side of my page that I use Amazon affiliate links (and there was one in that story). But, I figured why not make a post about all this and put an official disclosure policy out at the same damn time! Thanks again, Sarah! You keep giving me material. It’s almost like you can’t help yourself. I know it’s not you crushing on me, since I’m over 8-years-old…but it’s still flattering.

Let’s get to the boring disclosure part. I will pin this on the page somewhere later tonight. I’ll also look into things and make sure I’m following the new guidelines by the letter. I feel like I’ve been pretty upfront with what I do here, and how I make money off my work, though. If you feel differently, by all means, voice it down below in our uncensored #BasedCommentSection.

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Now, I’ll move on to the rest of the evening’s morning’s topics.

Ethan Ralph

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  • The Leader of GamerGate

    Amazing how quickly journos could have ended GamerGate if they’d acted like this rather than attacking their audience and trying to hide their misdeeds.

    • lol, nice pic

    • Lost Question

      and now whenever the corrupt journo’s pull some sh*t GG comes in like:

  • Freeman

    I will never understand why someone who is an admitted pedophile thinks they can claim the moral high ground on…well, anything. At some point you’re just working against yourself and helping spread the word about your deviant taste.

    • Silence Dogood

      Because Pedophilia is a form of mental illness and when you’ve embraced the insanity and explain it away like Butts does they actually think they’re NORMAL and that they’re being OPPRESSED and therefore become self-righteous. Butts needs to be burnt at the stake for being such a diseased, criminal lunatic.

  • Social Justice Whitey

    ,,,full disclosure,,,my penis isnt very long,,,fully erect it’s just over 4 and a half inches,,,of course, this is fine considering it has th’ girth of a soup can,,,that is all…carry on,,,

  • Lost Question

    I kind of wonder why buts lurks here. but then he’s pretty unpopular outside of the aGGro echo camber. Ah well I hope he finds a hobby outside of Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr.

    Disclaimer: Everyone online is a he to me whatever gender you claim to be I dun care I only put down she when I want to, don’t matter what your genitals look like im not interested.

  • Mark Samenfink

    Thanks Ralph

  • shinningprodigy

    I appreciate your honesty although, if I’m to be honest, I never really noticed this until you mentioned it. All the same I guess.

    As for butts… sick human filth. My god how can one be so despicable and think they are morally superior baffles me.


    Now hold on just one second. But, didn’t Butts “supposedly” write an article for that extremist whacked job radical feminist site The Mary Sue some time ago during the early days of GG? Or if “she” has written other articles recently? Not that I’ll read anything that dog fucker has to say. Perhaps a lesson on re-education in ethics 101 is in order. Just saying.

  • zmbrtlsm

    I know pedophilia is a serious illness but since the dog fucking piece of shit has become a parody of itself months ago I am going to make fun of the turd. Fuck you nyberg!

  • They somehow don’t get that all the things they think we want to take away from them THEY CAN KEEP!
    This whole tantrum is to preserve the perks they enjoy when that has never been the objective of GG.
    If you disclose prominently gamers and nerds will let you get away with BLATANT shilling and any amount of bullshit.
    We just don’t want to be lectured to, provoked, insulted or lied to.
    It’s not fucking hard ><

    While objectivity is a worthy goal, we ALL KNOW that helping friends will happen.
    Human nature.
    We all know that people that you personally know will have an advantage over strangers.
    Human nature.
    We aren't asking for jouirnos to be fucking robots, just to be honest and ethical.

  • The Deuce

    Hey Nicholas, if you’re reading this:
    1) Pay your taxes
    2) Stop hosting pirated gamess
    3) Stop trying to justify child molestation
    4) Stop thinking about your young cousin
    5) Stop f***ing dogs
    6) Pull back your foreskin when you pee

    • Nicholas Tan

      U talkin’ to me?

      • ゾーラック ナニャビズ

        He’s referring to Nicholas Nyberg aka Sarah Butts.