GUEST Editorial by @GamerGateSF

(English is second language, like me LOL, but it’s still quite coherent.)

I’ve heard stories about the infamous GamerGhazi subreddit, but they seemed almost unbelievable. I think you should always try to make up your own opinion, and not form it based on what others tell you. So, I went there and started to browse, saw this thread and started reading until I came to some comments about League of Legends…which is a game I’ve played since the end of season 1 now.

I also talked a lot about the toxic environment people face in the game with other players and did so for about 2-3 years, which made me reply to a comment about this very topic and explained my background followed by a list of things you could do in order to get a less toxic experience. Maybe I should have worded it that way and double checked my reply since I can see how one sentence can be misunderstood, but overall it should make sense after reading the list. If it was still unclear people could ask questions though, I didn’t see why I would need to spell it out, I mean, they’re not babies.

Here is the post I was replying to:img1

And this was my reply (feel free to use the advice)


Or so I thought *laughs to self* what followed after was snarky replies and a ban (for “breaking” rule 5), for some general purpose advice on how to deal with toxicity in league of legends in a context that would be relevant for everyone coming across the list in a subreddit so heavily anti-harassment. I added some comments to them, trying to be funny because why the fuck not.

ghazi responses1

1. huh?

2. nice “list” you got there

3. women aren’t toddlers? Then why did you 2 suggest that particularly women should not experience shitty behavior? I never disclosed my gender, but good news for all you women feeling like you’re a man trapped in a womans body, become a GamerGater and you will magically grow a penis while losing your breasts.

4. Are you a satire account roaming ghazi?

ghazi responses2

Wanna see my phd?

For a lot of people the episode is probably no surprise, but it’s a good way to show the hypocrisy of this subreddit, which is the only reason I decided to write this…as a way to give others a warning. If you’re looking for an anti-GamerGate subreddit I’d suggest /r/againstGamerGate, I won’t call Ghazi anti-gg (at least we can agree on that) I’d just call it crazy-town.