As I sat down to enjoy my leftovers today, I was alerted to a story about a female Australian video games journalist. It pretty simple. Basically, little shitstains send her rape threats and stuff like that, and instead of calling the police, she calls the perpetrator’s parents. Hilarity usually ensues, as they take off to discipline their child. It’s pretty funny, actually, and I was laughing when I read it. One thing I wasn’t laughing about, though, is how outlet’s like Gawker Media’s Jezebel, tried to tie the episode in as evidence of GamerGate harassment, despite her saying nothing of the sort. 

Here’s the snippet in question, as well as the link to the article:

“Alanah Pearce reviews video games for Australian radio stations and television. She also has her own YouTube channel. She has received a number of threats on Twitter and Facebook simply because (this is a well-informed assumption) she’s a woman, though GamerGate probably has something to do with it…”

So, let me get this straight: there’s no evidence whatsoever that it’s GamerGate related, but you have a hunch it might be? More ace reporting from the rad fem freaks there at Jezebel. I’m glad to see Gawker Media has revamped their editorial process since their advertiser exist.  I guess this isn’t as bad as Raw Story, who put up an even worse fabrication:



I guess it would just be better if you heard it from the sources mouth herself. She doesn’t feel comfortable tying this harassment in with our peaceful consumer protest. Huh, maybe she’s actually done some (GASP) independent research? Whatever the case, she’s not buying what these corrupt bastards are selling:

So, there you have it. Jezebel is still doing Gawker’s dirty work. It’s a sickening echo chamber with no ethical or moral standing, after their stunts over the years. This is only one more. It’s just additional evidence for GamerGate supporters to add to the advertiser emails. These people are actively lying the GamerGate cause, as well as prominent members. If we don’t speak up for us, no one will. Fuck Jezebel and their even more sickening imitators at Raw Story. They both deserve to be expunged from the Internet for good.

  1. I wonder if the aGG troll brigade is going to call her a pro-GG sockpuppet and harass her off the internet like they did to Claire Schumann because she dared to not fall in lock step with these totalitarians.

    1. Doubt it. They’ll just brush this one down the memory hole. Picking a fight with someone willing to escalate can be a dangerous path.

  2. Here is another way to look at this, because Muslims have failed to vilify their Jihady terrorists, a lot of people have started to think poorly of ALL Muslims despite the bad apples being a minority. Thankfully #NotInMyName campaign started and they did so to distance themselves from the scum that is ISIS.

    Women will have to do the same. Separate themselves from the bad apples in the feminist movement and publicly reject such scumbags who give them a bad name. Otherwise we will go back to this era where the general ethos was:
    – a woman crying means she is trying gain sympathy but she’s really hiding something
    – women only give one-sided accounts – they never start any problems?
    – women are fakers and liars!

    And real women victims and complaints won’t be taken seriously again. It’s women’s call to shame and ban those filthy feminazis, just like men do when they have to set order and discipline amongst their ranks.

    1. Moderate Muslims do exist, but moderate Islam does not, and it is the moderates who are a minority without any influence.

    2. Feminists seem unable or, more likely, unwilling, to publicly and collectively call out, condemn, and distance themselves from, the SJW/feminazi crowd.

      They’ve had ample time to do so, but never took any action beyond a couple of individuals. Until they do, I consider modern feminism as whole gangrenous in general.

  3. The Jezebel piece is based on a similar piece written for The Guardian by Tom Boggoni.

    What’s even more curious is that, after she complained that GamerGate has nothing to do with the threats she received, Jezebel is willing to retract any connection between GamerGate and the threats received. However, Tom Boggoni tries to defend himself and his piece like only a demented or a SJW would do:

    1. Alright, when I’m not joking about I usually try to keep a level head, but that is just tragic. His statement is like that Frankie Boyle joke from a few years back on Mock The Week when they were talking about bad things to hear in court: “Well, there’s no evidence, but he does look a bit rapey.”

      It’s like; “Oh, so I was wrong about this, but gamergate is still about harassment so it might as well have been them!”. Professionals. Hah!

      1. actually it seems more like he is trying to say that THEY are the ones who define what the term gamergate applies to. after all Gamergate is nothing more then a terrorist group. Their opinion on their motives matters not one bit in the long run.

        What an ego the SJWs have.

    2. Not suprising in the slightest, corrupt journos can’t let it be about ethics so they must force it to be about women in vidya/tech to cover their own shit up.

  4. So I moseyed on over to look at her YT channel. Looks okay. I was amused to see a ‘top 5 hottest men in games’… but hey, fair’s fair. Accent is nice. I’ll watch some of her reviews tonight over pumpkin pie.

  5. Not that concerned about Jezebel because it IS purely a smearing site, garbage journalism in its purest garbage form.

    Guardian however, has no excuse.

  6. OMG My tweet calling someone (not her; a guy who tagged GG to connect us to her video) an asshole was used in a Ralph Retort story! I can die happy now haha.

  7. Much respect to Alanah for approaching the question of her harassment origins fairly.

    I also chuckled at her reaction to the people who threatened her.

    She certainly seems to have integrity.

    Tom Boggoni is, however, the opposite of her in this regard.
    His “okay, you guys might not have done it, but I really, really think it’s your kind of thing so I’m sticking with saying you did it even if she says not to” is narrative shaping in its ugliest form.

  8. I used to love going to Raw Story but they blocked me. Amanda Marcotte had an article saying women using the #womenagainstfeminism tag hated women and equal rights. She also said that things like #killallmen and #maletears weren’t misandry, they were just inside jokes and we’re stupid if we don’t get it.

    I suggested that diminishing the experiences of thousands of women is contrary to what feminism claims to be about. I said that things like womenagainstfeminism wouldn’t exist if feminists would just go the extra step of condemning misandric rhetoric instead of denying it even exists. This was enough to block me. But not after I was insulted and harassed by (no kidding) more than three dozen self-identified feminists.

    I haven’t been back to their site since so I didn’t get to see that it went full mcintosh. Bullet dodged, I guess.

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