As the result of some twists of fate, I currently reside here in Richmond, Virginia. It’s a pretty cool city. Reminds me of my hometown of Memphis. The music scene isn’t as good, in my opinion, but there’s lots of good food, a shitload of historical sites to see, and the downtown area is pretty cool. It’s not Beale St., but it will do. Anyway, enough of my review. Let’s talk about the meetup that’s going to be happening on August 28th, the anniversary of the “Gamers are dead” articles kicked off by Leigh Alexander. For many, this is considered one of GamerGate’s founding moments. I know it’s what turned up my interest level to the max. Once they officially declared war on gamers, I knew I would be in this fight until the bitter end. 

"Gamers are Dead"
“Gamers are Dead”

I already know the place where it’s going to be held, but the organizers are keeping it close to the vest as of now. This is so some anti-gamer thugs don’t try to get us shutout somehow. When that information is disseminated, I’ll post it here on the site.

Here’s where you can find more info on the event:

Friend of the site @GameDivner will be there as well. It should be a great time, and I look forward to seeing everyone who’s able to attend.

  1. Ah the day gamers died. It’s feels weird being dead for a year. I also see the industry is moving a long just fine without gamers. So many games were able to find an audience that weren’t gamers like blood borne, Witcher 3, mortal kombat x, and Arkham knight and sold really well without the aid of gamers. And sunset ended up being the highest selling game of the year. Leigh Alexander made the right call and it didn’t backfire what so ever.

    1. I’d love to ask Leigh “I AM games journalism” Alexander one question:

      “How’s that working out for you?”

      1. Out of all the decisions made in history. We’re including Hitler invading Russia levels of dumb that had to be the dumbest mistake in history. The fact that no one raised their hand and voiced concern that this was a bad idea boggles my mind. There is no way that decision would have made sense to a sain individual. “We’re a gaming website. Let’s tell gamers they’re dead and we don’t need them anymore.” How the fuck does that sentence get said out loud and not get followed by someone saying what a terrible idea that is. And of course results went exactly as anyone with a brain would expect.

    1. Wait, are you talking about the actual dipshit whom I think you’re referring to? Or is Phil’s House of Fish an actual restaurant in Richmond that you intend to go to in order to jokingly make the allusion towards said dipshit? If it’s the latter, it makes me all the more sad that I’m all the way on the other side of the country and unable to attend. I love seafood.

  2. Who went to the NYC event? I forgot about the date and became busy that day. I guess I’ll go to the one in Ronkonkoma, NY… only a short LIRR or motorcycle ride away.

  3. The day that gamers died. They’ll be singing bye bye miss sarkeesian’s lie, leigh alexander’s drinkin’ and not thinkin, and arthur chu is just a small fry,

  4. Music scene isn’t as good? Da fuk? Go check out the Gwar-B-Q at Haddad’s lake next weekend Ralph.

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