Sargon put out a video earlier today that was causing a bit of a stir. In it, he takes a look at the infamous book Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. It’s funny, because I was just talking about this the other day in a group chat. A couple of people in there seemed to think the book was some kind of evil pamphlet that was only used by the world’s worst people. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Most of the rules are just common sense, and a couple of the rules that people quote as being dastardly are anything but.

Is personalizing an issue and making it about people rather than institutions a hardball tactic? Certainly. Is the other side using hardball tactics daily in their fight against us. Yes, they are. That’s one reason I decided early on to just go all out and not give a fuck about trying to cut a moderate tone. To me, that’s foolishness when you’re up against rabid ideologues. So, I highlight their bullshit, show people that they don’t practice what they preach, and I ridicule them every step of the way. All these are tactics covered in Rules for Radicals. Like I said, it’s just common sense and fighting fire with fire.

Why would you get ruthless with these people? Well, I’ll just let Sargon show you that as well:

Here’s the Alinsky video: