During the last week or so, Glenn Beck has been coming out hard in support of Ted Cruz. I’m not a fan of either one of those guys, but even I can see the value in Beck’s support. Even though his star has waned over the past few years, he still has a large fanbase and is revered among the evangelical community that Cruz needs in order to win Iowa tonight (as well as the nomination). Still, some of his harsh anti-Trump rhetoric has stood out to me. I’m talking about stuff like this

“Donald Trump is a bully and like all bullies he is afraid of people who are actually strong and truly self confident,” Beck wrote. “Megyn should be flattered. Bullies don’t attack the weak. They first go after the strongest first. If they can beat them, the rest will fall in line.” Beck warned “with as much conviction as I warned in 1999 about Osama Bin Laden attacking NYC” that Trump is a “dangerous man. I warn you: Donald Trump or anyone that is a big government progressive with narcissistic tendencies who will preach populism and nationalism in a time of economic and social unrest is a dangerous road to go down,” he wrote. “This is not about Donald Trump.”

Sounds kinda unhinged, doesn’t it? It sounded even more nutty when I thought back to some of Beck’s past statements. I could have sworn I heard him heap praise on Trump in the not-so-distant past. As it turns out, I was correct. Here’s the YouTube clip that proves it, taken from The O’Reilly Factor:

“Donald Trump, here’s a guy who I really respect. Here’s a guy who gets things done in New York. You want to have somebody fix our country? Donald Trump is a guy who can economically fix our country.”

That doesn’t sound like a “dangerous” man, does it? I can understand someone changing their mind about Trump once he actually started running, but this kind of flip-flop is John Kerry-esque. Before, you said that Trump was a wizard who could fix the country, but now he’s some nutter populist who you not so subtly compared to Adolf Hitler? That’s quite a turnaround, Mr. Beck…and it seems very dishonest. I know you’re an ultra-religious loon, but this is taking it to a new level. Hopefully the voters of Iowa don’t fall for it later tonight.