You may have been wondering why I’ve been absent the last day or two. I did have the big story on Bill Mitchell, which was nice, but other than that, I’ve been laying low. Well, I haven’t really been absent…I’ve been busy arguing with Google AdSense about serving ads on this site. The problem this time isn’t explicit content or arguments about photographs of scantily clad women. Instead, there’re talking about scraped content and excessive ads. I can say with full confidence that most sites on the web have more ads than me. I can also tell you that the article they originally cited as scraped content doesn’t meet that definition. And if it does, then they should be disabling ads to many other sites as well.

They also cited one of my video posts, which is pretty much just a repost from the YouTube description, that is true. But it’s also original content that I created and it runs on Google’s own YouTube platform. I don’t see how this makes any sense whatsoever, but that’s the hand I’ve been dealt. I may or may not be able to get AdSense reinstated, but at this point it’s looking rather iffy. Thankfully, unlike some hard times in the past, I now have other ad platforms. The problem is, they don’t pay as well or as quick. And in the case of Sovrn, which serves up AdSense-like ads, they don’t always fill the request, which is frustrating. I’ll be working on all this, but in the meantime…

If you would like help support the site, you can do so with a donation through Patreon on PayPal. Or, you could buy some trinket from my online store, which I will be expanding soon. But if you’re cash limited, as I am lately, you could just share my shit. That’s always quite welcome.

I’ll be messing with some new configurations and looking at ways to possibly get AdSense back, although I’m sort of black pilled on that at the moment. Regardless, the fight will continue here on TRR. In fact, I might be able to speak a little more freely in the long run, if Google keeps jacking me up. So, this might end up being a good thing.


UPDATE: Apparently Sovrn is close to dropping me over a “hate speech score” given to my by IAS. I don’t even know who they are.