Well, I kinda wanted the day here, but that’s OK, because we still have the evening. I wanted to do a short post on Kotaku, even though I talked about them a little bit in the “CliffyB” post early this morning. It seems like not only do they have time to bitch about which sex is offered to players first, they also have a real problem with the new Steam refund policy. So they’re SJW water-carriers, AND anti-consumer shills. Three guess who wrote this column, by the way…

Yep, it was our old friend Nathan Grayson.

So, in addition to being a sniveling anti-consumer, he’s also a shitbag who ignores ethical disclosures. Instead of reforming, like Ian Miles Cheong has done, he continues to thumb his nose at being a respectable gaming journalist. He’s not the only one there who’s shit, but he is perhaps the most consistent.


I don’t even see how this guy still has a job, much less why he is allowed to spew this garbage. He’s still in that pre-GamerGate mindset, and refuses to leave it. I’m gonna keep this short, because I have to go meet this trainer, but I had to do a hit on this and see what you guys thought. How does Stephen Totilo let this clown stay on staff? Is it because he’s a clown himself?