This is a short message for the baphomet (@TheRaIphRetort) impostor on Twitter.


Suck my dick, choke on it.

  1. Ah, the old Capital I to replace the small L trick. It seems you’ve annoyed them. Never stop, Ralph.

  2. Site has clearly been compromised by Phil Fish. Grab as many muck-rakes as you can carry and let’s blow this joint.

  3. I can not wait til I go to SF just to troll and fuck with every single journo and dev who deserve it

  4. What the fuck is happening!? /bahpomet/ is stirring shit up again for the lulz!? Why don’t they fuck with aGGros for a change.

      1. LOL, that could be one of the behind there actions. But, knowing SJW’s they’ll blame everything on GG as usual. I’m not sure which group is worse, /baphomet/ or the SJW’s.

  5. /baphomet/ were the Twitter trolls that plagued #gamergate in the beginning, I wish them the best with all their lulz, but #gamergate passed them by. HEY ANTI’S WE ARE NO LONGER PLAGUED BY TROLLS TRYING TO HARASS. #GAMERGATE IS HERE TO STAY. FUCK YOU. in the intetests of free speach /baphomet/ are welcome to carry on as they are. Thats what free speech is all about after all. Sorry Ralph that you are getting grief from them.

  6. Not gonna say you were asking for it, Ralph, but…

    You DID repeatedly shit-talk them, so do understand that this wasn’t some unprovoked response. Does it justify anything? Nope, but it wasn’t completely unprovoked. They’re a hornet’s nest, and you kicked it a couple of times.

    Also, your responses to this are, to quote the thread, “premium buttmad” which is exactly the response they wanted.

  7. Ralph stop engaging Baph, they’ll only keep pestering you until they get bored and they’ll never get bored if you keep reacting to them.

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