God, the news is coming in so quick today that I barely have time to type it up. I was writing about something else when I had to pull back, and bring you this. As it turns out, many Reddit mods have been waging an underground war against GamerGate for months. I haven’t had time to go through all the logs and identify everything, so I’m going to bring you the raw data and then update this post as the evening rolls along.

Here’s some screens that I personally took, showing the mods discussing their censorship of article critical of Anita Sarkeesian and others:Selection_999(658) Selection_999(651) Selection_999(652) Selection_999(653) Selection_999(654) Selection_999(655) Selection_999(656) Selection_999(657) Selection_999(658)

Several of the mods were identified as being from the subreddit /r/gaming. They even talk about having Anita’s name on auto-report, at one point. There’s a ton there. My man John Galt on Twitter is on top of this shit:












Like I said, there’s a lot of shit in these logs lol. Here’s the full leak, if you feel like reading them over yourself. Grab a drink and a snack, cause it might take awhile. I’ll update this post as we learn more. You can also go visit my own subreddit, if you feel inclined. It hasn’t been banned yet, and I’ve been having fun with it. I still haven’t gotten to put as much work into it yet as I wanted to, but we’re off to a fairly decent start, I think. I’ll be back with more posts shortly.


UPDATE: Here’s a friend of mine with some highly technical (for me, anyway) jargon about how these logs were collected:

The command used to generate it is:

 grep -C10 -i "gamergate\|kotakuinaction\|kia\|quinn\|anita\|lwu\|brianna\|lauralai\|robotanna\|8chan\|zoe\|gaming\|gamer" snoonet-#modtalk.log  | grep -v -i "join\|part\|quit\steviegaming" | grep -v "^\*.*" > results.txt

It was then cropped to remove data before August as it was to focus on events after the zoe post.

An attempt at an english explanation of the above command is:

Check each line for the following words(sequence of letters):


If the word is found, show the 5 lines before and after it.

Now take the results and remove lines with the following words:

join,part,quit,steviegaming (stevie was removed because he talks way too much about nothing important)

Remove lines that begin with * these are mostly server messages.

And thus you have what the logs are composed of.