Pepe the Frog

Sometimes a campaign makes a move so baffling that it defies description. That was my first thought when I saw the attack post the Clinton machine just released on poor Pepe the Frog. Then again, the more I think about it, the more I start to come to the conclusion that this is nothing more than their attempt to talk about anything other than Hillary’s seemingly dire health situation.

The Clintons and their media allies also spent a major part of yesterday talking about David Duke, a man who has zero relevance to this campaign. This despite the fact that Hillary and her husband have made millions of dollars from some of the worst people on earth. No one in the media has asked them to renounce their buddies or return a single cent. The Clintons have real ties to these people, unlike Trump and Duke.

But, let’s talk about the important issues, people! Pepe the Frog is a dangerous caricature that must be stamped out!


This is almost hard to believe it’s so insane. But, it gets even better!

Why is there a frog standing directly behind Trump?

That’s Pepe. He’s a symbol associated with white supremacy.

Wait. Really? White supremacy?

That’s right.

Please explain.

Here’s the short version: Pepe is a cartoon frog who began his internet life as an innocent meme enjoyed by teenagers and pop stars alike.

But in recent months, Pepe’s been almost entirely co-opted by the white supremacists who call themselves the “alt-right.” They’ve decided to take back Pepe by adding swastikas and other symbols of anti-semitism and white supremacy.

“We basically mixed Pepe in with Nazi propaganda, etc. We built that association,” one prominent white supremacist told the Daily Beast.

Trump has retweeted his white supremacist supporters with regularity, but the connection between the alt-right and his campaign continues to strengthen. Trump has been slow to disavow support from Ku Klux Klansmen and white supremacy groups, and he recently hired’s Steve Bannon as his campaign CEO (and Bannon isn’t shy about the fact that his “news” organization is the “platform for the alt-right”).

Now white supremacists have given Pepe the cartoon frog some Trump hair—and the candidate’s own son says he is “honored to be grouped with” him.

Let me get this straight: Trump’s presidential campaign is posting memes associated with white supremacy online?


I, for one, am glad the Clinton campaign is tackling the real issues…like Pepe the Frog. Pay no attention to the dying candidate behind the curtain, ladies and gentleman. That’s nothing but a distraction.