As most of you know, I’m a huge wrestling fan. I’ve been out of the loop at bit the last few months, but it’s still something I love. One of my favorite wrestlers of all time is Hulk Hogan. His actual wrestling ability is low, but his charisma and crowd-control is off the charts. I’ve loved him as long as I can remember, really. The last couple years, he’s given me yet another reason to be a fan Hulkamaniac, and it has nothing to do with the squared circle. After Gawker published his ill-gotten sex tape a couple years ago, Hogan got mad. Then, he decided to get even.

Hogan decided to sue for $100 million, and it’s been in the courts for a while now, costing Gawker at total of around $600,000 dollars. According to recent reports, Gawker’s own insurance company is now suing them, saying they aren’t liable for the defense costs in the case. If you add this in with the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, that GamerGate has cost Gawker, it’s beginning to look like a decent hit. Here’s Gawker editor Max Read talking about all we’ve cost them back in October:

I’ve been told that we’ve lost thousands of dollars already, and could potentially lose thousands more, if not millions.”

The Hollywood Reporter had a good article about it Gawker’s claim last month, explaining their reasoning. To be honest, it sounds like another scam, just like their entire operation. Cayman Crook Nick Denton is never one to pass up an opportunity to lie, cheat, or steal:

“The insurer said in legal papers late last month that Gawker pays a coverage premium of $3,210 for liability related to the gossip site’s office in New York. (Think slips and falls.) Nautilus points out that Gawker pays another insurer a $23,004 premium for separate E&O media liability coverage, which it believes is the relevant one in the Hogan case.

But Gawker has an alternative argument why Nautilus isn’t merely responsible for those slipping and falling in the vicinity of founder Nick Denton. The policy in question provides insurance coverage for “damages because of bodily injury,” and the site points out that Hogan alleged he was suffering “emotional distress” from having an excerpt of his sex tape published.”

So, Gawker already has another insurance company for this coverage, but they want to drag in the other, clearly unaffiliated one? Sounds like their style. Bully, falsify, and propagandize…that’s all they know. They’re they scum of the earth, and always have been. What could possibly motivate them to publish Hulk Hogan’s sex tape in the first place? OK, money. But, if you post something salacious, it should at least have SOME news value, unless you’re just a bottom level gutter outlet. Yes, I’ve run some pretty hot stories myself, but I would say every one of them had news value…and there were zero porn clips among them.

I don’t see how this had any purpose, or value, other than to embarrass Hulk Hogan. Why would you want to do that to a guy like Hogan, who has given his life to entertaining people? He’s not a politician, or megachurch pastor. That’s why I hope he takes every fucking dime of that $100 million from Gawker. Either way, whether he gets it, they settle, or he ends up losing, this has been a total clusterfuck for Nick Denton and his sleazerag. They will make another mistake, count on it. Keep the pressure on these bullies, and we’ll exploit the next failing. Until then, continue laughing at them with the Hulkster.