It’s been a wild afternoon. KingofPol had his farewell (yes, again, lol) stream with Anna Merlan of Jezebel, and Sargon of Akkad. Afterwards, she thought it was fair to release an out of context email exchange she had with the host, but that’s Gawker for you. The stream was a little testy, but at least she came onto the show. Leigh Alexander, Zoe Quinn, Ben Kuchera, Nathan Grayson…they all ducked chances to come on. So props for that, Anna. I am a little disappointed they didn’t get to ask you about your UVA rape hoax fail, but hey, you can’t get everything you want, right?

Still, I didn’t come here to talk about that, actually. I came here to talk about a new study the federal government is funding. It deals with research on the “toxic rhetoric” of online gamers. It’s not a huge sum of money, but you can see where this is headed. I can at least…and I don’t like it.

Here’s an excerpt from the Free Beacon article:

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is spending $29,403 to study the “toxic rhetoric” of online video gamers.

The grant is part of $22.8 million in new funding the agency announced Monday, which also includes $33,000 to create a college course on “whether peace is possible.”

The video game initiative, entitled, “Notoriously Toxic: Understanding the Language and Costs of Hate and Harassment in Online Games” is being conducted by the Georgia State University Research Foundation.

The project is described as a “cross-disciplinary workshop and follow-up activities to develop a set of essays and a metadata schema to understand and describe toxic rhetoric in online spaces, with an emphasis on large-scale multiplayer computer games.”

So they’re gonna go out and study people talking shit to each other during online gaming sessions. Sounds like it should be illuminating. I’ve seen some crazy ass studies, so I don’t know if I can call this one the absolute worst. But it’s damn close. People get heated and say mean shit sometimes on the Internet. Do we really need to spend money on finding that out? I don’t think so.

Where do they intend to go with this? The study mentioned today is only one small piece to the puzzle, but as I’ve always said, I fully expect our SJW foes to launch a frontal attack against online anonymity within the next couple of years. Also look for them to push for harsher restrictions on speech in general. The warning signs all point to this. The good thing is, this will bring in more reinforcements. The bad thing is, a lot of things we hold dear will be on the line.

I’m going to cut this one a little short, though, because I’m really fucking tired after a day full of events. Also, I have a new computer that just came in, so I’m going to go pick up a new monitor, and hook that bitch up. I’m finally joining the PC Master Race lol. Be sure to let me know what you think about either of these stories down in the #BasedCommentSection.

  1. so they’re funding a study that 1) doesn’t have a hypothesis 2) already has a title and 3) has already come to a conclusion.

    1. Nah, I think this study will be perfectly unbiased – After all, it is called “Notoriously Toxic: Understanding the Language and Costs of Hate and Harassment in Online Games”

      SMH. Of course as soon as it is finished, the SJWs will be like “There’s a government funded study that shows we are right” – Not like they haven’t already made up their minds or anything.

      I think Ralph might be right: EFF pushes for net neutrality, EFF is run by SJWs, and Net Neutrality gives the FCC greater regulatory power over the internet…. Time to start building some new tech that isn’t regulated.

    2. What, you mean starting with your conclusion and working back towards your premise isn’t allowable? But isn’t that how Sarkeesian/McIntosh do it? Oh, wait, hold on. Let me consult with proper argumentation and logic guidelines. Yes, yes… hmmm, quite. They’re retarded. All of them, completely retarded. Glad we cleared that up. /sigh But in all seriousness, ideologues will always rely on circular reasoning and confirmation bias to demonstrate their point, because they care about supporting their beliefs and not actually determining any kind of objective truth. You know, because they’re EVIL.

  2. The most they can do, is force the game companies to move the servers overseas. Good luck policing speech on a server in Poland.

    I am really starting to question if it is a good idea to marry a woman with an education outside STEM fields. Because it seems to me you have a good chance of ending up with a bundle of student loans, craziness, entitlement and joblessness.

    1. If she starts dying her hair magenta, blue, or orange, get the fuck out of there immediately and never look back.

        1. Well, it’s not like dyed hair’s always bad. I think cosplayers tend to get it right. SJWs however…. I dunno what you see in them, but then again, I’m not entirely sure of what I myself find unappealing about them, appearance-wise. Maybe their hair tones come off as poorly done and extremely tacky. That, or the dyed hair combined with a bunch of tattoos and lip piercings and other shit pretty much screams “Look at me, I’mma rebel!” in the most blatantly immature manner possible. Maybe I’m vainly trying to justify my love for Japanese otaku culture (and thus cosplayers) without contradicting my hatred of SJWs who threaten said culture. Or, quite simply, it’s merely knowing how horrible these people are that makes me wanna gag any time I see a photo of them (which is actually saying something; some of history’s infamous dictators such as Hitler and Hussein don’t look half bad IMO).

          1. The only thing I see in SJWs is their hatred for anything that isn’t like them or their views. I just really like dyed hair when it’s done well…Most of them don’t do it well and as you say they have tons of ugly piercings and tattoos which I really dislike as well. Besides, the dyed hair is just a small thing for me, I prefer someone with a decent personality.

          2. Bah, who needs personality when dying one’s dog to match one’s dyed armpits is what the cool kids are doing these days? Batshit crazy, ho!

            Also expecting that everyone acts like a decent person is ableist towards vapid assholes, shame on you. :p

    2. I’m not sure I’d even date one, it’s getting to where picking up chicks in bars should probably include some oblique questions to get her to reveal what her major was before you ever consider taking her home. Way I see it the moment you go off alone with a sociology, communications or worst of all gender studies major you’re exposing yourself to a likely rape allegation and life destroying media/litigious process.

  3. “We want to do a study”

    “Give us Money.”

    “We already have set in our minds the conclusion we want.”

    “We aren’t going to look at any real evidence, that goes against our narrative.”

    This is like if I wanted to prove Peanut Butter was poisonous, so I feed it to people allergic to peanuts so they will die and prove my theory right.

  4. I love how she dodges the questions by trying to answer that question with a question of her own.

    That’s some Neo / Matrix level bullet dodging bullshit right there.

  5. i saw that study article earlier today and about shit my pants
    It’s like they just can’t let that narrative go

    1. That’s the beauty of it. They don’t have to study anything. It’s free money.

      All they need to do is set up 10 online accounts for online games, and buy a PC with a decent GPU and internet connection.

      Then comes the good part. Be a total jackass towards your follow players. Betray them and ruin the game every chance you get. Do this 10 number of times for each game.

      You now have a data sample of 100 seemingly random people calling you an asshole and telling you to kill yourself.

      Dress it up in some fancy pseudo-academic language, and write a paper saying people who play online games are white, racist, hate woman, and don’t deserve freedom of speech.


      1. …OR they can just steal random footage from youtube and slap some feminist drivel narration/interpretation.

        The going FF rate for such well researched videos are ~20k a pop, right?

  6. Where’s the study on toxic feminism? Should certainly be more than enough evidence to support that the blanket assumption that all men, any man that a woman doesn’t and even does know, intends sexually skewed violence against them has negative impact on society as a whole.

    At the very least here should be something about feminist not being able to understand how men and even some women see feminism as a gender conversation killer.

  7. The FBI really need to look into the recent trend of swatting on livestreamers, since that literally is an obstruction of justice. This whole study of language is pointless. It’s like Wesley Snipes says in Demolition Man: “you can’t take away people’s right to be assholes”

  8. Well if they are looking to throw money away I could use $29,403 to fund a study on the effectiveness of various dildos, at least my study will be a fun read

  9. This is a great example of how broken the American government is right now, we’ve got a massive deficit, an impossible debt, a collapsing transportation infra-structure, an economy that is still effectively depressed for all but the extremely wealthy….aaaaand the Feds are spending over twenty grand to fund a bunch of ideologues to write an essay about the kids kek-ing at each other in The Barrens.


        fuck~ I think I just tied the patriarchy “literally hunting down & killing wimmins” to something my husband & I have spent basically every day playing since April 2006. I made myself sad.✿つ﹏ಠ)

    1. There was a plan to upgrade and improve the infrastructure but the funding for it was shot down by feminists because it was seen as benefiting men and instead diverted funds to schools and other women dominated fields… as if the educrats weren’t fat and corrupt enough.

  10. Of course they are. It feeds into the government’s whole “cyber bullying on the internet means we must control and censor the internet” play that has been going on the last five years.

    It is absolutely astonishing how gaming journalists, most gamers, and even the fucking gaming industry itself has gone from “gaming is not toxic and does not lead to violence or violent attitudes blah blah blah” to “we’re bad and evil, please help us because we can’t help ourselves” in a fucking instant. Fucking gross. When you’re flagellating yourself and prostrating yourself on the table of government censorship and control, what fucking hope is left?

  11. Yikes. That stream was a total shitshow. Honestly, I don’t think anyone argued well out of the 3 of them.

  12. Two questions:

    Will the king of spaghetti aka the count d’camwhoring last even one full month before latching on GG again?

    Why didn’t they deposit those shekels directly to Sarkeesian as did the kind and reasonable folks @intel? It’s not like there are higher priorities for the US gov; like the ever growing national debt or the ever increasing number of peoples who lose their shit ie houses..?

  13. “Ok lets built a team of specialists to hear what these 14 years old yell at each other during CoD multiplayer”

    I’m sure you mericans are super happy that taxpayers $ are wasted in such a glorious way.

    1. It’s the OPM phenomenon. OPM standing for ‘Other People’s Money’. You’d be AMAZED how people will waste money that isn’t actually theirs.

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