I’ve seen a lot of idiocy this week. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve seen a lot of that over the last year, but I digress. As most of you know, I loved the new Star Wars film. If you didn’t, that’s fine. I know there are some problems with it (some of which I fully expect to be explained in the next one), but overall, I thought it was great. I think even those of you who hated it will understand the problem with this next story. You see, SJWs are up in arms because Harrison Ford, the legendary actor who played Han Solo and whose films have grossed well over $7 billion, made more money that John Boyega and Daisy Ridley for his appearance in The Force Awakens. How can people actually be this fucking stupid? I’m not really sure I have the answer for you, but let’s take a look at it anyway.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece

With its global bow now at a record $529 million, “Star Wars’” box office success will undoubtedly afford its cast members heftier pay cuts on their next projects. But just how much money did “The Force Awakens” actors earn to join a galaxy far, far away?

Sources tell Variety Harrison Ford came away the big winner on Disney and Lucasfilm’s sequel with a paycheck upwards of $10 million and as high as $20 million to reprise his role of Han Solo.

On Monday, the Daily Mail issued a report saying that Ford earned a staggering $25 million to return to the “Star Wars” franchise. A Disney insider tells Variety the story is completely false and way too high but other sources did confirm that the 73-year-old actor earned a substantially larger cut than his co-stars.

Since this report is from Variety, a Hollywood trade publication, they actually have some sense about the whole situation…

As for the younger talent receiving lower salaries — it’s a fairly common practice in today’s market for newer actors, especially with so many negotiations involving back-end box office bonuses. For the first “Fifty Shades of Grey,” stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan received offers in the six-figure range and have since renegotiated multimillion-dollar deals for future installments.

However, you can’t talk sense to an ideologue and expect them to just accept it. Here’s some of the more outrageous reactions to the reporting…



(Wait, what? So Hollywood should stop hiring minorities so they won’t get paid less? Isn’t getting paid ANYTHING better than zero? #SJWLogic)


No, they shouldn’t, for a variety of reasons. To be fair, most sane people were on these board pointing out how idiotic these clowns are, but still. I think this is illustrative when it comes to looking at just how demented some of these radfems and social justice warriors really are. It also shows how a lot of them like to run their mouth without any grasp of the situation at hand. Harrison Ford could have gotten $50 million and it still wouldn’t have been too much. Look at his fucking résumé, for Christ’s sake. Plus the younger actors are getting a slice of the profits once it passes $1 billion, which it is scheduled to do today (setting the record for the fastest ever to do so). There is absolutely no reason to feel bad for them, but it doesn’t stop garden variety idiots from doing so.

  1. wonder if SJW now how much Daniel radcliff and friend made on the 1st HP movie (less than 1M) and all of em well around the 10M by the Deadly Hollows II

    as in everything. the new blood gets less than the veterans. its how the fucking world works

    1. Well Emma Watson bitched about the paygap even though she made more money than Rupert Grint (Ron), but I expected hypocrisy from a feminist.

  2. Do they not comprehend that he had them over a barrel?

    They needed Han Solo. Period. And that means they needed Harrison Ford. Did they need Boyega or Ridley? No, and replaceability always drives down market value.

    1. Bingo. Ford has been the face of Han Solo for almost 40 years. Getting someone else to play him would have been retarded. The studio either had to pay Ford his asking price, or there’s no Han in the film, period. Pretty much all the other actors were expendable, aside from Hamill and Fischer.

      1. No, I don’t think Fischer was needed much. Hamill certainly wasn’t, since he was only there for about 30 seconds total in the entire movie.

        1. Actually, Hamill needed to be there, since he’s more than likely going to play Yoda’s role as Rey’s trainer in Episode VIII.

          1. They could’ve at least had him say fucking something, though. All he did was turn around, lift hood, and just stare at a “galaxy far far away”.

          1. It essentially was. I also noticed that complaints about Kylo and even Finn go unchallenged yet Rey is off limits or risk getting jumped on by virgin geeks and women.

          2. Well, here goes: she’s a female version of Luke, but made perfect to pander to feminists. Luke trained with fucking YODA for I don’t know how long (probably a few days), and what happened when he confronted Vader? He got his ass whooped. Rey doesn’t have any training, and she just picks up a lightsaber and *conveniently* kicks Kylo Ren’s ass, even though his anger is on par with Vader. Not to mention she does the Jedi mind trick literally out of nowhere.

          3. Anyone pointing this out gets shit on in the comments on youtube and other sites where this discussion is taking place. Hell MundaneMatt and Cinematic Excrement (Smeghed) have said no that she’s not a Mary Sue and goes on to tell us we’re wrong.

          4. To be fair, Kylo Ren was trained for all of a couple years by Luke, who had no formal training of his own, whereas Darth Vader had over a decade of training under the Jedi Order, fighting in the clone wars, then a couple decades of destroying the remaining separatists, various rebels, surviving jedi, and whoever else the emporer sent him after during this time. And Darth Vader had more force potential than Kylo Ren… so… yeah.

            Kylo’s anger alone wouldn’t put him anywhere near Vader tier.

          5. True, Kylo had only a couple years under his belt, but Rey had no training, period. The blaster shooting was OK, because she knew how to shoot one (except for the safety). The lightsaber fight, I’ll give it a pass, because she learned to survive with her Donatello stick (Idk what it really is), but what made absolutely no sense is that she was able to do a Jedi mind trick like *snap* that.

  3. “Ford hasn’t had a hit movie in 20 years”

    Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull says hi from 2008 on a pile of $787 million dollars.

    Ford gets paid big bucks because he’s been the leading man in blockbuster films for nearly 40 years. If Daisy Ridley dropped out, anyone else could have been hired to play Rey. If Ford turned down the role of Han, getting someone else to play a well-known iconic character would be ridiculous.

    These dumbasses are comparing apples to oranges. Movies studios aren’t going to drop $20 million paychecks on unknown actors.

    1. Exactly. New blood is fucking expendable, especially when they’re only now starting out. However, to get a legacy actor to reprise a role that he first started playing nearly 40 years ago, and making such efforts just to satisfy the fans the franchise had made over those 40 years, that’s obviously going to be a major feat and no dinky entry-level pay’s gonna cut it. The fact that said new blood is still going to reap some major profits merely for having the good fortune to be involved in such a major project is all the more reason that nobody should be complaining on their behalf.

      1. From what i’ve heard, the newbies get a percentage of the profits once it hits the one billion dollar mark, and since it just hit it, I’m sure their wallets are going to get a lot fatter. Plus the film hasn’t even opened in China yet, which is where movies make mad bank. Once the movie debuts there, I’d expect TFA to make another 1 billion, at least.

        Plus Harrison only gets one paycheck. The newbies will be in the next two films, so they have the opportunity to negotiate bigger salaries for Episodes VIII and IX.

      2. Too many women in the film industry are now complaining about wage gaps and lack of roles/ movies for women… Amt Poehler’s bullshit segment on her smrtgirls is the most recent thing pissing me off. Prior to that was Zoe Bell’s complaint during her interview for the Hateful Eight.

    1. You think that’s ridiculous? Marlon Brando was paid $3.7 million dollars for appearing in the first few minutes of Superman…and that was in 1978 dollars. Adjusted for inflation, it would be almost $14.5 million in 2015!

  4. Also, why do they feature young, thin, actresses with long hair, even in heroic (where they might need muscle) or nerdy (Bones) roles instead of someone who looks like Randi Harper or Zoe Quinn.
    (the above is rhetorical).

  5. So make an all lesbian of color science fiction movie and pay them all 12 kabillion dollars. The Judeo-Christian capitalist empire won’t do that for you.

  6. RadFems and SJW’s are simply one thing and one thing only, communists. They don’t want equality of opportunity, they want equality of result.

  7. Kinda reminds me of that time at how stupid Gweneth Paltrow was being about being paid less than Robert Downy in Iron Man 3. Bitch, no one paid to watch you be Tony Stark’s girlfriend.

    1. Well, she had a lot more lines and more stuff to do, but still not what RDJ had to do in the film. That’s probably why she didn’t show up in Age of Ultron.

      1. I’ve heard it is something to do with their contracts has a “X amount of movies” to be in. So if they have a small cameo in Ultron that is one of the movies less to us them.

        1. That’s another thing. If they wanted higher pay then they should negotiate for themselves and fire their agents.

      2. RDJ had a lot more physically demanding parts with his stunt double picking up more dangerous sequences. Paltrow had a stuntwoman doing most of her shit.

  8. I had never heard of Daisy or John prior to this movie. Now I know who they are. That’s exactly why they got paid less. There is zero demand for them. They are literally lucky as shit to get cast in this role at all. Now they’re huge stars.

    On the other hand, not a single other person on the planet can play Han Solo in this movie except one guy. It’s the same reason Mark Hamill will make a lot. They have negotiating power in the same way that any returning character on a TV show does, the longer it goes on. Oh you’ve written your entire story around Rick Grimes? Well if you want to continue that in the next season, you need him – so the price goes up because he’s in a position to ask for it. Daisy and John are literally brand new characters and have no negotiating power in this situation. This isn’t even taking into account the decades of box office success Harrison Ford has had in multiple genres as the leading actor carrying the movie.

    1. Boyega appeared in Attack the Block, a weird little horror-comedy flick about a British teen gang taking on aliens. Well, it was produced by Edgar Wright, so it probably isn’t awful, but yeah. Ridley doesn’t have any big-screen credits at ALL (I think she’s done some educational videos).

      Your point stands quite well. But I do wish the newbies well. The next several years will hopefully be very profitable for them 🙂

  9. Did the KKK fund this film? The Rebel Alliance introduces diversity and affirmative action, defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory, the rebels retreat and go into hiding for 20 years. An empire black guy can’t handle being a nobody in a meritocracy, turns traitor and goes where he’ll be promoted far past what he was or deserves.

    This movie was based on the science fiction community.

  10. For American Graffiti, Ford made $500 a week. That doubled for A New Hope, when he was a bit better-known. By the time ROTJ rolled around, he was commanding half a mil.

    However, here’s the kicker: Ford didn’t WANT to be Han again. If you asked ME to be in Star Wars, or anything that could make me as big a star as Ford, I’d do it for scale, but that’s because YOU HAVE TO PAY PEOPLE MORE TO GET THEM TO DO THINGS THEY DON’T WANT TO DO. i.e. why you don’t go to your office every day for free.

  11. I love the SJW who talks about “people not wanting to hire women and minorities because you can pay them less”…. retard that would be a reason TO HIRE THEM MORE! lol Such stupidity. And of course Ford gets the bigger pay cut – he’s got the major star power. This is how Hollywood works. You can bet the black guy and the chick are going to get MUCH bigger cash hauls over the next two installments and, well, you know… spoilers… Ford isn’t going to be in either of the next two films. Had to get his pay up front.

    1. I don’t know if they want to admit this, but watching Ford is what makes the movie watchable, he has immense screen presence, he is extremely charismatic and while he is on screen you forget that the movie is just a rehash of a new hope with a much weaker Vader and a much weaker Tarkin

  12. I still do not get this positive praise for the new mary sue fanfic of starwars. I mean really: no plot (unless you count the book they had to release to add some), characters just move from coincidence to coincidence, no development or arcs, the whole universe seems to be in one solar system, the dialogue is awful, the characters have no arcs, are bland, boring and due to awful acting they are very annoying.

    I did not hate the film but it was a bad sci-fi film, bad action film and a travesty to the star wars franchise (seriously at least the senate scenes gave the prequels plot elements).

  13. Can we please stop acting like this is a problem in fucking Hollywood? Where people are negotiating multi-million dollar deals for a living, you’re going to bitch because a woman got paid a few million less than a man? Get out of here with that bullshit and come at me when you’re forced to scrape through your couch cushions for change in order to buy a can of food at the end of the month. Talk about fucking privilege.

  14. “He’s old and he should be paid less! He’s also white and male, my minority group deserves more!”

    Hey, peckerhead? Its called seniority. Fucker was in Star Wars far fucking long before these kids were born. Just because the new kids are the center of attention, you pay for seniority. End of discussion.

    How many second chemicals are they pumping into the water systems of every fucking major city to make these kids as soft headed as they are? This level of stupidity doesn’t happen naturally.

    1. Its because theybdont beat the spoiled little pricks when they get out of line.
      Modern kid calls his mom a bitch:
      “Sweetie, we’ve talked about this. It hurts mommy’s feeling when you call her a bitch.”
      I call my mom a bitch:
      No words, just ass pain.

  15. I wonder why white actors get paid less for a Will Smith movie or male actors in a Meryl Streep film, is it because the big names make the big bucks? No, that can’t be it…..

    Oh dear god they’re right, Hollywood really IS racist and sexist BURN IT ALL TO THE FUCKING GROUND!!!!

  16. Daiy had no real action experience prior to signing on to star wars. She was most likely given that training free so that she can fulfill her role (going by her imdb and resume). Most male actors on the other hand are doing such training before they get a role and usually on their own dime. I see this a lot in the industry and women can come in with little to no experience for action sequences meanwhile the guy will not be considered unless he has such skills already.

    I’m getting tired of women complaining about the industry as if they wanted more shit handed to them. Fucking hell, where else can a scrawny little bitch come in and sunt or fight off many large guys?

    *everyone else already brought up Ford’s history and the negotiation process.


    The dude fucking died in that movie! He was the best realized character in the movie. Token and Mary Sue were OK, but they are not on the same level as one of the most iconic actors ever.

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