I’ve seen a lot of idiocy this week. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve seen a lot of that over the last year, but I digress. As most of you know, I loved the new Star Wars film. If you didn’t, that’s fine. I know there are some problems with it (some of which I fully expect to be explained in the next one), but overall, I thought it was great. I think even those of you who hated it will understand the problem with this next story. You see, SJWs are up in arms because Harrison Ford, the legendary actor who played Han Solo and whose films have grossed well over $7 billion, made more money that John Boyega and Daisy Ridley for his appearance in The Force Awakens. How can people actually be this fucking stupid? I’m not really sure I have the answer for you, but let’s take a look at it anyway.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece

With its global bow now at a record $529 million, “Star Wars’” box office success will undoubtedly afford its cast members heftier pay cuts on their next projects. But just how much money did “The Force Awakens” actors earn to join a galaxy far, far away?

Sources tell Variety Harrison Ford came away the big winner on Disney and Lucasfilm’s sequel with a paycheck upwards of $10 million and as high as $20 million to reprise his role of Han Solo.

On Monday, the Daily Mail issued a report saying that Ford earned a staggering $25 million to return to the “Star Wars” franchise. A Disney insider tells Variety the story is completely false and way too high but other sources did confirm that the 73-year-old actor earned a substantially larger cut than his co-stars.

Since this report is from Variety, a Hollywood trade publication, they actually have some sense about the whole situation…

As for the younger talent receiving lower salaries — it’s a fairly common practice in today’s market for newer actors, especially with so many negotiations involving back-end box office bonuses. For the first “Fifty Shades of Grey,” stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan received offers in the six-figure range and have since renegotiated multimillion-dollar deals for future installments.

However, you can’t talk sense to an ideologue and expect them to just accept it. Here’s some of the more outrageous reactions to the reporting…



(Wait, what? So Hollywood should stop hiring minorities so they won’t get paid less? Isn’t getting paid ANYTHING better than zero? #SJWLogic)


No, they shouldn’t, for a variety of reasons. To be fair, most sane people were on these board pointing out how idiotic these clowns are, but still. I think this is illustrative when it comes to looking at just how demented some of these radfems and social justice warriors really are. It also shows how a lot of them like to run their mouth without any grasp of the situation at hand. Harrison Ford could have gotten $50 million and it still wouldn’t have been too much. Look at his fucking résumé, for Christ’s sake. Plus the younger actors are getting a slice of the profits once it passes $1 billion, which it is scheduled to do today (setting the record for the fastest ever to do so). There is absolutely no reason to feel bad for them, but it doesn’t stop garden variety idiots from doing so.