If you wanted to know why Angela Merkel had such a disappointing election result last fall (she’s yet to form a government) and witnessed the rise of Alternative for Germany, look no further than these comments from a recent Syrian immigrant. I actually thought it was a satirical tweet when I first read it. But, alas, it is all too real.

A 32-year-old Syrian with two wives and six kids has thanked ‘Mamma Merkel’ for making it all possible.

Although polygamy is banned in Germany, Ahmad A was able to bring his second wife, who was only 13-years-old when he married her, over to Germany because she is the mother of four of his children.

His appearance in a Spiegel TV documentary caused outrage in Germany after taxpayers realised they were footing the bill for his five bedroomed house and living expenses. “There is support here. They give us social benefits, they give us this house,” he told reporters.

The 32-year-old, who came to Germany in 2015 after fleeing war-torn Aleppo, is apparently unable to work because he is illiterate and unskilled. As he has been granted refugee status for three years, he is able to take up a German language course or learn a new skill, but Ahmad says he would rather stay home with his children, especially as he is expecting his seventh. 

I, for one, am extremely happy that Germany made an exception so this guy could bring over his 13-year-old wife. You can’t even make this shit up if you tried. Well, I guess you could, but with real cases like this, why would you bother?

Oh, Ahmad had some other comments, by the way. He plans to have more wives and scores of children!

“I thank you very, very, very much with Mama Merkel,” he said…

When asked how many children he wanted, Ahmad replied: “Ten, twenty, no problem.”

And how many wives?

“Four, By Allah.” 

So, the guy who can’t work, who already has 6 kids by two different mothers, plans to have 10-20 kids by 4 different wives before all is said and done. If this isn’t a case study for why you want to have a decent immigration vetting regime, I don’t know what is.

Here’s the video, which I got off the Westmonster site. I don’t speak German, and I doubt many of you do either, but it’s still worth a watch.