Before I go play The Witcher 3, I wanted to run something past you guys. I’m considering writing a book on GamerGate and my experiences during it. It’s not going to be like Milo’s (at least I don’t think so). I expect he will give a more thorough account with quotes from major players, etc. Instead, I wanted to write a “behind the scenes” take that will explore some of my work, and many of the personalities I’ve met and dealt with over these last nine months or so. I also plan to intersperse it with some of my most popular and talked about articles, and give some background on those as well.

It won’t just be about GamerGate (although it mostly will be). I want to bring some of the people who helped me along the way to life in print. I will talk about how GamerGate has affected me in both negative and positive ways. How did I get started on this path? What made me continue? What pushed me to the brink of giving up? Mostly, this is for my own benefit. Writing is very therapeutic. But I thought some of you may be interested in reading it.

I’ll probably e-publish, but I will also look into setting up a print-on-demand option in case anyone wants a physical copy. Is there anything you want me to focus on? Do you have interest in this? I have a lot of stories that haven’t been told here in these pages, so if you’re worried about new content, don’t be lol. I figure it will be 150-300 pages. I’m not writing War & Peace. This is just a feeling-out post, so let me know what you think down below in the #BasedCommentSection.

  1. You may as well, since you’ve written a books worth of content on the subject. It could also be used a source for the inevitable wikipedia edit wars still to come.

    1. Yea, that’s kinda what I figured as well. I’ve already written close to 600 articles and short posts on the subject. With this, I can talk about those, my motivations, and some of the people and relationships I’ve had behind the scenes, and in my personal life.

      1. I would suggest contacting publishers who do Ebook publishing and print publishing. I would also suggest literary agents even though they are paid by whatever royalties. They know the market and can get you a great deal with interviews too, ETC.

        Check out writers market

      1. Something like the old gg dossier. There’s so much relevant stuff going on every week that you’d need to publish a new edition of your book every month just to keep things up to date…

        So, it could be better to summarize and organize the stuff you have and make a site for it. So you could update it faster with tweets, messages, archived links, etc. The only bad thing is how to monetize it.

  2. There should be some focus on Wikipedia. Like how many people got banned from editing and by whom, and how the narrative gets controlled by not allowing sources like breitbart.

      1. If you find you need to name names make absolutely sure everything you say is independently sourced/verified because once its in print you’re open to being sued for libel/slander/defamation etc.

  3. I’m a man who loves telling stories as much as listening to them. Considering a lot of stuff you have been open about with us I’m certain people will be reading on your every word.

  4. Swear to god, if you don’t give this to me to edit and proof for you, I will dig your heart out with a spoon.

  5. My advice, if you want to come off as different than Milo, is that you frame this in a Leftist lens. Not too much, obviously, but provide a perspective of what it’s like to be a Leftist abandoned by other Leftists, and what the new far-Left has in common with the old conservative “Moral Majority”.

    I’d also say, focus less on the history of Quinn and Gjoni, because that’s not relevant for too many; instead, consider how the constant overreactions by media and forums drove people into GamerGate who wouldn’t have gone there on a whim. The SJWs are almost as much a logistical failure as an ideological one.

    1. Might not hurt for him to read some John Stossel or Bernie Goldberg. Both of those guys were liberals who looked up and realized their colleagues were batshit crazy.

  6. I think this might be a very interesting thing I have been thinking of writing something myself lately. I doubt I would write a book but I think the experience itself would be interesting to remember from my own perspective someday.

  7. OT: Columbia University and Emma Sulkowicz.

    I hope Columbia realizes just how bad they fucked themselves, letting Sulkowicz tote that mattress with her when she got her diploma. That’s a tacit approval of her antics and Nungesser’s lawyer has to be giggling like a maniac.

  8. GamerGate has certainly been one of the most amusing roller coaster rides I have ever been a part of. There has been corruption, sex scandals, favoritism, media propaganda (like ABC Nightline), drama, lulz, cucks, memes, a guy married to a doll (I want to believe this is true), Andn, advertisers pulling from Gawker, Wu’s batshit craziness, Movie Bob being canned, DeepFreeze, FullMcIntosh, employers not touching Lifschitz with a hundred foot pole, GGinDC bomb threat, Arthur Chu’s worthless fat fucking ass, Leigh Alexander sent to exile in Off World (or whatever the fuck it’s called), Law and Order:SVU (“I saw it Kotaku”), censorship on 4chan and else where, pedo Dan and his stupid ass puppet, Butts (who is a fucking monster child predator), A man in black’s pathetic life, Ben Kuchera being yet another white male who works for “progressive” Polygon, Polygon being dumbasses all over the place, Tim Schafer’s lousy sockpuppet joke being the only notable thing he’s done in years, Afterlife Empire (featuring Vivian James) being Greenlit, Zoe Quinn lying to courts and congress about GamerGate, a ton of art has been created for GG, the commander Jace Conners (Parkourdude91) tricking Sam Biddle’s dumb ass…and so much more.

    Write this book.

  9. So long as you hire someone who can proofread – because HOLY SHIT your grammar and spelling, dude – then I’d be interested.

  10. ,,,cry havoc and let slip th’ books of war Mr. TheRalph…i think a chapter that’s formatted like a minute-by-minute replay of yer RavenCon expierice with th’ Wu Thang is in order…filling in th’ before and after of yer vid-recorded encounter as well as yer take on seeing dat expression on her face and watching th’ Whine-ocerous approach you,,,

    ,,,make with th’ keyboard click-clicks amigo and godspeed,,,

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