The more I see and read about Peter Coffin, the more I almost feel sorry for the guy. He’s made up multiple romantic partners over the years. When I say made up, I don’t mean he just lied about having a girlfriend. I think the majority of us have been there. But I never took it to the next level and photoshopped myself in with pictures of real women, made fake social media accounts, or (allegedly) made up a wife! What in the world compels a man to be such a weirdo? Is there medicine he can take to fix his sickness, or is he just hopelessly lost in a sea of insanity? I mean, he’s a piece of shit anyway. So who cares? I’m just curious. Maybe there’s a medical explanation for his creepo status.

As I was writing this intro, even more evidence has come to light on Coffin, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First, here’s a good recap of the situation, for those who may not know about this (unfunny) clown:

>Who is Peter?
A youtube “comedian” who cares more about social justice than being funny. He came to /cow/’s attention as a result of his attempting to jump on the anti-GamerGate twitter bandwagon.

>Why is he a lolcow?
Four years ago Peter invented Kimi Kobayashi, a japanese girl who he claimed to be in a relationship with. When it became clear that this was false, he pretended he had been catfished, but his actions prior to that make it clear this was not the case.
Now Peter claims to be married to an Ashleigh Burt, another foreign girl who doesn’t seem to exist outside of the internet, and not prior to her relationship with Peter. Naturally this is suspicious.

>So does she exist?
Not clear. It is clear that a lot of what is seen is fake.

>Is there a realdoll?
Very likely. Ashleigh is depicted as having large breasts and no hips. Her face seems permanently stuck in one position. We haven’t seen any evidence that she moves.

Almost all photos of Ashleigh are grainy and with the mouth covered. It has been demonstrated that it is easy to make the difference between human skin and realdoll skin unclear with the sort of filters being used. Many of her poses are unnatural and wonky as one would expect of a doll, but not a human. Some (all?) gifs of her are low frame with oddities such as blank frames and identical frames with different filters. This would not occur converting video to gif, and is indicative that Peter is using stop motion animation.
Most pictures without a filter are of a girl’s back in a public space. There is nothing in these pictures that indicate they are Ashleigh, and indeed don’t look proportionally the same as the “doll” pictures.
The exception to the above is the “braces” pictures, showing a smiling girl with braces. She appears to be real, and may be the real Ashleigh Burt. She does look somewhat different from the “doll” pictures, though it’s hard to be sure with few images.

>Does she have a family?
Not certain. There are some Facebook accounts that look potentially real, but Peter has a history of creating sockpuppets accounts to make his lies seem more real.

>Is there a child?
Let’s hope not. It’s not clear at this point.

>Has Peter killed anyone?
Probably not.

>How has Peter responded to these accusations.
By calling people idiots, then by claiming he’ll never be baited into responding, then by responding with legal documents that aren’t clearly legal documents, then by claiming he’ll never be baited into responding again.

That pastebin has all the links you need, except for the new stuff that came in tonight. Basically, this guy is a real creep, and reminds me of a Ted Bundy in-training. He’s obviously dangerously detached from reality. Maybe the blogger from Singapore blowing the fuck out ruined his sanity for good. It was a heavy blowout, I must say. It could have shaken anyone up, especially someone as batshit crazy as Peter Coffin already was.



As I said, all of this got even better just a little while ago. For weeks, people have speculated that he also made up his wife and passed it off using a “realldoll”, as the pastebin excerpt mentioned. At first, I thought this was crazy, but I always kept in mind that we were talking about Peter Coffin. So I never ruled it out. As more and more evidence started to roll in, I started to believe. After the pics that were discovered tonight, I’m starting to believe that Peter’s “wife” really is a fucking doll. We can’t say for sure. That’s what my lawyers tell me to throw in. Also, Peter could end this tomorrow by coming forward with some solid evidence. Who knows.

Either way, here’s the evidence that was discovered tonight. You can make the decision:



Here’s Peter having a Twitter meltdown, which is only appropriate, since /cow/ is wrecking his fucking shit right now, 24/7. I guess you shouldn’t have been such a hypocritical piece of shit…not to mention a creep. And we haven’t even talked about the cease and desist letter he allegedly sent to Hotwheels yesterday. This man has too much crazy for one post.Selection_854

Many of our high profile enemies are getting exposed lately, and it feels great. Savor this one, and drop anything I might have missed down in the #BasedCommentSection. I think I’m gonna go blaze one in honor of Peter’s “wife.” It’s been another awesome day to be a supporter of GamerGate.


UPDATE: BroFreq seems to think the wife is real. I still have serious doubts myself lol (although I never said it was VERIFIED a fake), but I’ll post this here just in case:

    1. Hey while true nobody wants to condemn an actual woman to be with Peter Coffin now do we…

      Stop promoting such misogyny!

  1. You know all these losers who jumped into anti gamergate are really something special…

    We are basically a honeypot for loons who wanna get ahead in life by courting the corrupt status quo only for them to be exposed for who they really are…

  2. I barely did anything in terms of looking this guy up. Holy fucking shit, at least I’m not this pathetic.

    Jesus Christ, if he threw a red wig and a red cocktail dress on that thing, he would be essentially fucking Jessica Rabbit. That’s just not right.

          1. ,,,what does Pearl Harbor And a young boy who spent th’ night at Michael Jackson’ s house in th early 90s have in common?
            …give up?
            ….at one point, both were filled with hot burning semen…seamen?…hmm works better as audio,,,spelling mucks it up…uh yeah…

  3. DUDE! That’s a HOMONCULUS Tattoo on his “wife’s” chest – this sick fuck’s ideal woman is Lust from Full Metal Alchemist? And he claims to be a SJW/Feminist? She’s THE personification of the female sexual object (that’s not a negative critique, in the anime the Homonculi come back with all the memories of the person they were supposed to be resurrected as… except with no soul. As a net result they come to embody the darkest quality about the alchemists relationship – Lust’s was, well, lust. Sloth, the main character – non-Brotherhood mind you – represented the fact that the main characters wanted their mother back to take care of them, and not simply because they loved and missed her.). Ok, I’m something of an anime geek… but the MUSIC in those series! *Ahem*

    Anyway, psychological profile established. Peter Coffin IS grade ‘A’ serial killer material.

    1. Well, even if her origins were different between the first series and the manga/Brotherhood, Lust was still the personification of her namesake. So regardless of which series it was, your point still stands that these SJWs are huge fucking hypocrites. And yes, anime music is all sorts of awesome. ^^

    2. if we ignore all that anime geek bullshit that you just laid out, when do you suppose that, *ahem* “wife” of his got that tattoo? If you look at the updated photo, the one where the wife is holding the kid, that tattoo is not present. It was higher up on the neck and not so much on the cleavage, so you should be able to see it even with the kids head in the way. was it temporary? How long were the spaces between pictures taken of her?

      incidentally, does the website that makes the fuck doll have some sort of upgrade for you can insert teeth into the head? I can’t imagine why the fuck you would do that, but I’m pretty sure in his case it’s to cover his ass. if not, I’m pretty sure that girl is going to be incredibly disturbed when she finds out her pictures are floating around on the internet as being the suppose wife of a completely deranged asshole. also, if the kid is hers, I see prosecution coming to Coffin’s front door sometime very soon.

      1. I don’t think the “tattoo” is a real tattoo, considering it’s a Lust costume. You’ll notice that quite a few of his “wife’s” pics are of her in various anime and super heroine costumes. That Mrs. Incredible costume is probably going to give me fucking night terrors. He seems to have a fetish with dressing up the doll as different POWERFUL female characters.

        This goes back to his being “Beta as Fuck”. He can’t get a woman because he’s a creepy obnoxious shit and clearly has some interesting opinions on what the “ideal” woman’s body should look like (oh the hypocrisy is real) so he dresses up his love doll as all of these pop culture female power houses. And then probably has sex with them… ugh… I don’t mind the odd paraphelia, but he’s taken this to almost serial killer levels of creepy.

  4. Seriously, why is it that every last one of these fucking SJWs has some bizarre freaky fetish they try desperately to hide? I mean, the rabid hate they spew makes perfect sense – it’s projected self hatred for being so abnormal and unable to accept it – i.e. cognitive dissonance. For reference: Ted Haggert. Preaches hate against the gays; smokes meth and has sex with a male hooker.

    1. …that’s a top reference from th’ vaults,,,old Ted , th’ Crystal Methodist…good times,,,

      1. No, no, it was Meth. Coke might have been involved, but he was definitely smoking meth. Meth tends to make you want to fuck, I kid you not. It’s the #1 drug of bad life decisions in the gay community.

    2. Considering the existence of GamerGaters Steve Tom Sawyer, Jace Conners and Jaistar (@j_millerworks) doxing himself on /baph/, I think each side of GamerGate has some “eccentric” people.

      1. “GamerGaters” isnt’ a thing. GamerGate is a consumer revolt in response to gross censorship and corruption in games journalism and the industry in general, just to clarify. Those three people you listed were outsiders and opportunists who tried to capitalize on the drama and publicity to further their own affairs, while also being bizarre, awful human beings.

        The thing is, GamerGate isn’t about any specific ideology, it is the default position of anti-corruption and proper ethics. This is the standard across all industries, just governments and the basis of much of the law in general. SJWs and RadFems are nothing BUT ideologues. Everything they say, do and think is shaped by their ideology. They don’t care about right and wrong, because if it doesn’t conform to their belief system, then it doesn’t matter. That’s the best part though – the loudest ideologues frankly tend to be the biggest hypocrites, projecting their own insecurities about their depravities outwardly.

        Also, false equivalency and economy of scale etc etc.

  5. Creepy! Luka Magnotta was also found to have been running false social media profiles over a long period of time, to give the impression he had friends and family.

    Stay tuned for next week when Peter attempts to eat someone and mails the body parts.

    1. Just how far down does the rabbit hole go? This is just so sad and pathetic. Baby is smaller in newer videos than in older ones, Someone with a Star Wars mask holding a baby (is that a wig? And are those man hands?) is evidence of a wife. Seriously.

  6. Jesus, look at that baby in the last picture on the left. Looks like a plastic doll as well lol. Maybe it just runs in the family?

    Either way, this was highly amusing. I want to believe. Personally, I think it’s confirmed based on the above pictures.

    That’s basically like 1/10th of a step away from necrophilia. Can you imagine putting makeup on some lifeless thing, dressing it up, and positioning it around? Jesus christ lol.

    1. ,,,does he make th fake baby watch him bang th fake wife while he has Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” blasting out th speakers as he screams “MOTHER! MOTHER! MOTHER! MOTHER!”…..ok that last bit was Jim Jones’ last words before puttin a bullet into his own face, but you see th’drift…

  7. This has been too hilarious. The original /cow/ thread was back in November ( but no one really cared cause he was nobody (Ralph you might remember we had a chat about him). Then he tried to take down 8chan and all of a sudden that thread blew up. Now 20+ threads later (cause they keep hitting their post limit).

    The fervor that /cow/ has investigated has been phenomenal. GG would be proud of their effort. 24×7 relentless probing and investigation. There’s so many more things that are in those threads, it’d just be too much.

    /cow/ I salute you. Milking a live cow and getting gallons upon gallons of milk. I have been entertained.

  8. I just checked out his Patreon, and he barely gets $150 a month, yet he’s giving money to the most visible Antis that subsist on Hipster Welfare, like Blue Meth Whale, David “I Show My Butt On The Internet Everyday” Gallant, and Ms. Van Valkenburg, and even recommends their Patreons on his page. Dude is trying SO HARD to get noticed by his Senpais.

    Unfortunately for him, he’s poison to the SJW community – he was exposed for harassing an Asian woman about her appearance (a white man telling a minority woman how she should look? I’m surprised he’s not “dragged out” to death on Tumblr by now), and then he doubled down by posing as an Asian woman and posting racist jokes as her (A white dude making racist jokes about Asians? How have the the SJWs not murdered him yet?)

    The closet he’s gotten to the fame and adulation from his SJW masters is when he made that terrible duet with another anti GG eunuch where they celebrated how much they enjoy bending over for Anita more than Josh does..

  9. It’s been rumoured that Peter lives with a married couple and babysits their baby, and some think that the pictures of the non-doll Ashley and the baby are just him trying to pass off the the woman in the married couple as his wife.

    Considering he’s already gone to great lengths to convince people that he had a Japanese girlfriend – even going as far as making several sockpuppet accounts – I wouldn’t be surprised if his “wife” was a Real Doll and the woman with the braces is an unwitting pawn in his sick game.

    1. Part of me says “It’s a TRAAAP!” because the ‘selfie’ is definitely a doll, but the other pictures are definitely a real girl, and don’t look like the doll at all. (hey that rhymes). This wouldn’t be the first time Antis have tried to put out false or misleading information to say “See gamergaters are grasping at straws, they really just hate women”

      1. Considering how every pic he puts up of his “wife” covers most of her face but gives a nice, clear shot of her “big ol’ titties”, I think the only misogynist here is Peter.

        Also, the guy from Talking Dead is a fucking moron, or maybe it’s his writers. He called people expressing disdain for the all-female re-imagining of Ghostbusters “misogynists” (I don’t think that word means what they think it means… because they are illiterate and stupid as fuck) on the ground that it’s a total departure from the source material (and it IS). The Tweets he put up, while acknowledging Twitter is a sewer of the internet (because that strengthens his argument… lol), were very benign and not misogynistic AT ALL.

        1. These people have to be just awful, awful human beings, because if they’re not projecting their own failings on the rest of the world then there’s really no explaining why they so quick to assume the worst about everyone around them.

          Hell, my concern about the new Ghostbusters isn’t the all-fem cast in and of itself, but that it appears to represent the ONLY idea the folks behind it seem to have. All accounts suggest that the gender-swap aside, the movie is going to be a by-the-numbers reboot with only the characters’ backgrounds really differing all that appreciably from the originals. THAT is what I personally find to be so concerning.

          I wouldn’t give a fuck about the all-fem cast if only they’d let us know that they’re not banking on that alone to sell the flick. Just toss us a few plot details, or a fucking synopsis. Something to reassure us that they take the franchise seriously.

          But no, I clearly must be a misogynist.

          1. Why the FUCK couldn’t they cast based on the animated revamp? They had a latino, a young black guy who filled the role as the brains, a gothed out (lesbian? bisexual?) chick, and an athletic ginger in a fucking WHEELCHAIR. I mean if that’s not a rainbow coalition I don’t know what counts as.

            Once again, Hollywood has people writing/creating stories for IP that have no fucking clue about it’s history.

          2. “Hollywood has people writing/creating stories for IP that have no fucking clue.”


            They’re talking about a remake of the Magnificent Seven, with Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt. Now, I like both those actors, but why, exactly, is a remake of Mag7 necessary? The original is a classic, and in itself is a retelling of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai.

            (Although in defense, Mag7 was good on its own merits, so much so that Kurosawa sent the director a goddamned katana)

          1. There are so many ways to go with that. Is it because he’s destined to be “forever alone”? Or is it that if a guy puts his dick in him they’ll catch whatever the fuck is wrong with him?

    1. What do you think, Polly Prissypants? Do we have a case for defamation of character?

      *Polly Prissypants voice* Well Peter, even though you’re super cool, and “beta as fuck”, I don’t think this will work, especially because you don’t know how to proofread cease and desist “letters” and it makes you look insane.


        1. lmao, it’s not being an asshole when the person deserves it. I think it’s sometimes referred to “keeping it real” aka being honest. ;P

  10. Ok, so to turn the greasy horrorshow weirdness levels up past 11 consider this:

    If the reports are to be believed, Petey seems to live with a couple whose baby he uses as a prop while he is supposed to be looking after it.

    While he is supposed to be babysitting he instead poses his fuckdoll around their house to make it look more legit.

    That photo of the lass with braces is possibly the mother of the baby who leaves it in Peteys care, and Petey may be using rear shots of her back as pathetic proof to prop up his tall tale, and now has moved onto using her photos to prop up his sock puppet social media profiles.

    A woman who looks like the doll (sort of) Petey bought himself as a fucktoy.

    So Petey is fucking a fuckdoll simulant of the woman whose house he lodges in, and uses her baby as a prop and her house as a set.

    Jesus Titty Fucking Christ

      1. OMG. I gave them an upvote just for comedy’s sake. Although it is priceless that Thunderf00t’s comment has more likes than the video itself.

        They do realize that they aren’t making themselves look good right? They do realize that “alpha males” don’t seek to get laid – they get laid because they are alphas and don’t let people give them or people the care about shit, right?

    1. At this rate, he’s going to covertly steal her toenail clippings, locks of her hair, and used sanitary napkins to put on his doll to make her more “real” Then he’ll eventually go all “Silence of the Lambs” on the poor woman, killing her to make a bodysuit out of her skin.

      *Peter stands naked in front of a mirror, dick tucked between his legs*

      “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. HARD!”

      *dances to Goodbye Horses, while a woman’s screams can be heard in the background*


      1. You and I both joke about this with the rest mate, but there is a serious side of me that is thinking this is proper creepshow.

        This idiot is obviously not wired right in the noggin, and is in a house alone with a small child, fucking the ass off a fuckdoll simulant of the childs mother.

        His life has become the comedy gold of the internet, and he is being ragged on now like there is no tomorrow.

        From here to Goodbye Horses land is just one more small step off the santity ledge he is precariously balanced on.

        someone needs to let the couple whose house he lives in know exactly what is going on in PeteyLand before this gets serious.

  11. Peter Coffin….the comedy gift that just keeps on giving

    Face it mateys….he may be the worst intertubez comedian ever, but I must have spent three hours late last night laughing my cock off after following a tweet from the site tweet feed to the ED page on him, then all along the 8chan threads. Fecking pure comedy gold.

    And there is always this take away: No matter how hard life kicks you in the nuts, no matter how low you sink, and no matter if you end up drinking cheap aftershave and pissing on a dumpster next to your cardboard box home….

    at least you are not Peter Coffin.

        1. “Hi, we’re from the Necromancer’s Guild, and WHAT THE FLAMING HECK– WHAT– WHY do you have all these skeletons and bones in here?!”

          “Well, I just…”

          “Are you a registered necromancer or anatomist?”

          “Well, no…”

  12. By the looks of the photo of Coffins’s “wife” It looks like it is a doll. I mean it has this unnatural shine to it

  13. in pic with “her” that kid is a doll straight up. *also kids aint my specialty but shouldn’t she be like holding on to the thing? its supposedly 3 months old and she doesn’t have a hand around the waist?

  14. At some point he disabled comments for his pedophile love video. And he’s blocking people on twitter, likely using the #gg blocker, because I never once commented to him and I’m blocked.

    He’s locking himself up and avoiding discussion, because he’s full of shit and without those plugs it all comes leaking out.

  15. The marriage of the mainstream and particularly old media with this strange social network of total lunatics has been really eye opening for me. Now understand I wasn’t somebody who trusted the media even before all this I figured it was always slanted as fuck and inaccurate as hell from the sort of incompetence that seems to define modern society. Yet to learn how completely the media just flat out makes stupid shit up and how quick it is to partner itself with anyone who also just makes stupid shit up has been somewhat shocking.

    Also it’s been really interesting peering into the world of the upper class’s idiot offspring. The signs seem to all be here really this is the sort of culture that leads to guillotines.

  16. Why is it all these nutjobs are so over the top that not even Hollywood movies can even top them. I find this genuinely creepy.

  17. Yep…I never heard of this guy before the last Ralph Retort article on him, but my suspicions about him since then have now been confirmed.

    Peter Coffin is, in fact, 100x more pathetic than Chris-Chan. And that’s saying something. At least Chris’s fake girlfriends were people (or based on people) he actually conversed with on a regular/semi-regular basis.

      1. Look at it this way, dude:

        The creepiest thing Chris has ever done? Fuck a body pillow/sex doll on camera. It’s as pathetic as it is creepy. On top of that, he was doing it wrong. There’s also the Megan Saga, but I’d say Peter beat that to some degree…

        And Peter? Photoshopped himself into selfies of women he’s never met before, assuming the women in question even exist outside teh interwebz, subsequently claiming them to be his current girlfriend/wife. IMO, that’s even more pathetic and, if the women exist, creepy.

        At least Chris could actually bring himself to talk to girls. Peter Final-Nail-in-the Coffin obviously can’t, so he has to make up not only the relationship, but his fuckin’ partner as well…Pun intended.

        1. Peter has used a sex doll to represent his “wife”, used photos of the woman who’s child he’s the live-in cartaker of to represent his fake wife, used the child to represent his fake child, made numorious fake social media profiles of not only his fake wife, but fake in-laws as well, kept them them active for years, faked a birth certificate for his fake child, faked a cease & desist order, and spent hours making stop-motion videos of his fake wife sex doll.

          All under the noses of the people he’s living with and trusting to take care of their child.

          Not to mention the fake social media profiles bit is exactly what Luka Magnotta did.

          1. Ok…I’ve lost track…are we arguing the same point? Or are you saying that Final-Nail-in-the Coffin is so much worse than Chris that the comparison is impossible/illogical?

          2. I’m arguing pathetic doesn’t mix very well with terror.

            Chis-chan is pretty much harmless (he maced someone, got arrested, and they were fine after their eyes cleared).
            Peter is crazy to the point people are genuinly worried that he’ll start killing people (hell, he might have started already).

            In a movie, Chis-chan would play the part of the hateable-loser rival of the loveable-loser hero in a Seth Rogen comedy.
            Peter would, on the other hand, would play the part of the other serial killer in a Hannibal Lecter film.

  18. I’m finally going to lay off Peter Coffin. I still think he was lying about the whole initial girlfriend thing, and I’ve been suspicious about the existence of his wife for a long time but I’m watching a stream of the two of them right now and she is in fact a very real person. She’s also not a “foreign girl”, at least I don’t think so, because her accent is American.

    It’s strange, because she very much LOOKS like a doll but she is in fact a person, she’s like on her phone, talking, joking with Peter and everything. I officially put up my “hate hat” regarding this guy and his family.

  19. Something interesting that I’m not sure if it has been addressed yet or not. I was looking at the blog of the asian woman that caught him using a fake girlfriend the first time. I noticed there that she posted something about him making a comment as the fake girlfriend about having to have surgery on her jaw.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what the gofundme was all about, so his wife could have the same surgery? I find it all very suspicious.

  20. UPDATE: Woman and baby are real, the common accord is that they met in a sort of online arranged marriages site; she struggles with several mental issues that ultimately made her pursue plastic surgery to get rid of her protunding teeth, she married peter to be able to get her surgery in the US, which after a whole sketchy and misleading campaign she got crowfunded.

  21. Turns out his wife and son are real (Youtube) and holymoly she is gorgeous. What is wrong with her that she finds him remotely attractive inside or out?

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