Guest Editorial by Elizabeth Winter

Since the General Elections in May, it has become more apparent to which parties the Regressive Left has politically moved into. The two obvious political parties being Socialist Labour and the Women’s Equality Party. On the more Progressive side of Labour there’s not only the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, but also Jess Phillips. Which these two in itself demonstrate the lack of pressure put on women in politics to perform as opposed to men. The thing is, in Khan’s view at least, white men.

“ There are currently 13 white men on the Transport for London board and just three women. Khan said he would ensure the board better reflected the “diversity” of Londoners if he becomes mayor.” (Click Here for Story)

What I do enjoy is the attention to race and gender. He said which race the men were yet decided to not say which race the women were. Very Progressive. Well done.

Though this is just the tip of the iceberg of what drives Labour further into the realm of the far left. Jess Phillips recently blocked me on Twitter for asking a question under something Sargon of Akkad had posted. Probably best put by Chris, below, ‘This is why we say you don’t care for men, Jess because you will never answer any of these questions’.

To which Jess simply relied with ‘Darlings while you are all crying tears over me on my mentions, I’m in my garden with loads of loved ones. Get some sun on your souls.’

I think the main part of this tweet is the more provocative ‘crying tears over me’. I could make the link to ‘male tears’ but even I feel that’d be too easy. So I’m going to criticise the fact she didn’t bother dignifying her questions and spending a small amount of time on Twitter. So let’s look at what she did last week which took a lot more time than answering questions on Twitter.


Note: this story does differ a lot from being 500 threats to 5,000.


In my own words ‘All these rape threats and I still can’t get laid.’ Because that’s what it is. They’re fictional and to be fair, since Jess kind of brought it up… No, they probably would say it to your face but if they meant it, I’m sure you would feel something more than a threat. As horrid as that may sound, shut up. You’re not stronger than anyone else for getting trolled by edgy 10 year olds — who took ‘How 2 trollz teh internet LOL 101’ just last week. Though this all happened before she told everyone to cover their faces with male tears (and semen) in the sun.

I still find it amusing how the Daily Mail found this excellent example of a tweet, what Twitter is and how not to take anything on Twitter seriously.


But why isn’t she answering these questions? Why claim victimhood but not answer the questions of inequality for laws, right and serious crimes? The simple answer is political gain. There’s no bad publicity, just good publicity. Her playing the victim gets her attention and sympathy. Acting sophisticated and strong, yet so hard done by…Boo Hoo! This, is what leads me to saying “It’s easy to be a woman.” Because being a victim of evil online abuse on some obscure Reddit thread by purely anonymous and non-legitimate people is what gets you somewhere. Oh yeah… There were some threats. By Anons. Scary, real things right there.

Laughter! Of course this happened, Catherine. I’m sure you had that well-thought, witty comment just handy in your pocket to use like a bath bomb. The thing is, I’m sure this isn’t even sexism. This is a compliment! If someone said to me “Are you a model?” I’d be flattered but followed by

“Hunny, pancakes have bigger tits than me.” not “Sexism!”

But yes, this is the cancer known as 4th Wave feminism, or better known as the Women’s Equality Party. A party dedicated to show some women are spineless harpies that just want to complain about how hard it is to be a woman! Oh, the fucking ballache for men. For every husband who hasn’t blown their brains out in the back garden shed via shotgun, please tell me how you deal with your wives in this party? Otherwise, I will assume your balls are in her trophy cabinet; next to the family photos that have her Dad crossed out with black ink.


This is literally a party made to appeal to the demographic who believe feminism is still a good idea. That women are somehow treated worse than men. A party which wants equality of outcome; not equality of opportunity. A party which can call things sexist and other buzzwords used by intersectional feminists to boost their numbers without actually having to do anything. Without having the nerve to stand up to things which are wrong, such as Sharia law inside the UK. It’s a free-ride which would rather judge people to be wrong-doers for not supporting, rather on the individuals actions or actual beliefs.

What we’re seeing is the average person’s doubts being taken advantage of and being used as a weapon to enforce a problem which doesn’t exist. Rather than standing up for themselves, they’ve let them get away with using them and it’s only us who can bring what these people really are to light. Though these may not be the first professional victims of some oppression or abuse, they are the certainly the easiest yet hardest to defeat. Despite agreeing with Sargon on many issues, perhaps this isn’t the Regressive Left’s final form. Maybe there is more behind the scenes than what we know of — pushing this agenda. The only way we can shed light is to use fact based evidence and tell people what’s actually going on. If we don’t we will lose rational and critical thought in the name of multiculturalism and moral-further. We will soon be confined to censorship and using anti-sexist language to women yet purely sexist language towards men. I lack sympathy for feminism. It is a cancer and it needs to die.

“It worked!”

This is a perfect example of what we’d be filled with in a Feminist Society.

Cry Babies.

Giving these women what they want will never make them happy because they don’t know what they want. In a desperate game of search and destroy, they’ll find an identity but kill themselves once having nothing to fight.

Thanks for reading,