JonTron finally responded to the media assault that’s been brought to bear against him since his debate with the Twitch streamer known as Destiny. JonTron, real name Jon Jafari, admits that he had some stumbles during the debate, which is pretty obvious if you actually watched any of it. But he holds his own in this response, correctly calling out the blatant media double standards when it comes to politics and racial advocacy.

He talks about the blatant bullshit from media types when it comes to racism, explicitly citing the “you can’t be racist against white people” trope. The vid also shows a clip from Samantha Bee’s TBS show, where she says white people ruined America when they voted for Donald Trump in large numbers. Jafari notes that the backlash would be insane if a prominent media figure said that black people ruined the country when they voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. Oh, and the percentage disparity between white Trump support and black Obama support isn’t even close, by the way. So who are the real racists? Or, and I know this is an insane thought, maybe both sets of voters were just logically supporting their own interests.

Nah, that’s crazy talk.

Anyway, the video is well worth a watch. He seems to be moving back into a comedy-only role judging by his comments towards the end, but this was very well done and shows that he could have some prowess in this area moving forward.

  1. Jon is a stand up guy, always has been. Everyone on this planet is guilty of at some point saying something they shouldn’t have.

  2. First Milo, then PewDiePie, now JonTron- if all the best and most successful people are being thrown into the Untouchables camp, well, that camp is starting to look like a pretty awesome place to be.

    “Stay in line, you don’t want to wind up ostracized- like JonTron!” Is not going to be a persuasive threat.

    Of course, it does mean you’ll be blocked on twitter by Steve Shives. So there’s that risk.

    1. The unsavory, shitty, radical, ideologically driven elements of our society are quickly going to hem themselves in to their own little corner and they’ll have no where to go. The “normies” have largely woken up to just how poisonous identity politics is and SJWs and radical intersectional feminism is.

  3. I doubt JonTron would’ve gone public with his political views if it wasn’t for the crazy climate. Glad he did though – he’s a reasonable person.

  4. Identitarianism is a fucking cancer. PC is a symptom of this cancer. Social Justice is another symptom. Also Destiny has made several comments that make him sound like he supports pedophilia or, more specifically the brand of sex offense where people are attracted to pre-teens/young teens. Either way Destiny is still a fucking creep and an utter pedagogue. And he’s a SC2 has been.

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