I seriously keep trying to think of new openings for this spot. It’s slightly difficult, as I’ve discussed before. It sounds ridiculous to keep saying the SJWs have one-upped themselves in terms of atrocious and hostile behavior. But it keeps fucking happening. So, what else can I do but keep saying it? I would have to sit here and go through the loooooong list of abuse that anti-GamerGate has heaped on us to say for sure, but the next case is one of the very worst I’ve seen throughout the entirety of GamerGate.

KingofPol is a video game reviewer, and critic. He does game streams, and shows about GamerGate. I was on one of those the other day. He was gracious enough to come on my show last week. So, we have a working relationship. But before I knew him at all, I wrote about his doxxing here on the site. For some reason, he really pisses the other side off a lot. I’ve written some very hard-hitting stuff, and no one has ever tried to doxx me (not that they won’t lol).

There’s a few other things they haven’t done to me. For one, until now, they’ve refrained from calling me an sexual abuser of children. Yes, you read that correctly. The other side has now taken it to another extreme. No, they didn’t compare us to a deadly terrorist organization. The Ebola virus  disease was not brought up. No one advocated any doxxing. There was no childish insult. Just a flat out false declaration that KingofPol was a child molester. Jack Connell, the SJW cultist writer who tweeted it, didn’t leave much doubt about interpretation.


I don’t see how someone could argue with us taking offence to this. It’s not a joke to label someone a child molester. It wasn’t even meant to be a joke. He capitalized “is” for emphasis. Jack Connell wants to be clear that we don’t think it’s humor. OK, message received. As of right now, the tweet is still up. Not only that, he still writing offensive shit as we speak.


I gotta admit, Connell’s a nobody. Even writing about him will be called into question by some. This is likely to be the biggest exposure the guy has ever had, with our recent surge in traffic. So this might actually help him, in some perverse way. But, you know the standard operating procedure here at TheRalphRetort. When we see the something heinous, we call it out. Even so, if Jackass Connell hadn’t taken a couple extra steps to let me know he was dead serious, I would have still let it go. But he did, and here we are.

I want to say this type of thing won’t happen again, but I’ve seen others allude to us being child molesters before. This is just the first time I’ve seen them come out and directly say it. If it happens again, all we can do is document it. As for Connell, just leave him to rot in his mire of mediocrity. GamerGate will continue to soar.


UPDATE: Connell wasn’t done. He went on another hate-filled tirade after this story was published. Here’s another couple of disgusting tweets…



  1. King of Pol works in a medical profession, does he not?
    Help people and fight for morals, be accused of “child molesting”. Nice world we have.

    It’d be very ironic if “sexy” Jack Connell somehow ends up in King of Pol’s ward.

    1. Not just a medical profession, he’s a psyche nurse. Ever been to the psyche ward of a hospital? It’s actually kind of scary, and this guy goes into the shit every single day to help people.

      And I think I heard they tried getting him fired because of his stance on this. Like, fuck, are you kidding me? Yea, let’s get a guy who’s actually helping people because he doesn’t agree with our false empathy. Fuck, these people just piss me off, and I’m glad Ralph and KoP are with us.

      1. I deal with enough terrible people outside of psyche wards, so I can imagine how much worse it must be to deal with the ones inside.

        Connell himself is probably a child molester. They often pick “morally correct” positions to accuse others of their own crimes, so as to distract from themselves.

  2. Treat this guy as an individual, separate from anti-GG, and please for the love of god, just file a lawsuit against him. Please.

    1. Anti-GG in general are always desperately grasping at straws to paint GG as terrible people. In contrast, GG tries to reach out to them, only to be blocked or abused.

      I’m increasingly under the impression that anti-GG are inherently nasty people who see this entire debacle as an opportunity to misalign the moral compass in their favor.

    1. Considering what Simon Singh went through after calling a bunch of quack chiropractors quacks I’d have to agree.

      I don’t live in the UK and while I know that the law was reformed largely due to the Singh trial, I don’t know to which extent.

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BCA_v._Singh is the case in question, I remember following it rather closely at the time.

      Would love to see some stories about that jackass getting prosecuted in the near future. I mean, seriously, you’d need some kind of severe personality defect to throw shit like that at someone, no matter how much you disagree with their position on anything.

      1. And considering both his “logic” (4chan doesn’t like you, 4chan doesn’t like child porn) and his characterization of his allegations (“shit”) he’s utterly crippled any legal defense.

  3. I’m not a lawyer, but this sounds like KOP has grounds to file a libel suit against that asshat. Publicly smearing someone as a child molester without proof is some serious shit.

  4. Take that idiot to court. That is a serious allegation. about time a few of these libelous little oiks got sued into oblivion.

  5. You can always tell who the dumb people are thanks to Twitter. They’re the ones who don’t understand that a public tweet is like shouting your message to the ENTIRE WORLD.

  6. I hope King follows this up with legal action.

    I’ve no idea who this idiot is, but there are some things you don’t throw around lightly, and that is one of them.

  7. “shit tag full of shit people” If that isn’t fucking irony, christ these people dumb. When you falsely accuse someone of raping children, you’re a bottom of the barrel piece of shit that needs to be called out.

    1. For all we know, Connell is a homophobic bigot who hates women and loves to bully innocent people. That would perfectly explain why GG is “shit” to him.

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