We interrupt your regularly scheduled infighting to report the following news: a lot of people, publications, and groups got banned recently. Here are a few of them listed in no particular order:

>Stefan Molymeme – Everyone’s first real red pill and master of the art of defoo had his nearly one million subscriber YouTube channel banned. Among the topics he discussed were philosophy, race realism, Anarcho-Capitalism, MRA issues, peaceful parenting, and history.

>American Renaissance – Everyone’s second real red pill, which is headed up by Jared Taylor. Their YouTube channel was banned for discussing race realism and hu-white advocacy.

>NPI/Radix – Everyone’s most useless red pill run by Richard Spencer had its YouTube channel banned. Nothing of value was lost. Richard Spencer has been a welcome guest on the #Killstream many times and I have defended Richard Spencer twice, here and here, so don’t @ me bro.

>Donald J. Trump – The Twitch channel of The President of the United States and former owner of Monday Night Raw was temporarily suspended for “hateful conduct”. To the best of my knowledge, his Twitch channel was not full of titties, so it likely was not that relevant.

>r/The_Donald – *Squeak* *Squeak*. The subreddit named after the Winner of the Battle of the Billionaires was banned. R/The_Donald was already dead due to being quarantined by Reddit moderators about a year ago, so its ban not so much a loss or shock as it was a mercy killing. This subreddit produced some of the most highly influential memes of The Great Meme Wars, so its censoring is politically significant.

>r/ChapoTrapHouse – The subreddit named after the popular socialist podcast was also banned. This subreddit had some unstable people on there, so perhaps the greatest and most well documented glimpse into the mind of an over socialized leftist has been lost.

> – The website of the anti-immigration foundation headed up by this Thursday’s #Killstream guest Peter Brimelow was kicked off their domain registrar.

This list is by no means comprehensive, as there were many other recent bans that are too numerous to discuss. What is important to discuss is that these acts of censorship are not the product of random, intense hand rubbing by inbred Aspie Jews like Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, but are part of a highly methodical process.

Scientific papers written in one of the world’s most prestigious academic journals describe how to effectively censor dissidents by carefully removing small clusters of wrongthink to avoid “inflaming the entire hive”. These recent bans are living proof of it and any attempt to deny it is either complete ignorance, gaslighting, or pure mental retardation. These strategies are often used with COINTELPRO tactics of getting groups to infight over stupid shit. Recent highlights of this include inflaming and heightening issues like catboysthe integrity of Harvey Weinstein’s boy pussy, or moronic ad hominems. The combined approach by the powers that be cause dissidents to spend more of their time and energy trying to destroy each other rather than advancing our causes or fighting whatever or whoever we may perceive to be the true enemy.