Originally published on October 18th, 2020. Some sort of site error messed up the original post.

I saw a tweet today from Nick Fuentes, a colleague of mine. Since it’s the impetus for this article, why don’t we start proceedings at that point?


It jumped out at me for two reasons.

  1. It made me laugh.
  2. I, myself, have noticed how fatter I look on camera

So, as I do with most tweets that amuse me, I put up a quote-tweet response on my own timeline…

It’s a cheap joke, but still. That’s what it is, a joke. I have no care at all about the numbers of the Holocaust. I literally do not give a fuck. I don’t quibble with the mainstream narrative, or argue about doors, or trains, or whatever. None of that. The only reason I know any of the talking points at all is because it’s become a joke in this corner of the internet. WHY has it become a joke, though? Because people know it will get a rise out of the usual suspects and it’s become transgressive for that reason.
I wonder how it’s become transgressive? (I’ll leave the “why” for another day.)


Even though I have no interest in denying the Holocaust, moves like this are dangerous in the extreme. I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. Lest you think I am some right-wing nut, read some of what Matt Taibbi had to say about an interrelated issue: the silencing of QAnon adherents.

This current system is the worst of all worlds. It’s invisible to the public, clearly invites government recommendations on speech, allows a gameable system of anonymous complaints to influence content, and gives awesome power to an unelected, unaccountable body of private media regulators. Whatever the right method is for dealing with dangerous content in the Internet era — and it’s clear we need a better one — this isn’t it.

Now, it’s time to introduce Steven Bonnell III into this short story. Online, he goes by the name of Destiny and, as most of you know, he’s been on my show many times. Recently, after I took offense to a personal attack he launched at me out of nowhere and responded in-kind, he’s been sort of salty towards yours truly. It’s sad to see, but that’s how these things go.

However, the earth-shattering audacity of his response to my joke should be examined in full. First, let me link you his tweet…


In my view, he’s clearly angling to get me and or Fuentes banned off Twitter with the way he’s falsely accusing both of us of being Nazis. I suppose you could say he’s just trying to get our “verified checks” taken away, but regardless, it’s clearly snitch-like behavior. That’s distasteful enough, of course. But keep this in mind: Mr. Bonnell can’t even reply to me on his first, second, or third account because he himself has been banned from Twitter for violent speech and ban evasion on several occasions. If we’re going strictly by what should be allowed on Twitter, well, he’s not one of those things. Nothing Nick or I said in our tweets are against Twitter policy. On the other hand, Destiny is ban evading daily and by Twitter’s own rules he should be taken off now.
Since I’m not a confirmed cuck like Steven, I sincerely hope they don’t do that. But, well, I won’t be shedding any tears if it does come to pass!

I won’t even do the “X is the real Nazi” bullshit, because it’s so tiresome. Go deeper than the trifling bullshit. This is a guy who has literally been banned from Twitter on multiple occasions, tweeting from an outlaw account even now, suggesting bogus enforcement on right-wing targets. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know, I don’t know what will.

Think about it. The reason he can be so brazen and not care is because he knows Twitter will always let him come back. Even though he’s outside the vanguard of the online communist left, due to both his propensity to say the n-word and his tendency get involved in Me Too side quests, he knows he’ll be allowed to slink back in. Whereas, on the right, you’re usually nuked off the fucking map when they take you down. It’s not just Twitter. It’s Patreon, Facebook, PayPal, and maybe even your bank account. For the left, it’s not a game of survival, but for us, it very much is.

They’re out here playing on an uneven field and they know it.

It really is a shame to see Little Stevie Bonnell trafficking in the same pathetic and unoriginal deplatforming tactics as his communist critics, even after we defended him from those same types on the Killstream recently. But, this is a good lesson. Most on the left, even their seemingly saner members, have no interest in fair play or charitable behavior. This election could be for all the marbles, and even if it isn’t, we’re in for a major fight just to keep our shows and people on the air and on social media.
I, for one, am ready. I hope the rest of you are as well.