Earlier this evening, Little Hitler Ian Miles Cheong gave the whole game away. His arrogance got the better of him again, similar to his idol Hitler, when when he tried to invade Russia. This move isn’t on par historically, but it is pretty close on the Dumbass Scale. But, I’ll let you be the judge. In the middle of a rambling series of tweets, Cheong had this to say



He later tried to cover his ass, like they always do. But there’s no way out of this. He flat out admits that he doesn’t give a shit about ethics in gaming journalism. And he’s not the only one, as you will soon see on the site. But that upcoming quote was from a few years ago. Mr. Cheong just said this in the middle of a media and Twitter firestorm. In other words, he’s not very bright. Confirming his enemy’s argument in the middle of battle should remove all doubt.

He’s spent all week mocking us for caring about ethics, and now we see why. But, we must be thankful for halfwits like Ian Miles Cheong. They are the gifts that keep on giving. Now, if only Leigh Alexander would throw back a few and go on a racist tirade or two! Jonathan McIntosh is certainly picking up the slack for her, and everyone else:

Little Hitler had the dumbest (and most honest) tweet of the night. But no one can out-crazy #FullMcIntosh.


  1. I still don’t understand the logic of his supports (and himself)

    He is not accountable for his own past actions, because he said sorry and does not agree with his past self.

    #gamergate is irredeemably tainted because some people did some mean things and may have used the tweet. Most users of the hashtag never participated in bad behaviour (or not *that* bad; my nan would have killed me for the amount I swear) and we openly and explicitly condemn harassment, bullying and misogyny.
    ie: we “said sorry” for things we didn’t do and never believed in, but remain tainted.

    In exactly who the fuck’s world does this many ANY sense.

    The worst of it is, the lunatics will suggest bringing it up is unfair, despite constantly referring to how abusive and misogynist gamergate, and I am “for supporting it”
    My head literally hurts with their stupidity, hypocrisy and inconsistency.

    1. That shit’s easy to understand: it’s all projection.

      Look at that quote about fun, that’s the kind of shit he finds fun.

  2. Ian is a laugh and a half. Here’s a self-hating Asian who is so desperate for an identity he’s swung all the way from Neo-Nazi to “Turbo Feminist”. The implications are frightening.
    And Jonathan…do you even understand the nature of escapist entertainment? The idea of catharsis? Why would an interactive medium focus the player to engage exclusively in a passive role? I refuse to believe he doesn’t know these things. He’s a full-time propagandist but he’s coming dangerously close to self-parody.

      1. There certainly is a difference between the two if you are a man, let alone a “visible minority”.
        In his case, these beliefs are a kind of Stockholm Syndrome. In the end, it is just a cover for his self-loathing. At this point, we have a “Games Journalist” who needs acceptance from his peer group so badly that he’s now above his very profession.

        1. I’m not arguing that he isn’t incredibly self-loathing (which I believe every male sjw to be) just that the two are synonymous rather than polar opposites.

          1. I never really made the connection myself. Do you mean that they both engender a form of Fascism/Totalitarianism? I suppose I could see that.
            It’s crazy to me since the Bolsheviks, having split from the Marxists, (who laid the foundations of modern SJW thought) ended up locked in battle with Germany’s National Socialists (blueprint for Neo-Nazis) during WW2.

            It’s like Ian’s entire life has been one gigantic Chinese whisper.

          2. “Do you mean that they both engender a form of Fascism/Totalitarianism?”

            Exactly this. I continue to argue that the proper terminology isn’t “cultural marxism” but cultural Stalinism. To be clear I’m not arguing that Stalinism and Nazism is the *same* since they are diametrically opposed to each other and are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

            Individual thought is not acceptable, only toting the proscribed line.

  3. You know, this is pretty much the same response my brother gives to me every time #Gamergate comes up in conversation. The difference is that my brother isn’t the head of a game journalism site.

  4. How long before Miles Cheong says “I was hacked” or “I was not in control of my account at the time” or “those are photoshops” regarding his pro-Hitler, pro-Nazi stance?

    That is, freelance web-journalist Ian Miles Cheong has made pro-Nazi statements, and has called for the extermination of the Jewish people and has supported the Holocaust.

    I mention it just so everyone’s aware that freelance web-journalist Ian Miles Cheong has made pro-Nazi statements,
    and has called for the extermination of the Jewish people and has
    supported the Holocaust.

  5. McIntosh needs help. He’s fucking mental. “Fun” is a buzz word for me wanting “fun”. Nothing more.

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