Lunchtime Open Thread: Liqoured Up Leigh Smears Over Speaking Fee

Lunchtime Open Thread: Liqoured Up Leigh Smears Over Speaking Fee

I just had lunch with fellow GamerGate supporter Paulo Munoz. We both live here in the Richmond area, and traveled to #GGinDC together. He’s a really cool guy, and one of the nicest people we have involved with the cause. He’s also done a few YouTube videos that are thought-provoking. Check them out sometime, if you’re interested.

There’s also a bit of news I wanted to discuss, and it concerns our old friend Leigh Alexander. Hard times have made her even more bitter, if that’s possible. Now she’s berating panel organizers who offer her a chance to speak because they’re not showing her the money.Here’s where she berates this poor guy over not paying her, even though he clearly says he could find a fee for her. Then, Leigh smears him as a sexist. Why don’t you go threaten to put a bottle through someone’s eye again, you disgusting racist bully? wpid-img_20150609_135904.jpg

Oh, and just in case you missed that tweet back in the day:wpid-img_20150609_141154.jpg

I’m about to go do a short news hit. Leave any news or comments you wanna share with me and/or the community down below.

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  • GuitarAnthony


  • Hayley

    That’s not sexism, you stupid cunt!

  • Kincyr

    don’t forget this tweet from her regarding “sexism = expecting ‘experts’ to do unpaid work”

    • Dick Gozinia

      “if white cis men want to contribute to offworld, i’d accept your volunteer art, music, games, labor so resources can be allocated elsewhere”

      Elsewhere = Jack Daniels Distillery

  • Botiemaster

    I can understand why someone would pay a con artist like Anita to speak, but exactly what has this woman accomplished that commands being paid to speak or debate…? Leigh if you’re so serious about all this shit, you shouldn’t need a fee. You should charge right in and show us all just how right you are.

    That’s right, ain’t none of us holding our breaths for that.

    At least Anita has the ability to fool people into paying her. What can you do? It seems you are attempting to bully your way into being paid. Let us know how that works out for you~

    • Hayley

      I agree. If these people are so serious about sexism and their radfem garbage, do it for free. Get the message out there. Influence people. Buuuuuut this is a cash grab, isn’t it? That’s all it’s ever been.

      • KLLRFRST

        MLK didn’t demand a speaking fee before he march in Selma. Gandhi didn’t wait for the check to clear before going on a hunger strike. Cesar Chavez didn’t fight for migrant worker’s rights because he was getting a cut of produce sales. Harvey Milk didn’t run for mayor of San Francisco because of the yearly salary.

        But feminists today? They won’t even bother to get out bed unless they see a number with several zeros behind it.

        • shinningprodigy

          Damn, Cesar Chavez. Great examples overall but I didn’t think I’d get to see that name mentioned again. If I could I would’ve up voted twice.

        • Botiemaster

          Damn straight and well said. They’re all cons looking for freebies.

  • D-Bone

    Leigh Alexander an expert!?!?

    Unless it involves getting drunk and curly hair, I don’t see expert status anywhere.


    Leigh, Wu, Harper and Anita have proven themselves to be “Profit-Driven Feminists”. They’re not in it because for women’s rights, like Susan B. Anthony and Betty Friedan were…they’re in it when it can line their wallets with green paper. Almost every time they do anything, it requires them to be paid, get first class, full room and board, and security escorts, while everyone else just gets the cost for the ticket and hotel reimbursed.

    Remember when Milo wanted to interview Wu, and she wouldn’t agree to it unless there was a crowdfund for a first class flight, a stay at a 4-star hotel, and a meal at a fancy restaurant? Who the hell expects to get wined and dined for free just for an interview?

    Or how Quinn got butthurt that TFYC wasn’t offering her a bigger cut of the profits, then smeared and doxxed them in retaliation?

    Now Leigh expects to get paid to speak at an event, even though the other people asked to speak aren’t getting paid? She really must be drunk out of her mind. Then again, I should be too surprised – she was also expecting people to give her stuff without compensation a while back:

    • ElderWolf

      Yet anytime Wu pisses off someone she mostly agrees with she tries to buy them coffee and sit and talk it out. If people weren’t stupid and and too lazy to look it up, they could easily discover the bullshit they’re fed on mass media is a complete facade and plenty of stuff is left out.

    • Sand Ripper

      Here’s another one for the pile:

      • Leave it to people who don’t even like games to whine that “it’s just too hard” to get their own damn screenshots of them.

  • Thomas Fairfield

    Experts and passionate voices aren’t necessarily the same thing.


      It’s not “passion” if it’s motivated by greed instead of justice

  • mbits

    No, they would pay an expert. They’re not paying Leigh, because she isn’t an “expert” in anything.

  • mbits


    Well, here, you can be on our panel/show/whatever as an expert in the subject matter you care about and reach a lot of people with your voice.


    Fuck you, shitwaffle.

    • Dave The Sandman

      Oh I like that one….Im stealing that one I am….

      shitwaffle….. that is gonna be word of the week

      • Dick Gozinia

        I always liked, “twatwaffle” personally. Rolled off the tounge easier.

        • Dave The Sandman

          Ah…being a Bit I have a natural love of the word Twat, so anything with that in it is a winner. That chum is word of the week next week

          Now….back to kicking these shitwaffles in the twat

  • chris perez

    Was that tweet really her first reply “how much money are you offering us”? I guess that cunt’s liquor budget has been suffering now that she is no longer the megaphone of games journalism. Anita won’t reply as I doubt she does anything for free.

    • Dick Gozinia

      Sobriety is a bitch.

  • chris perez

    Did Leigh delete her tweets to comedytrial? I just looked at both of their twitter accounts and I cannot find her replies anywhere.

  • Dave The Sandman

    thats the thing about a Cheap Whore

    she always wants paying up front

  • ElderWolf

    Anyone got a progress report on Milo’s move on Randi or Eron Gjoni’s case against Zoe? Normally I’d comment on the story at hand, but everyone else has pretty much said everything i was going to.

  • A Real Libertarian

    Hey Ralph, off-topic but:

    Have you checked the Genghis Grill nutritional guide?


    Protein = Tofu, Marinated White Fish, or Chicken Breast.
    Veggies = Anything besides baby corn (that 140 Sodium is a killer).
    Spices = Anything besides Salt, Lemon Pepper, or Yellow Curry Salt (Sodium).
    Starch = Brown Rice, Udon Noodles, or Spiral Pasta.
    Condiments = Sesame Seeds, or GG Peppers are best, Khan’s Krunch, or Sriracha are still OK (anything else has too much Sodium/Saturated Fat).
    Sauce = Garlic Water (anything else is just Sodium).

  • Strange. I thought sexism was to discriminate based upon gender. How is it discriminatory if they’re offering all panelists, regardless of gender, the same amount of zero?

    Furthermore, how is it discriminatory if the person requesting Alexander to appear says “for you, we’d find a fee”, implying that Alexander’s appearance is worth more than other panelists?

    It might be opportunistic to expect free speakers. I don’t think it’s sexism though.

  • Sevuz

    That people like Josh,Leigh, Randi and Wu roams the planet only proofs that survival of the fittest does not apply to the human race.

  • Social Justice Whitey

    ,,,Y’arrr,,,all of Leigh’s tweets be a damn sight moar funny if ye imagine them in a cartoon pirate voice,,,y’arrr,,,

  • Steven

    Hey, at least she is being more honest. She clearly states that money is her only motivation and she was even kind enough to put “experts” in quotes to correctly denote that it is being used ironically and that none of the people listed are experts at anything.

  • epobirs

    If a male expert is asked to do something pro bono, is it still sexism? Awaiting your expert analysis, Leigh.