I just had lunch with fellow GamerGate supporter Paulo Munoz. We both live here in the Richmond area, and traveled to #GGinDC together. He’s a really cool guy, and one of the nicest people we have involved with the cause. He’s also done a few YouTube videos that are thought-provoking. Check them out sometime, if you’re interested.


There’s also a bit of news I wanted to discuss, and it concerns our old friend Leigh Alexander. Hard times have made her even more bitter, if that’s possible. Now she’s berating panel organizers who offer her a chance to speak because they’re not showing her the money.Here’s where she berates this poor guy over not paying her, even though he clearly says he could find a fee for her. Then, Leigh smears him as a sexist. Why don’t you go threaten to put a bottle through someone’s eye again, you disgusting racist bully? wpid-img_20150609_135904.jpg

Oh, and just in case you missed that tweet back in the day:wpid-img_20150609_141154.jpg

I’m about to go do a short news hit. Leave any news or comments you wanna share with me and/or the community down below.